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How to Rip DVD to WMV, Convert DVD Video to WMV

WMV is the video format for Windows Media Player; it is the Windows video format. When you want to share or backup a DVD on Windows computer, you have to rip DVD to video first. This article will provide the handy solution to help you deal with the DVD ripping. You can download the best DVD to WMV ripper here: https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/download/dvd-ripper.exe



DVD Ripper
DVD Ripper Pro
A perfect DVD ripper that can convert your DVDs to WMV format and other 300+ formats and devices with fastest speed while remain the high original video quality.
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Quick Steps of Converting DVD to WMV

Q: I can convert a music CD to WMA, or lossless audios (ALAC, FLAC) with Windows Media Player easily. Can I copy a DVD to WMV format through the Windows Media Player?

A: No, Windows Media Player cannot convert or rip your DVD collection. I know that Windows Media Player rip CDs and it even provides users an option to rip music CD automatically. But this also misleads some users to feel that Windows Media Player is capable of converting DVDs. You need a professional program to help you convert DVDs to WMV or other formats for playing, editing, streaming and more.

It’s quite simple to transform DVD to a WMV file with a professional DVD ripper. And WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is your best choice in DVD ripping. The whole ripping process is easy to master. Within three steps, you can get the DVD video in WMV format.

First of all, you need to free download professional DVD ripper and insert a DVD disc to your computer DVD-ROM before you launch this software.

Convert DVDs to WMV within 3 Steps

Step1: Click the “DVD Disc” icon to add DVD source that you want convert to WMV. By the way, you can also add ISO Image and DVD Folder to this program by clicking the corresponding icon.

Step 2: After that, head to the Output Format part to choose WMV.

Step 3: Set a folder for you final WMV file and then press the Run button.

As you can see, it is not difficult to get WMV file via this DVD to WMV converter. After conversion, you can also stream the WMV videos to Windows Movie Maker for editing.

Get WMV File via This DVD WMV converter

Get WMV File via This DVD WMV converter

Why Choose WonderFox to Convert DVD to WMV

It is not easy to choose a suitable DVD ripper among various rippers. Users need some advice when choosing such kind of DVD ripping tool. Here I can present some common senses about choosing a great DVD ripper to get WMV file.

1. Advanced DVD ripping technology. This is what you should think about in the first place. WonderFox can rip both home-made DVDs and commercial DVDs without a hitch. It will automatically mark out the main movie and it is capable of removing any DVD copy protection.

2. Fast ripping or converting speed and high output quality. These factors are substantial in DVD ripping. Fast ripping speed can save you much time and high output quality can give you a better viewing experience. Also, I’ve heard complaints on the poor video quality after converting DVD to WMV format with some other DVD rippers. But WonderFox can convert DVD content to WMV format without quality loss.

Why You Choose WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Why You Choose WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

3. It should support different kinds of video’s output formats. Only in this way the DVD ripper can meet users' demands well. Except for output as WMV, WonderFox is able to rip DVD to 300+ formats and devices.

4. Easily handled. Users just need a few steps to finish the DVD ripping process. Users can easily mater the DVD ripping process when taking our program to convert your DVD to WMV.

5. Safe ripping process without any viruses and spywares. It needs to ensure the ripping process is safe enough and will not do harm to your computer or hardware devices. And WonderFox DVD Ripper is a 100 percent safe program and there’s no adware or malware.

6. More bonus functions. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro includes more bonus functions, like cropping, clipping and adding effects, to satisfy users' DIY idea. Also, you can change bit rate, change resolution, add subtitle via this ripper.

As far as I concern, WonderFox DVD Ripper is a great DVD ripper for you to solve DVD ripping with these standards. It can meet users' demands at utmost and it includes all the highlight points of a good DVD ripper. Users can enjoy the ripping process comfortably.

Warm Prompt: Please make sure that it is a legal action to copy DVDs you have bought in your country.

Extra Knowledge on Windows Media Video

Convert DVD video to WMV

Convert DVD video to WMV

Windows Media Video (WMV) is a video file based on the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format and compressed with Windows Media compression, basically an ASF file that is encoded using the Windows Media Video (WMV) codec. Based on the same video quality, WMV file size is much smaller than other video formats. Therefore, WMV is suitable for video playback and transmission online.

As the development and improvement of so many years, WMV has become one of the most popular video formats and WMV version 9 was used for physical-delivery formats like HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc for years. Moreover, it is commonly used to play online video and mobile device video. If you want to enjoy DVD videos in some other way or edit DVD movies on Windows Movie Maker, the compatibility issue can stop you. But this problem can be resolved by WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro perfectly.

More Details of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is your right choice to solve how to convert DVD to WMV and many other popular formats or devices, such as DVD to AVI, DVD to MKV, DVD to tablet, and so forth. It can provide users with great video effect without much loss of original DVD effect. The professional decryption process provides users with high-quality video effect and fast converting speed. It is a really reliable DVD ripper to backup DVD to digital file. You may have a try now!

If you have more questions on DVD ripping, you are welcomed to join us in the discussion below.

Now, please download the DVD Ripper Pro to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

  • Rip any DVD including home-made and copy-protected DVDs you own
  • Back up DVD to various formats and hot devices including portable devices and TVs
  • Enhance the video quality by setting resolution and bit rate for best visual experience
  • Extract soundtrack out of DVD (TV show, film, music DVD, tutorial DVD)
  • Disable and add (SRT and ASS) subtitles for your own demands
  • Clip, crop and add effects with the built-in editor
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Can convert DVD to WMV with no quality loss.

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