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Best DVD Format Converter – Copy Any DVD to Video/Audio Format for Back-up and Easy Playback, Etc.

Author by Vita

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

I know that you are looking for a good way to convert DVD to video/audio files. Welcome to the right place! We have provided the overall guidance of copying DVD to various formats with advanced technical support for the best output video and audio quality. Install the best DVD format converter to get your job done hassle-free:

Part 1. How to Copy Different Types of DVD Sources? (Disc, ISO, DVD Folder, Etc.)

There are three types of DVD input sources – DVD disc, ISO image and DVD folders. How to copy them to digital video/audio format? You will get clear answers in this part.

DVD disc to videoDVD disc to video

DVD Disc to Format:

Here comes the digital time! It’s a trend to watch and store files in a digital way, which can save more space and make it at fingertips to watch those files anytime and anywhere. As a movie-goer with many DVD Disc collections like Disney movies, you can get more benefits from Disney disc to digital video/audio conversion. Check this link out to find the best way of converting DVD to digital copies >>

ISO to Format:

ISO image is a signal file composed of all the data contents of an optical disc. You can get ISO files by copying from DVD or downloading online. Usually, ISO files are with large sizes and can’t be recognized by many common players. So it’s necessary to copy ISO to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. Now you can get the whole method to convert ISO to various formats with the outstanding DVD format converter.

DVD Folder to Format:

Different from ISO that is a file as a container format, DVD folder includes Video_TS folder and Audio_TS folder, which contains many files at the same time. In many cases, media player can’t recognize such file. How to make it play? You need to convert DVD folder to MP4, and other popular digital formats with DVD file converter.

DVD folder to formatDVD folder to format

Video_TS, Audio_TS and Other Related Files Under DVD Folder to Format

Also, if you want to convert the Video_TS files under DVD folder to other formats, you can follow the tutorials.

1.How to convert Video_TS to MKV

MKV is an open source format, which allows you to package things like subtitles and multiple audio/video tracks.  LG and Samsung are involving in high-definitions and Blu-ray players production that supports streaming MKV content. Click here to know more advantages of MKV and how to convert Video_TS to MKV >>

2. How to copy video_TS to AVI

AVI format is popular for its universality and general ease of use. To play video_TS on your portable players, you can find the useful solution to convert Video_TS folder to AVI here >>


3. How to play IFO files

IFO files are likely to be unknown to most people. As a part of Video_TS, IFO contains all the information a DVD player needs to know about a DVD so that the user can navigate and play all DVD content properly. You can play IFO files with the simple trick.

4. How to make BUP files play

At this point, I must mention BUP. BUP (backup) files are exact copies of IFO files in case IFO was damaged or couldn't be read by player. The best way to copy BUP to digital MP4 is available for you.

Part 2. The Common Video Formats and Encoders You Want to Copy to

There you can find more methods about ripping DVD to video codecs and all kinds of video/audio formats. To make the progress easier, download this DVD grabber to help you at once.

Convert DVD to H265/H264Convert DVD to H265/H264

DVD to Hot Video Codecs

1. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is the latest video compression standard. Comparing with other video coding format, it can compress the same data to smaller size with higher quality. For most DVD fans, it’s the best choice to rip DVD to H265 codec for storage and watching. To do this task easily, you can try this DVD to H265 tutorial >>

2. H264, also called AVC, is a widely used recording, compressing and distribution format of video content. As some PC can’t handle H265 at high definition, converting DVD to H264 is still many people’s choice. Now just follow this article to get the best solution for DVD to H264 >>

Convert DVD to Xvid/DivxConvert DVD to Xvid/Divx

3. It goes without saying that Divx has tons of fans since it has been developed in 2001. What’s Divx and how to convert Divx to DVD? You will find the most informative tutorials to convert DVD to Divx and get the gist of Divx after reading this article.

4. Want to rip DVD movies you purchased to watch on TV but it only supports Xvid? Don’t worry! You can handily rip DVD files to Xvid without any playback issues. Also, many people are confused about the two codecs, Xvid and Divx. Don't hesitate to have a look at this tutorial that will give you some ideas on what’s the difference on Xvid and Divx and how to rip DVD to Xvid >>

Convert DVD to MPEGConvert DVD to MPEG

5. MPEG is one of the most popular coding for mobile device and video players. It has standardized the packages of compression formats and ancillary standards so far, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-3, MPEG-4, etc. So there are large demands of MPEG video codecs, let alone copy DVD to MPEG. Find the best way to do DVD to MPEG conversion with a simple click >>

DVD to MP4DVD to MP4

DVD to Various (Container) Formats

I believe no one would deny that MP4 is one of the most popular video file formats that are widely used in the portable media player currently. To store or play your DVDs in digital form, MP4 should be a perfect choice. Here is the warm guide for you to copy DVD to MP4 with DVD to MP4 converter. Want to enjoy the super-fast ripping speed and have lost no time in experiencing the latest DVD decryption tech? Just follow this way: Useful trick for converting DVD to MP4 >>

Convert DVD to AVIConvert DVD to AVI

You may have tried many DVD Rippers to rip DVD to AVI for your own purposes, but still fail to get a good result. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? I know your feelings. But don’t worry! You can find the best solution forDVD rip to AVI there. Moreover, if you expect higher video quality, I honestly recommend you to copy DVD to HD AVI with the best DVD to AVI converter.


MKV has obvious advantages when compared with some other video formats as I talked about just now. It’s really a wise choice to rip DVD to MKV yet it’s hard to find a really practical tool. Fortunately, you come to the right place. Just simply click to find the best DVD to MKV ripper >>

Convert DVD to WMVConvert DVD to WMV

WMV is the video format for Windows Media Player and WMV file size is much smaller than other video formats with the same video quality. Therefore, WMV is suitable for video playback and transmission online and also used on mobile device video. So if you want to watch DVD movies on Windows Media Player in digital files or play it on your phone, you’d better follow this DVD to WMV tutorial >>


As a loyal fan of Apple QuickTime player, it goes without saying that you are intimately familiar with MOV video format that is for Apple QuickTime player and is compatible with Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod and even Apple software iMovie. It's also worth mentioning that MOV could keep the least loss of video quality. So many Apple users like you’re inclined to rip DVD to MOV. Good choice makes the thing half done. It’s time to convert DVD to MOV with the effective way.

Convert DVD to M4VConvert DVD to M4V

Developed by Apple Inc. and be extremely similar to the MP4 format, M4V is the other video format that is widely used on Apple devices. Meanwhile, you can play M4V formats on most mainstream players like RealPlayer, Zoom Player, and VLC media player. For those who want to play DVD collections on apple devices, just check this link out to copy DVD to M4V >>

DVD to audio formatDVD to audio format

Now that we have talked about Apple video format. I think some of you must have the demands of converting DVD to Apple audio format. AAC, the default audio format for iTunes, iPod and iPhone, is a lossy compression audio format. If you want to play the DVD music on your Apple portable devices, you need this tutorial to convert DVD to AAC >>

How to keep the output audio quality? In some cases, the audio quality of copied DVD file is too poor for you. To ensure high audio quality, it’s an advisable method to convert the DVD files to lossless audio formats – WAV, FLAC and ALAC for minimum loss. One click to get the method of copying DVD to WAV >>

Tips. you can also convert DVD music to other lossless formats with the same operations.

Part 3. DVD to Devices to Play Movies Anytime and Anywhere Without Incompatibility Issues and Other Limitations

Instead of copying DVD to video/audio format and codecs, you can also convert the DVD files to kinds of devices in case that you’re not sure whether those video/audio formats and codecs are well compatible with your devices absolutely.

DVD to deviceDVD to device

1. What’s the best way of copying DVD to USB or hard drive with smallest size for storage?

2. How to play DVD movies on game Console like Xbox One, PS5?

3. Is there any good solution to play DVD movies on Tablet or mobile phones during travel?

4. Can I play DVD movies on TV without DVD drive?

To find the answers to related problems above, all you need is this guide:
Convert DVD to USB and Other Devices to Have An Easier Movie Enjoyment

What Makes a Good DVD Ripper –Industry-leading Decryption Technology and Super-fast Ripping Process

When you choose software to rip DVD, there are some important factors you need take into consideration.

Copy decryptionCopy decryption

Advanced DVD Decryption Technology

One of the key standards to evaluate a good ripper is whether it can bypass the common and latest copy protections, such as DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM and Cinavia Protection, CPRM, etc. To get rid of those DVD copy protections, this CPRM decrypter is exactly the one for you. It helps you remove all kinds of copy protection, such as Disney X-Project DRM, Sony ARccOS and so forth and convert DVD files to MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.

Fast ripping speedFast ripping speed

Fast Ripping Speed

More CPU recourse will be taken up in ripping process so it slows down the running speed of computer and takes more times to transcode and copy DVD. However, there are a few DVD format converters that use the latest acceleration technologies to shorten the DVD ripping process by sharing the occupation of the computer's CPU thus increase the decoding and encoding speed significantly. The free CODA DVD ripper using NVIDIA CUDA hardware technology is able to rip DVD with extreme speed for high efficiency and good result.

Moreover, a good DVD ripper is capable of handling different output formats and allows you to copy DVD to many devices like Tablet, game Console, mobile phone, TV and so forth. For new users, a good DVD ripper should be easy to use with simple operations and can also meet demands of advanced users with enough features, such as adjusting resolution, bit rates, frame rates and compressing output files, etc.

Part 4. How to Copy Different Types of DVD Sources You Have (Software)

However, things won’t go smooth all the time. Most of you have encountered with various issues when using those traditional tools. What is the best solution to fix those common problems: Failing to copy DVD movies, burned DVD can’t be recognized, no DVD source found and more?

HandBrake ripping problemsHandBrake ripping problems

HandBrake is a free and open source transcoder for coping DVD and converting videos. But it has some shortcomings that have been reflected by many users like No Valid Source Found, No Title Found Error, Crashes on Windows 10, etc. To deal with those errors, this HandBrake alternative will help you to do the best DVD ripping job.

WinX DVD Ripper PlatinumWinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a Windows-based DVD ripping tool that allows users to copy DVD to multiple common video/audio formats. However, its full version is paid so here you can find the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Crack Full Version. To be honest, you may take risks to use the crack full version when considering the crack full version may be bundled with malware and it can’t be updated. So you’re suggested to try this Winx DVD ripper alternative that has better performance on ripping speed, output quality and more.

How to fix DVDFab issuesHow to fix DVDFab issues

Also, DVDFab is a popular DVD format converter that owns a lot of fans. You can pay for its full Version for more features or just try this way to download DVDFab crack full version. It’s fact that the crack full version is a copyright violation of official software and even crashes your PC and brings you all kinds of PC security concerns. This DVDFab alternative is worth a try for safety reasons and more benefits.

AnyDVD HD alternativeAnyDVD HD alternative

Due to regulatory requirements, Slysoft has been reformed as RedFox in 2016. Its hot product - AnyDVD (HD) is still updated constantly. AnyDVD HD allows decryption of DVDs for DVD copy. Yet it’s pricy for many users to get this program as you have to subscribe for an annual fee or one-off payment now. Luckily, you can find the best AnyDVD alternative that can do the same job and even better.

Alternative to DVD ShrinkAlternative to DVD Shrink

As one of the former representations of DVD copy program, DVD Shrink once had a great influence on DVD ripping and backup. However, it stopped to develop since 2004 and now it phases out. It’s urgent to find an alternative to DVD Shrink for DVD copy, compressing and back-up purposes.

Highly Recommend: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

It’s not only a DVD-to-video program, but also helps you fix all kinds of tricky DVD playback and grabbing issues. Moreover, with its multiple features, you’re able to edit, compress, and enhance the output files. For more information, keep reading.

Fix kinds of DVD playback issuesFix kinds of DVD playback issues

Solve DVD Playback Issues

In daily use, you must have to deal with all kinds of DVD playback problems, such as burned DVD not playing, scratched DVD disc, audio not being in sync with video, etc. They are always frustrating. To get a quick and overall solution, you can’t miss this article: How to Repair DVD Won't Play Issues?

Copy the audio from DVDCopy the audio from DVD

Extract Audio From DVD

The background music in DVD movie appeals to you so you want to get the music file individually for ringtone or listening to it on morning exercises. Can’t find the same audio files anywhere? In fact, you can easily extract the audio from DVD movies with the DVD audio ripper.

Now you can take this overall DVD to format guide into practice with the DVD to digital converter above. If there is any problem while coping/ripping/converting DVD, please feel free to contact us.

Recommended Programs That Help You Convert Any DVD/Video/Audio Flies without Incompatibility or Other Playback Issues

HD Video Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

The top video converter helps you convert video to 500+ formats and popular devices. You can also enhance video quality from SD to HD, SD to 4K for best visual experience.

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DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

The multifunctional tool is capable of both ripping DVD and converting digital videos. It also allows you to download YouTube videos. If you don’t want to use different programs for all kinds of DVD and video job respectively, this software is exactly what you need.

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