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The Best Handbrake Alternative in Multimedia Conversion and DVD Ripping

HandBrake is well-known for its good reputation world-wide. It facilitates to convert videos and DVDs in a relatively regular way. But as for encrypted DVDs you must download a plugin named HandBrake Libdvdcss first which is a relatively difficult job for newbies. Moreover, the worst thing is its limited choices of formats. However,it’s a good news. There is a powerful HandBrake alternative which works far better and more flexibly than HandBrake.



Updated on May 18, 2020

DVD Converter
Software Similar to HandBrake
This new HD DVD and video converter does not only contain all the features that HandBrake has but also it performs far better with its powerful functions including conversion among 300+ formats and codec and ripping encrypted DVDs
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Shortcoming and Defects of HandBrake

HandBrake is a free open source converter developed in 2003 aimed to rip DVDs and change video formats. It is famous for its fast conversion speed and compatibility among various platforms.

Alternative HandBrake

Alternative HandBrake

However, shortcomings come along with its good reputation. The most evident one it is disability to rip encrypted DVDs of Disney, Warner and Paramount and some other big film company. When trying to convert those encrypted ones, a warningof “No valid source or title found” will come out. In the forum of VideoHelp I also see users complain about its complexity and instability when using. Meanwhile, the output format for choice is too limited for after the update of 0.9.3, there are only MP4 and MKV

available. Many other defects exist in Handbrake such as disability to convert audio formats and loss of quality in the course of conversion. I do not need to talk about them one by one as time is precious.

Step-by-step HandBrake user guide of converting video or ripping DVDs can be found in HandBrake Tutorial if you still need.

Just as what I have mentioned above, since HandBrake has too many shortcomings and limitations like its instability to rip DVDs protected by CSS and DRM and limitation of output formats. It is urgent for us to seek for an alternative to Handbrake for a more efficient DVD ripping and conversion.

Download the best alternative to HandBrake to convert and rip videos with more ease and efficiency.

So many so-called good HandBrake alternatives are on market but which one is the best? As far as I know, some of them are not as good as what they have claimed for their high quality loss and bad compatibility with different platforms.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter does not only enable you to rip any kinds of DVDs even they are seriously protected but also you can freely choose output files' types for your video files among over 300 formats, codec and devices whose optimal parameters have been preset, from the rarest ones like AVCHD and MTS to those commonest like MP4, AVI and MKV.

Now, with WonderFox DVD Video Converter you can enjoy your DVD movie on your portable devices like iPad and smart phones. For its high video compression ratio and the fastest conversion speed, your storage space and personal time get both saved.

Learn How to Rip DVDs with the Best HandBrake Alternative Windows

Step 1.Load the DVD Source

Launch WonderFox DVD Video Converter first. Secondly, go to the bottom of the main interface and preset the output file’s path. Then click on “Load DVD” to select the one you want to decode and press “Ok” to start analysis. What's more, some of you may have installed multiple drives including virtual drive, and therefore, you can choose a drive letter you want to convert.

Load DVD

Load DVD

Step 2. Select the Main Titlte and Output Format

When being analyzed, the CSS, region code, and DRM will be wiped out and after that you will see a title list that contains dozens of titles. The real main movie will be targeted with blue that you will easily find. Moreover, the “99 titles” of Disney and Paramount can also be recognized by the program as well.

Click on “Output Format” and then you can choose the format and codec for your output video in the opening window.

Preset a format and parameters

Preset a format and parameters

Tip: You can choose “Settings” to enhance video quality by presetting its output parameters if you need to.

Step 3. Start Ripping DVD

Click on “Run” to start ripping. Wait for several seconds and then you will find the output video in your preset folder.

Start ripping

Start ripping

Simple Brief Guide on Converting a Video with WonderFox DVD Video Converter

1.Click on “Add Files” to import the video and preset an output folder.

2.Still, open the “Output Format” list, find the video section and choose the desired format.

3.If having extra requirements for video quality, click on “Settings” and select suitable values for the parameters. For example, changing, boost frame rate or adjust aspect ratio. Click on “Run” to start conversion

Now, please download the DVD Video Converter to complete your jobs.

Other Features of DVD Video Converter You May Make Use of

  • Merging multiple short videos together for homemade movies.
  • Using batch mode to convert several videos simultaneously.
  • Editing videos by trimming and adding various post effects.
  • Performing as the best lossless ringtone maker for enchanting ringtones
  • Dramatically reducing video and audio files’ size by 50% or more
  • Removing or adding subtitles in your videos.
  • Downloading hot videos from main-stream websites.
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The Best Handbrake Alternative in Multimedia Conversion and DVD Ripping

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