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Encoding DVD to H265 to Greatly Reduce the Output Size and Enhance the Quality

Want to decode DVD to H265 (HEVC) for better quality and for much smaller size? I'd like to share you a simple solution for converting DVD to HEVC/H265.
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DVDs to H265 (HEVC)

DVDs to H265 (HEVC)

Are you still choosing H264 encoder when converting DVDs, indeed, H264 accounted for an absolute advantage in the past 10 years. And H264 was loved by the majority of users due to the high compression ratio and excellent video quality. As a result, H264 became the best choice for converting DVDs. Now, the emergence of the HEVC (H265) standard breaks the situation. Compared to H264, H265 adopts the advanced techniques for better compression, delicate image and bandwidth saving.

We can give an example to know the difference between H264 and H265 when we make detailed H264 vs H265 comparisons on compression ratio. A DVD of 7.8 GB (about 2 hours) will be converted to H264 of 1.1 GB, but it can be compressed to H265 of 635MB with higher quality. So, if you have a huge bulk of DVD collections, you may would like to try to rip DVD to H265 for better usage and backup easily.

Now, you need a professional and easy-to-use tool to convert DVD to HEVC. Updated with the supporting of H265 codec, Wonderfox DVD Video Converter is the best choice, it not only supports convert DVD to H265 but also provides many popular formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV,.etc, that is to say, you can convert DVD to MP4, rip DVD to AVI, convert DVD to MKV according to your own needs. Wonderfox DVD Video Converter must back up any encrypted DVDs and remove copy protection from DVD with Disney X-project DRM, Cinavia Protection, CSS, RCE, Sony ArccOS, and UOPs and unlock region code.

Then, free download the software and follow guide to finish the conversion.

Beyond Your Imagination – Few Clicks to Convert DVD to HEVC

Step 1

Put the disc in the CD-ROM drive. Then, open the software, select Load DVD button to load the movie you want to backup. A few seconds later, the system will automatically analyze, decrypt, and select the main movie to help you to convert DVD to X265. With a strong decryption technology, DVD Video Converter can help users to decrypt all kinds of DVDs.

Load DVDs

Load DVDs

Step 2

Select the output format H265 on the right side of the interface. A period of time ago, H264 is still the mainstream format, many users will convert DVD to H264, of course, our software can also support such popular formats H264 and MP4, AVI, MKV,.etc. For users who do not understand the format, you can also directly copy DVD to PC.

Tips: By clicking Setting bar, you can change the format parameters, such as encoder, frame rate, bit rate, resolution, audio encoder, channel…

Convert DVD to H265

Convert DVD to H265

Step 3

Click “Run” button to rip DVD you can easily find the output files in the output folders once the conversion is done. The video size after conversion is much smaller than the original video without any loss of quality. Just to verify the characteristics of HEVC converter- HEVC aims to decrypt DVDs at the lowest possible bitrate while maintaining a high level of video quality in transmission with lower bandwidth utilization ratio.

Start Conversion

Start Conversion

Besides, Wonderfox DVD Video Converter is not only a program that helps you to backup DVDs but also a useful tool to download 1080p videos from Youtube, edit your videos, convert to USB and convert to devices. Here I will succinctly tell you how to convert DVDs to the device directly, the principle is actually the same as the conversion of H265, and you just need to choose the device you are using in the pop-up interface of output format. For example, you are using the iPhone 7 plus, you only need to click on the iPhone 7 plus icon on the line when you convert DVDs to the device.

Now, please download the DVD Video Converter to complete your jobs.

More Features on WonderFox DVD Video Converter

  • Video clip, crop, and other excellent editing functions.
  • Support 300+ hot formats and devices.
  • DVD to digital: remove copy-protections, remove region lock.
  • Download online video from YouTube and other sites.
  • Add or disable subtitles according to your own demands.
  • High compression rate to save more storage space for your digital players.
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Encoding DVD to H265 to Greatly Reduce the Output Size and Enhance the Quality

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