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How to Rip DVD to H264 on Windows without Quality Loss and at Fast Speed

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Aug 18, 2023

H264 MP4 is one of the most frequently used video formats nowadays. For people who are looking for the best format to rip DVD, H264 MP4 is a good choice. Follow this article to learn how to convert DVD to H264 MP4 format with the right DVD ripper easily and quickly:

Convert DVD to H264 for Smoother Playback

We have written an article about the best formats to backup DVD collections. And H.264 MP4 is one of the recommendations. H.264 is a mature and popular standard for high definition digital video compression. It can be said to be a versatile video compression format because of most hardware and software support H.264. Backing up a DVD to H264 MP4 can compress the DVD size while maintaining high quality. The H264 encoded DVD digital files can also be compatible with any player or transferred to other devices for playback, so that you can truly watch the DVD anytime, anywhere. Next, let's take a closer look at how to convert DVD to H264 quickly.

The Preparation for DVD H264 Conversion

In order to complete the DVD H264 conversion, you also need a "Blade" - DVD to H264 converter. The software not only can easily rip personal DVDs but also fast removes the region code limit and copyright protections. Besides, it can automatically mark the main movie even with 99 titles included.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro stands out from the many DVD ripping software and performs well, whether it's a homemade DVD or a commercial DVD. In addition, this software is easy to use, supports hardware acceleration, and can help you complete DVD H264 conversion in the shortest time. Now, free downloadfree download it to get started!

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How to Convert DVD to H264 with WonderFox DVD to H.264 Converter

Disclaimer: The method is only for personal backup use of DVDs purchased by individuals. It is strictly forbidden to illegally broadcast and for any other commercial purposes.

Preparation: Load your DVD into DVD-ROM and free downloadfree download and install WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on your PC.

How to rip DVD to H264 on Windows

Step 1: Load DVD into DVD H264 Converter

Launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, as shown, the software supports three DVD sources. In order to convert DVD disc to digital video (ie, H264 MP4 format), firstly, you need to click “DVD disc” to import DVD content.

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Converting DVD Movie to H264 MP4 Format

Step 2: Converting DVD to H264 MP4 Format

Your DVD movie will be automatically decrypted and marked with the Main Movie. Now, we need to click the output format section on the right side of the interface. In the pop-up window, we need to select the “H.264” pic under “Video” tab.

As you can see, you can choose to convert DVDs to almost all popular video formats including DVD to MPG, DVD to MOV, etc. DVD to audio formats such as DVD to MP3, DVD to WAV is also supported.

Finish DVD Movie to H264 Conversion

Step 3: Start to Convert DVD to H.264 MP4 Format

Once you finish the two steps above, set output path on the bottom and click "RUN" button to start to convert DVD to H.264 MP4 format. Meanwhile, it's a process of reducing video size from 6-9 GB to around 1 GB, so that you can save more storage space. Easy and fast!

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More Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

So, this is the tutorial for how to convert your DVD disc to H264 MP4 format. Please share it with more people who are looking for an answer.

Moreover, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro encompasses extra features for making DVD movies different, such as:

1. Cut video clips you don't want from DVD movie.

2. Permanently add subtitles (SRT/ASS) to DVD movies at one go.

3. Customize video parameters to meet different needs including change video resolution, adjust aspect ratio, etc.

Download this software for free now to experience different functions.

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Convert DVD as well as Local Video to H264 Easily

Convert DVD as well as Local Video to H264 Easily

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

As the name implies, WonderFox DVD Video Converter can convert both DVD movies and local videos to H264 MP4 format easily. The support of a number of high-end technologies allows this software to quickly convert video and maintain high video quality. Just have a try!

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