MVE is an obsolete in-game video file format used in various old games produced by Interplay Entertainment like Baldur's Gate, Descent, Fallout, etc., which contains a movie or cutscene that appears in a game. Some people wonder whether there is a way to play MVE files from outside the game because MVE files are uncommon and few programs support the file type. In spite of this, there is still a way out. This post will show you how to play and convert MVE files step by step.
Kevincy | Aug 18, 2021
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How to Play MVE Files?

Since the MVE file is an obsolete video format primarily used for playback in Interplay games, few media players can decode and play MVE file successfully AFAIK. VLC Media Player seems to be able to only play the audio part, but not the video. After rummaging through the web, I found that, FFplay, a very simple and portable media player using the FFmpeg libraries and the SDL library, can be used as a MVE player and works very well.

Step 1. Download FFmpeg from Official Website or VideoHelp Release Page.

Step 2. Unzip FFmpeg package to local drive and open the subfolder "bin" in "FFmpeg full build" folder.

Step 3. Move MVE files into this folder, then open "Command Prompt" window (Win + R).

Step 4. Input "cd [the path of "bin" folder]" to locate the FFplay media player, e.g. "cd C:\Users\WonderFox\Desktop\ffmpeg-4.4-full_build\bin" (without quotes). Then press "Enter".

Step 5. Input "ffplay movie_name.mve" to play the MVE file, e.g. "ffplay sample1.mve" (without quotes). Press "Enter".

Step 6. In the same way, you're able to play other MVE files.

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How to Convert MVE Files to MP4 Format?

FFmpeg is a command-line-based program widely used for video/audio format transcoding, basic editing, etc. Many well-known media players, editors and converters are developed based on it, such as VLC, Plex, Shotcut, Kodi, Blender, HandBrake and so forth. In a nutshell, FFmpeg is capable of MVE to MP4 conversion.

Step 1. Go back to the aforementioned procedure, from Step 1 to Step 4.

Step 2. Input "ffmpeg -i input.mve output.mp4" to convert MVE to MP4, e.g. "ffmpeg -i sample1.mve sample1.mp4" (without quotes). Then press "Enter".

Step 3. FFmpeg will start to convert MVE to MP4. Once the process is complete, you'll play the MP4 file with any media player and device.

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Convert MVE to MP4 with HandBrake

If the command lines are troublesome for you, HandBrake is an awesome and handy MVE to MP4 converter with an intelligible GUI. Download and install it from Official Website.

Step 1. Run HandBrake, import a MVE file or simply drag and drop it into the interface.

Step 2. Once HandBrake scans and reads the MVE video information, select a preset on the right side.

Step 3. Select "MP4" under "Summary" tab.

Step 4. Specify an output folder on the bottom.

Step 5. Press "Start Encode" button on the top bar to convert MVE to MP4.

Note: Make full use of "Add to Queue" feature for HandBrake batch conversion. If it shows "No valid source or titles found" message, make sure the MVE is normal and try FFmpeg.

Final Words...

Someone would like to take a chance on some online MVE file converters. Unfortunately, none of some long-standing and reliable online video converters support this file type, and I didn't find such a website after rummaging through the web. If you happen to know a better solution, feel free to drop me a line. I'd like to update this post by then.

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