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The Easiest Method to Extract Audio from BNK Files

Author by Sue

Updated on Jan 31, 2023

BNK files refer to games-related data collections in large computer games, which contain game models, audio files and other related files. Some video game fans may want to open BNK files and save some BGM and sound effects on their hard drives. Now, this article will guide you to do it step by step with a free BNK extractor.

In addition, a free, user-friendly and multi-purpose audio/video converter is highly recommended to solve any format incompatibility issue after you extract audio from BNK file.

Q: I'm accessing games data files, and am unable to open the BNK audio archive that stores the games sound. I've tried multiple utilities but to no avail. It seems like it's almost uniquely archived by the developers. Does anyone have any familiarity in dealing with .bnk files and could possibly assist me in extracting the audio from the archive?

A: A .bnk file is just like a package archive that contains game-specific data in video games, such as music files, sound effects, 3D models, etc. If you are attracted by some video game music and want to convert BNKs to MP3 for convenient playback, I am sorry to tell you that there is no converting tool available for you. However, some game talents have developed a third-party BNK extractor, which can unpack BNK package and extract the audio data in MP3 format. Now, follow the tutorial to do it.

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How to Convert BNK to MP3 with a BNK Extractor

Though there are many BNKs to MP3 conversion tutorials on the internet, all of which require you to download many utilities and paste various codes, making the conversion process very complicated. Fortunately, in this tutorial below, we'll say no to the complexity. You can open and extract BNKs with only one tool. (Notice: This guide is for Windows-64bit only!)

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Simple Steps to Open BNK Files

Download a BNK extractorDownload a BNK extractor

Step 1: Download the BNK file converter - Wwise Unpacker via this link:

Open this website and click the green "Clone or download" button on the right side. Then choose "Download ZIP" to start to download the BNK extractor.

Step 2: Unzip the .zip file to your local disk and you will find a folder named Wwise-Unpacker-master. Open it and paste the BNK audio files you want to convert from the game installation directory to the subfolder named "Game Files". (Notice: Besides audio files, a BNK file normally includes a large amount of game data, so you'd better just paste one BNK file at a time to avoid crash, freeze or even errors.)

Open BNK files and convert it to MP3Open BNK files and convert it to MP3

Step 3: Double click "Unpack to MP3.bat" and then a CMD window will pop up to show you the conversion process. There are many files, so please wait patiently.

After it is finished, it will ask you whether you want to delete the BNK in Game Files folder. You can choose "Y" or "N" according to your actual needs, or you can just directly close the window.

Step 4: At last, open the MP3 folder and then you can play the converted MP3 files on your PC.

Well, follow the tutorial and this free BNK extractor will help you extract MP3s from BNK files with simple steps. It's so simple, isn't it? Now, start to convert your BNKs to MP3.

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