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How to Compress Fraps Videos with the Most Effective and Lossless Video Compressor

Author by Michael

Updated on Apr 29, 2020

My computer game lovers, if you are using Fraps to record your gameplay while keep being suffering from the annoying massive output video size, why not have a try on this awesome Fraps video compressor? Lossless and with the highest compression speed, you can compress Fraps videos as much as you want.

What Is Fraps and Its Special Features?

How to compress fraps videos without losing qualityHow to compress fraps videos without losing quality

Fraps is a universal Windows program which can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. It can be used to test in-game frame rate or screen capture the game play of a pc game. It is widely used by game lovers worldwide for its great convenience. However, users also keep complaining about its large output video sizes, for example:

I am using fraps to record my BF1 gameplay, but my two 30 minutes episodes are 80 GB, I am unable to do anything with them, is there any way to compress each 40 GB video videos down to 2 GBs or less?

As you can see above, the Fraps file size should be a common issue to be faced with when using this screen capture software. In the following paragraphs, I will share with you an effective method to losslessly reduce the video size.

How to Compress Fraps Videos with the Best Video Compression Program

If you want to know how to make Fraps files smaller and are seeking for a safe and convenient video compressor to help to downscale Fraps' output video, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro must be your first choice as a highly efficient Fraps video compressor. With its built-in compressor, you will be able to compress the video to any size you want with no quality loss and simple clicks. There are 3 ways to achieve this goal. The first way is to change the video format, for example, converting AVI to MP4 for MP4 has a higher compression ratio than AVI's.By the way, HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports more than 500 formats and codecs for conversion needs. The second way is to adjust the video parameters such as decreasingbit rate, resolution or changing frame rate which will affect the size to a great extent. The last way is to trim the video - cropping the output screen size or clipping it to change the length of the total playback.

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Solution One: 3 Steps to Downscale the Video Size with the Best Fraps Video Converter and Compressor

Add video files

Before start, please free downlaodfree download the top Fraps compressor to make Fraps files smaller..

Step 1. Launch the best video and audio compressor of HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Click on "Add Files" and choose the AVI video which is generated by Fraps or directly drag the icon to the interface. Then, at the bottom, preset an output folder your video by clicking on the inverted triangle icon.

Change video parameters

Step 2. As I have mentioned above, you can convert the AVI file to MP4 for a higher compression ratio. On the right side, open "Output Format" list and press the MP4 icon under the video category in the opening list. Then, go to "Parameter Settings" and you can now freely control all the parameters. Decrease the values of bit rate, resolution and frame rate according to meet your own demands.

Start a compression process

Step 3. Click on "Run" to start conversion. Within a short time, you will find the output MP4 video in the folder you preset before. Then, right click the icon and choose "Properties" to check whether the size gets smaller.

Solution Two: Compress Fraps Videos by Trimming

Clip your videoClip your video

Cutting video clips and cropping are the safest way to compress videos within all those methods. Because in this way, no parameters or codecs will get changed.

1. Clipping

Still, stream the Fraps video to the interface. Then click on "Trim". Move the 2 slide bars to customize the video length. The shorter it is the smaller size you will get.

Cropping the Fraps videoCropping the Fraps video

2. Cropping

Click on "Crop" button and then you can adjust the screen size by dragging the frame with the right click. You will see 2 parts, the left is where you customize the screen size, and on the left, you can preview the output. A smaller screen will always generate a much smaller size.

Since you have already found the easiest way to compress Fraps' video losslessly, you can now give it a short to your best gameplay recordings!

More Special Features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

1. Adding or removing video subtitles.

2. Changing audio channels.

3. An amazing ringtone maker to produce enchanting mobile phone ringtones.

4. Downloading videos from main stream websites

5. Adding colorful video post effects.

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