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How to Convert League of Legends .rofl to .mp4?

Author by Rocabella

Aug 21st, 2020

Attempting to convert your League of Legends replays (ROFL file) to MP4 video for YouTube uploading or sharing? Well, you are out of luck because it is impossible to convert the LoL .rofl to .mp4. I’ll tell you the reason in detail in the following article and offer you a remedy to achieve the ROFL file to MP4 transition. Read on if you are interested!

Why Can't I Convert ROFL to MP4?

Q: How do I upload a LoL replay file to, say, YouTube? The highlights are in a .rofl format, which I've never seen before. I’ve searched up how to convert it to other usable formats like MP4 but failed. YouTube does not support .rofl. What do?

A: Firstly, the accepted YouTube video formats are MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, WebM, and among which the best-recommended one is MP4. For more information, please check YouTube video specs.

Second, the ROFL file is not even a video file and you certainly cannot upload it to YouTube nor convert it to other video formats. To be more specific, the LoL-generated replay files actually contain only instructions for the gameplay and do not hold any video or audio data. The reason you mistook it as a video file is that you see it played in the LoL game but unaware the truth that the ROFL file is in fact mere action orders by which the game client (and only the game client) can follow to present you a smooth game video. To put it in another way, the ROFL file is the game action and works only when loaded into the LoL client.

So you can’t convert .rofl to .mp4 and there is no ROFL to MP4 converter exists.

But if you really want to make your game replay into an actual video, you could use some professional video game recording software to do the heavy lifting, like the famous OBS, FRAPS, and Bandicam. I'll take Bandicam as an example in the following part.

How to Change ROFL file to MP4 with Bandicam?

Bandicam is a versatile recorder to capture everything on your screen. It has a Game Recording Mode that can record any game that uses the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies and allows you to export your recordings directly in MP4. Below is the detailed tutorial of how to convert .rofl to MP4 with Bandicam:

Tips: You can also use OBS or FRAPS to do the recording, but they usually do not record your gameplay in MP4 (OBS records better in FLV or MKV, while FRAPS records in AVI). Yet, you can use a video converter to convert them to MP4.

Convert ROFL to MP4

Step 1. Install and launch Bandicam on your PC. Choose Game Recording Mode on the top left.

Step 2. Play the wanted replay in LoL client and you'll see a green number indicating FPS on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3. Click the REC button or press the record hotkey (the default one is F12) to start recording. And the green number will turn red.

Step 4. Click the REC button or use the hotkey again to stop recording. Then go to Home > Video to check the recorded file.

Note: When under Game Recording Mode, stop recording when you see Victory or Defeat on the LoL game. Do not click the CONTINUE button, otherwise, the recording might go wrong. Or you can change to Screen Recording in Windowed or Borderless Mode to record your game to avoid such a problem.

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