Trying to directly convert game replay to MP4 is impossible. Yet, to save your game highlights with every detail captured perfectly, there is another way to it. Please keep on reading!

Michelle | Sep 10, 2020

Is It Possible to Convert Replay Files to MP4?

Q: Any way to convert .replay files into .mp4 files? Or just any file that I could use to play it outside of the game?

Hi, I'm looking for an online service where I could upload all my replay files and they would be converted into a video file (even low-res files, I don't mind). The problem is that I have a lot of files and I mind watching all of them in-game.

A: Before answer this question, we’d better know what the Replay file really is.

A .replay file is generally associated with real-time strategy games like Fortnite, Rocket League, League of Legend (see convert LoL replay .rofl to .mp4.), etc. It is not a video file in fact and it does not contain any video and audio data but merely instructions for the gameplay. This can also be seen from the fact that Replay files usually have a small size (within 10MB) that is just abnormal for a long video. So the Replay file is a non-video file and you cannot convert Replay files to MP4. Clearly, there is no online .replay to .mp4 converter exists either.

The only viable alternative now to rid you from watching replay files in-game is through making them into real videos by recording. There is some nice game recording software on the market that can record your gameplay professionally. The recommended ones are OBS, FRAPS, and Camtasia. The next part will show you how to achieve Replay to MP4 conversion through OBS.

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Change Fortnite .replay to .mp4 with OBS

Step 1. Install and launch OBS on your PC. Under the Sources section on the home screen, click the + button > Game Capture. A Create/Select Source window will pop up, hit OK.

Step 2. In the prompt window, select a capture mode from the Mode drop-down list. Choose Capture any fullscreen application mode to start auto-recording as long as the game is in full-screen mode; Select Capture specific window to capture only the video game. Then click OK.

Step 3. On the main screen, adjust the audio sources under the Audio Mixer tab.  There are two volume sliders, one for Desktop audio, and another for Mic/aux. If you don't want an audio stream from one source, move the corresponding slider to the left or click on the volume button to mute the audio.

Step 4. When all is set, open the Fortnite replay file you want to record within the game client. Then go back to the OBS home screen and click Start Recording at the bottom-right corner of OBS. The recording will begin immediately. When you are finished, click Stop Recording. The recorded file will be saved to the default Videos folder. (You can change the output path in the settings any time)

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