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2 Practical Methods to Compress QuickTime Video in a Breeze

Author by Kevincy Berel

Dec 5, 2019

Some digital cameras or DV take video in QuickTime Movie format, which is very clear in HD resolution but with a very large file size. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to compress the volume of video files without obvious quality loss. After a period of trials, I found a method that is pretty cool at present, I suppose. Now I’ll share this tutorial about how to compress QuickTime video. Let’s get started.

It is generally known that MOV is the Apple QuickTime Movie format commonly used by Apple devices and most video editing programs. But you may ever experience that quite a few QuickTime videos are downloaded, recorded, or produced in a large file size, which are inconvenient in some cases, such as transferring, uploading, oversizing, etc. Apparently, a topic that cannot be avoided is how to resize QuickTime videos and make them smaller. Put aside the obscure jargon and over-professional operations, I'll introduce a QuickTime video compressor to make it extremely simple.

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The Appropriate Program Helps You Reduce QuickTime File Size a Lot Easier

General people are hampered by lack of video editing skill and improper operation. They are always concerned with the outcome, not the process, and that includes me, of course, lol! I realized it's not a big deal until I found this WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an intuitive and self-explanatory program for video editing beginners. Not only can it compress QuickTime movie files, but also it also works for video conversion, screen recording, online video/music downloading and other practical features. Now I'll show you how to make a QuickTime video smaller in two methods.

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Method 1 - How to Compress QuickTime Video in Batches [Lower Video Bitrate]

Load QuickTime Video Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 - Load QuickTime Video Files into Converter

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, go to "Converter" option. You are allowed to add your QuickTime videos by clicking "Add Files" or "Add Video Folder" buttons in the new pop-up window. Also, it's convenient to do it via a simple drag-and-drop. After done, all QuickTime videos will be listed in the main interface.

Choose Desired Format

Step 2 - Select Output Format

Open "Output Format" list on the right hand, you'll find various mainstream video/audio formats and devices. Just click on the preset profile you desire, and no need to make other settings. Also, you can select the original MOV format under "Video" category directly.

Move the Compression Bar

Step 3 - Compress QuickTime Video in Batches

You'll find the "Batch compression" icon placed on the left of Run button. Just click on the icon and move the white slider to adjust the compression ratio. It will take effect when the icon becomes orange.

Tips: It may loss some quality, so don't overdo it. In addition, with the same steps, it also works to compress MP4 file, MKV, MTS, etc. as well as to compress WAV, FLAC and other audio files.

Set Output Folder & Start Compression

Step 4 - Start the Compression Process

Finally, click on the "inverted triangle" icon on the bottom of the program to assign a new folder to save the compressed video files. Then hit the blue "Run" button to reduce size of QuickTime videos.

Method 2 - How to Make a QuickTime Video Smaller [Lossless Compression]

Select Advanced Encoder

The method above will result in some video quality loss to a certain extent, even though sometimes you cannot tell the differences with naked eyes. However, if you mind that, just take the following approach.

Step 1 - Select Advanced Encoder

Repeat the steps above to import QuickTime movies, open the output format list and select H.265/HEVC or VP9 advanced encoder to compress video files . Unlike video bitrate to sacrifice the quality, it utilizes the high efficiency of advanced compression standard to shrink video files with no quality loss.

Compress Video with Advanced Encoder

Step 2 - Start to Resize QuickTime Video

Now, specify your output folder and click "Run" button to start the compression work.

Tips: Due to particularity of advanced encoder , the compression speed may be a bit slower than method 1.

At last...

Pretty simple, isn’t it? It may overturn your conventional view. No complicated operations and dazzling interface, only a few mouse-clicks. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. I can imagine that there will be a surprised “WOW” appearing on your face. And also, if you have any better and simpler solution to compress QuickTime video, please let me know.

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Extract and Compress QuickTime Movies from DVD Disk


WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Nowadays, the solid DVD disks are mismatched with the modem digital world. It’s time to convert your DVDs to digital QuickTime movie files. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is capable of compressing a 120min 8GB DVD to 1-2GB .mov file. Don’t worry about the DVD copy protection, this program can well handle them whether it’s homemade DVD or commercial DVD. Just give it a shot.

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