How to Compress and Convert 1080p to 720p with Intact Quality

Still entangled in the choice between 1080p and 720p? If you don't have special requirements, you've come to the right place. This article lists 3 main reasons you have to convert 1080p to 720p and provides a top-notch program to help complete the whole process like A dream.


1080p Video to 720p Conversion

1080p Video to 720p Conversion

Along with the continuous advancement of technology, people never stop their footsteps in the pursuit of High Definition. When I was a kid, people had a vague idea about video resolution, only a small handful of them deliberately concerned 360p or 480p. Up to this day, although hardware is still immature and cannot keep pace with development, 4K and 8K resolution have already been put on the agenda. However, more and more innovative high-definition devices are emerging in an endless stream, it is an undeniable fact that the mainstream video resolution are still 1080p and 720p at present. By contrast, most people are more willing to convert 1080p video to 720p. Why? Let's make a simple analysis.

Why Convert 1080p to 720p?

720p is the minimum standard for HD at a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, while 1080p represents Full HD video quality at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. There is no doubt 1080p offers you richer and more well defined viewing experience, but there are still some major benefits to using 720p.

Reason 1 - Downsize 1080p Video to 720p for Saving Space
Actually, you are not able to distinguish the difference between 1080p and 720p if you don't have a large screen and a sufficiently viewing distant. Since people are always watching videos & movies on mobile and handheld devices, why not downsize 1080p video to 720p to save more space?

Reason 2 - Compress 1080p Video to 720p for Easy Streaming and Uploading
Streaming 720p video over the Internet will be twice faster than 1080p as well as uploading to YouTube, FaceBook, Google Drive or other sharing sites. It will save your bandwidth and storage.

Reason 3 - Convert 1080p Video to 720p for Better Compatibility and Smooth Playback
You'll always experience 1080p video lag or audio out of sync issue, even the incompatibility error on old-fashioned devices. Conversely, 720p video has a better performance.

Converting 1080p to 720p is as Easy as a Pie

You see, 720p is fully adequate for our daily life at the present stage if you don't have special needs. So let's go back to the topic, how to convert 1080p to 720p? Luckily, without any technical knowledge, a versatile, foolproof but powerful 1080p to 720p converter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro should be your ideal choice. It features strong ability to help you not only convert 1080p video to 720p, but also compress 4K/8K video to 1080p, 720p, 480p and so forth for reducing file size or convert SD video to HD/4K with 1:1 intact quality in 50X faster conversion speed. Free download and install this program on your PC, then follow the step-by-step guides below.

As its name implies, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only an outstanding 1080p to 720p converter, but also an all-round HD video/audio converter for various HD encoding solution. Learn more >

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Step 1 - Load 1080p Video Files

Open this 1080p to 720p video converter, import 1080p videos through "Add Files" or a simple drag-and-drop. This program supports batch processing to downsize video.

Tips: Coming with another amazing feature, you are able to download 1080P YouTube videos, download 4K/8K/360-degree/VR movie/music videos by clicking "Download Video" button.

Import 1080p videos

Import 1080p videos

Step 2 - Pick out Output Format

Pull out the Output Format list on the right, choose any format as you wish. The built-in 300+ optimized presets offer you a great convenience for avoiding complicated terms and operation. For instance, you can directly convert to HEVC/H.265 video, VP9 video, HTML5 video.

Select Output Format as You Wish

Select Output Format as You Wish

Step 3 - Change Resolution to 720p

Drag the slider along resolution bar below to downscale resolution, or click "Settings" button to change resolution on the new pop-up window or customize your desired value directly.

Optional: Here you can also change aspect ratio, change frame rate, encoder, bit rate, boost volume, deinterlace video, etc.

Set Resolution to 720p

Set Resolution to 720p

Step 4 - Start to Downscale 1080p to 720p

Set output folder and hit Run button to start conversion. The whole process will be complete within the shortest time.

HD Video Converter
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HD converter

HD Video Converter

Make illustrious balance with output quality and compression ratio as well as crop video clips and merge chapters.

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How to Compress and Convert 1080p to 720p with Intact Quality

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