"Can you zoom in on YouTube videos?" It's not that strange to see this question on the Internet. As the size of the monitor gets larger and larger, quite a lot of YouTube videos are recorded in a much higher display resolution. But on the other hand, a common problem has also followed. Sometimes, you can hardly see some small stuff in a certain area of a video, let's say, command lines, website link, words or other details. This post has summarized 4 simple methods to zoom YouTube videos.

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Method 1: Zoom in on YouTube video with Browser Zoom Feature

Although YouTube doesn't natively provide an option to zoom in on a video that you can concentrate on, all major browsers actually have a built-in zoom feature that enables you to zoom YouTube videos.

Simply hold "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out videos. Alternatively, press "Ctrl" and "+" keys if your mouse wheel is not working. This feature will zoom the whole page up to 500%. To revert it to original size, click "Reset" button or press "Ctrl" and "0" keys.

Zoom in on YouTube Video

But you know, the video will be somewhat covered by YouTube top search bar, and it's not convenient to pull the progress bar left and right. So read on if the result is not satisfactory.

Download and Zoom YouTube Video Locally

How to zoom in on YouTube? WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a fantastic video and audio processing toolkit that comes with a handy video downloader, allowing you to download HD/1080p/4K/8K videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and 1000+ hot websites, and zoom YouTube videos locally. In addition, the built-in Recorder also allows you to capture and save YouTube live streaming videos. Download it now and explore more surprises!

Method 2: Zoom in on YouTube video with PotPlayer

PotPlayer is a freeware media player for Windows that can play video/audio files in various formats, which competes with VLC. To your surprise, it allows you to directly play and zoom YouTube videos.

Step 1. Download and install PotPlayer from https://potplayer.daum.net/.

Step 2. Run PotPlayer, click "Menu" button in the top-left corner, select "Open" > "Open URL...".

Step 3. Copy and paste a YouTube video URL in the first box, then click OK.

YouTube Video Zoomed in

Step 4. When PotPlayer starts to play this video, you're able to change video resolution in the lower-right corner.

Step 5. Right-click the player, navigate to "Frame Size", and you can zoom in or out a YouTube video with Numpad 9 and 1, pan video or change the position with "Ctrl + Numpad 2, 4, 6, 8".

How to Zoom in YouTube

Method 3: Zoom in on YouTube video with Cropping

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a desktop video processing application integrated with an easy-to-use Video Downloader that enables you to download and save YouTube videos to local drive and crop the specific video part that you focus on for YouTube video zoomed in.

Free downloadFree download and install it below, let's see how it works.

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Step 1. Copy a YouTube video URL and launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, then open "Downloader".

Step 2. Click "New Download" button and press "Paste and Analyze" to parse the URL. BTW, YouTube playlist and channel are also supported.

Step 3. Select a desired resolution and click OK to add it to download list. You can also download YouTube subtitles if needed.

Step 4. Specify an output folder and press "Download All" for multiple YouTube videos download.

YouTube Zoom in

Step 5. When the downloading is complete, close "Downloader" and open "Converter".

Step 6. Drag and drop the downloaded video file into software interface. Click "Crop" button on the toolbar to open the editing window.

Step 7. Drag the dotted box on the left window to crop the YouTube video section you want to zoom in, you're allowed to crop video in a free or fixed aspect ratio. Make good use of "Fine Tuning" feature to make the cropping more accurate. Then click OK.

Step 8. Select a desired video format on the right side. There are 500+ presets of formats and devices available for your choice.

Step 9. Specify a destination folder to save the cropped video. Lastly, hit "Run" button to zoom YouTube video.

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How to Zoom in on a YouTube Video

Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Method 4: Zoom in on YouTube video with Browser Extension

Turn Off the Lights is a free and open-source browser extension available for most frequently-used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc. Literally, Turn Off the Lights is used to make YouTube video page fade to dark for a more comfortable watching experience, which is similar to YouTube Dark Mode. But what surprises you is, this extension also helps make YouTube video zoomed in.

Step 1. Install and install Turn Off the Lights through https://www.turnoffthelights.com/browser/extension.html. A lamp icon will appear on the extension bar.

Step 2. Double-click the extension icon and select "OPTIONS".

Step 3. Scroll down and enable both "Show the toolbar below your screen to customize the current video player" and "Zoom in or out on video content using the zoom button" options.

How to Zoom YouTube Videos

Step 4. Play a YouTube video, move your cursor in this video player, then you'll see the zoom panel on the right side.

Step 5. You can zoom in with the plus icon and zoom out with the minus icon. Furthermore, you're able to pan the video to the bottom, top, left, and right.

Step 6. When you want to go back to the default zoom scale, just click on the "Reset" button or the green "EXIT ZOOM EDIT" button.

Note: this extension has more practical features, such as Fade in/out Effects, Audio Visualization Effect, Speech Recognition, Night Mode, Atmosphere Lighting, Mouse Wheel Volume Scroll, etc. Dig deep into it if you get interested.

How to Zoom in While Watching a YouTube Video

Download/Record/Edit/Convert Vids on PC

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one program for PC, which integrates multiple practical features for video downloading, recording, editing and conversion. So you don't need to jump from editor, recorder, downloader to conversion software and back again, this all-purpose utility is especially well-suited to those non-tech-savvy people and can satisfy basic video processing requirement with ease. Download and try it out!

Video Tutorial: How to Zoom in on YouTube Videos?

Final Words...

YouTube zoom in is a compelling potential need, and you can pick any method mentioned above to solve it. If this post is of great assistance to you, don't forget to share it on your social media. Thanks for reading!

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