Three Fixes to Failed Conversion of Local .zoom Files - How to Convert Zoom Recordings to MP4

Many people have reported online their troubles of failed conversion of local .zoom files to MP4. Some cases’ got solved while others not. After searching and testing and generalizing, I came up with this article, which lists all the working solutions to the failed .zoom to MP4 conversion, to help you convert Zoom recordings to MP4 successfully. Please read on to know more!

Michelle | Oct 20, 2020

Method 1. Convert Zoom Recordings to MP4 within Zoom Desktop Client

Method 2. Convert Zoom to MP4 with zTscoder.exe

Method 3. Convert .zoom Files to MP4 by Switching with New .zoom Files

Note: Please make a copy of the .zoom files before any conversion in case of data loss.

Q: Does anyone know how to convert local Zoom files on a Mac when the conversion failed? I am trying to convert the “double click to convert” audio and video files from a zoom recording, but they all failed to convert on my mac. Is there any chance someone knows how to get around this? I’ve changed the file names to .mp4 and .mpeg, but that’s not doing the trick.

A: Before answering this question, it is necessary to know the reasons behind a failed Zoom recording conversion and further avoid such failure in the future Zoom recordings. Normally, after you end a Zoom meeting, the recording will be automatically converted to MP4. However, if one of the things listed below happens, the Zoom to MP4 conversion might fail:

1. Not enough disc space;

2. Invalid working path/folder or invalid network connection;

3. Internal errors like bad data stream, invalid command or logic issues;

4. Interruption during Zoom recording conversion, such as force shut down Zoom or device and rename recordings while conversion.

Yet the good news is that your recordings are not lost but saved in the .zoom files with the name “double-click-to-convert”. And you should try to double-click on the file to start the conversion. If that fails, try the next three methods to convert Zoom recording to MP4 manually.

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Fix 1. Convert Zoom Recordings to MP4 within Zoom Desktop Client

If you are using Zoom 4.6.10 or higher versions, you may not convert Zoom recording by double-clicking on the .zoom files. Instead, you have to use the Zoom Desktop Client to convert Zoom recordings. Follow the steps below to convert the files.

>> Open and sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client.

>> Go to Meetings > Recorded, then select the meeting file that needs to be converted. Click the Convert button below the file to start the .zoom to MP4 conversion. And you shall see your .zoom files converted by then.

Fix 2. Convert Zoom to MP4 with zTscoder.exe

If you can’t find your needed meeting in the Recorded tab (such situation happens when your meeting was recorded from a web browser) or the first method just didn’t work for you, you could try this method below:

>> Go to the folder directory where your local Zoom recordings are stored, for example C:\Users\*your username*\Documents\Zoom and locate the recording needs to be converted.

>> Right-click on one of the .zoom files (if there are multiple files) and select Open with...

>> In the open dialog, click Browse... at the lower-right side to open a new window.

>> Click on the top path input box and paste C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin, then press Enter. Select zTscoder(.exe) from the list and click Open to initiate the .zoom to MP4 conversion.

Tips: You can also type in %appdata% in the top path box and continue to open Zoom > bin > zTscoder.

Note: If zTscoder is not responding, that is mainly because it is a non-Windows program. To overcome this problem, follow the below instructions:

Right-click on your Computer from the desktop screen and select Properties.

On the left side panel of the new window, click on Advanced system settings.

Under the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables...

From the System variables, find and select the Path variable, and then click Edit...

Add ;C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin to the Variable value box and hit OK of all windows.

Finally, follow Method 2 to convert .zoom files to MP4 with zTscoder.exe.

Fix 3. Convert .zoom Files to MP4 by Switching with New .zoom Files

If the above two methods both failed, here is the last way which is proved workable by lots of people:

>> Go to the location where the local recording files are stored and copy all the .zoom files to be converted.

>> Open Zoom and start a new meeting. Record the meeting and wait a few seconds, then pause the recording.

>> Back to the Zoom folder and find the newly recorded recordings. You’ll see the recordings are save in “.zoom” files. Replace the new Zoom files with the old Zoom files that you just copied.

>> Return to Zoom and un-pause the recording, then stop and end the meeting. Zoom will automatically convert the switched Zoom files to MP4.

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At Last...

That’s all for how to convert .zoom files to MP4. Hope you can find the best suiting method for your case and happy zooming! If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it with others. Thanks for reading!

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