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How to Send Videos through Email
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Guide: How to Send a Video through Email – 3 Methods to Share any Video Files

Author by Vita

Update at Nov 22, 2017

Whether you’re a new email user or someone facing with the problem that the embedded videos are too large to email, you can find the simple and useful solution on how to send a video via email here. Meanwhile, if you have any problem when you embed video in email, this downloader is useful to convert and compress videos:

How to send large files over emailHow to send large files over email

We have benefited from the advanced communication technique a lot and it’s so convenient to contact with others via mobile phones and various online social networking tools now. But even then many people are still accustomed to sending and receiving message, videos and other files via e-mail. Waking up in the morning, many people are still used to having a cup of coffee and then open the mailbox. Generally, email still plays an important role in daily life and work. However, in many cases, you need to embed video in email yet some large videos would be beyond the maximum size limit and can’t be emailed anyway. Fortunately, the following tutorial will show you how to send a video through email. Let’s go deeply into the case.

How to Send a Video through Email – Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo

How to Email a Video with Gmail

How to embed video in emailHow to embed video in email

Step1: Log into your account there:

Step2: Click on “Compose” and a new window will pop up. Enter the recipients e-mail address, subject and the message body.

Step3: Click on the paper clip icon in the lower-left corner as the picture shows.

Step4: Click on “Send” to start sending.

Tips. Gmail limits the video file attachments you send and receive within 25MB. If you want to know how to email large video files via Gmail, you can check the following three available ways to get rid of Gmail file size limit:

How to email large videosHow to email large videos

1. When you embed video in email but the attachment is over 25MB, a message will pop up, which reminds you that your file is larger than 25MB and it will be sent as a Google Drive link. If you don’t want to upload the video to Google drive. You can click on “Cancel” and skip to the following method.

2. You can also embed YouTube video in email to avoid the limit. Just upload the video to YouTube first: How to Upload Video to YouTube without Quality Loss>> Then how to embed YouTube video in email? It’s as simple as winking. Just copy and paste the video URL to the message body of Gmail. The recipients will receive the message as the method 2 shows in the right picture.

3. Compress the videos to smaller size. Certainly, You can find the detailed procedure to compress videos: Compress Video for Email to Smaller Size without Quality Loss>>

How to Email a Video with Outlook

How to send a video by emailHow to send a video by email

Step1: Visit Outlook and enter your account:

Step2: Click on “New” and type the information on recipients, subject and message body into right places.

Step3: Select the paper clip icon next to “Discard”, go “Computer”, and then choose the videos you want to send. At last, select “Attach as a copy” to embed video in outlook email.

Step4: Click on “Send” to finish the process.

How to attach video to emailHow to attach video to email

With Outlook, you can only send file attachments within 34MB. In this case, how to send a video through email? If the videos are too large to email, Outlook allows you to upload and share the files as OneDrive links. Besides, you can choose to upload the videos to YouTube and then copy and paste the video URL into the message box. Compressing the videos is another available choice, as well.

Related Sources: 6 Effective Methods to Compress Large Video Files>> | How to Reduce Video Size without Losing Quality>>

How to Email a Video with Yahoo

Email a video with YahooEmail a video with Yahoo

Step1: In the same way, visit the official site and sign in:

Step2: Click on “Compose” and create and edit the email address of the receiver, the subject and message body.

Step3: Select the paper clip icon next to “Send” and choose the videos from computer.

Step4: Once the upload finishes, click on “Send”.

If your files attachments are beyond 25MB, you will see a message showing “The file exceeds the 25MB attachment limit. Large attachment support coming soon”. To get videos sent successfully, you might as well cut video clips below 25MB. Or you can follow the same way as I mentioned before. Just upload your videos to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. and then paste the video URL into the email.

It’s the whole tutorial and you can try to share your videos with other via email now. If you have any other ideas on how to send a video through email, please feel free to share with us.

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