How to Upload MP4 to YouTube without Error?

Got a problem uploading MP4 to YouTube? No worry. The following article gives you a fast and reliable way to upload MP4 video to YouTube without error. Just read on.

Michelle | Oct 9, 2021
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Can You Upload MP4 to YouTube?

Before anything else, it should be clear that we can upload MP4 to YouTube. According to YouTube Help, MP4 is among its many supported video formats. But if you upload an MP4 file straight from here, you might face YouTube MP4 upload failure. The reason behind this is that you are missing another factor, which is the codec. You see, MP4 is just a video container that can hold different video and audio codecs. And you can’t upload the video to YouTube if the codecs are not supported. So, to secure a successful YouTube upload, you should first make sure the MP4 video is encoded with YouTube compatible codecs. And if you want the uploading process to be smooth and fast, you should convert MP4 to YouTube’s preferred video format, which is H264/AAC MP4.

In the next section, we will walk you through the whole process of how to convert MP4 to YouTube video format and how to upload MP4 to YouTube without error. Let’s get into the details.

Tips: During the upload process, you should ensure a strong and stable internet connection. Otherwise, the upload could also fail. If you still can’t upload MP4 video to YouTube, consider whether the MP4 file is corrupted or is it too big (>2GB).

Handy MP4 to YouTube Converter

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How to Upload an MP4 to YouTube without Problems?

Part 1. Preparations before YouTube MP4 Upload

As mentioned above, we should first convert MP4 to YouTube format. The tool we will use is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It is a powerful video converter featuring a YouTube profile preset with the optimal settings. And you can convert MP4 to YouTube video format in one click within the software. So it is very simple and quick. Now, download download the software and follow the instructions below to convert MP4 for YouTube.

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Step 1. Run the software and open the Converter.

Step 2. Click + Add Files or directly drag the MP4 video(s) into the converter.

Step 3. Click on the right-side format image to open the output format library. Then, go to the Web tab and select MP4 for YouTube as the output format. Alternatively, you can choose MP4 under the Video category and change video and audio codecs to H264 and AAC separately in the Parameter settings below.

Step 4. Finally, set an output path through the bottom triangle button and hit Run to start the conversion.

Tips: If you want to upload a video to YouTube faster, you can also compress the video for YouTube with this software.

Part 2. Steps to Upload MP4 Video to YouTube

Step 1. Open YouTube and log in to your account.

Step 2. Click the Create button on the top right side and select Upload Video.

Step 3. Next, hit the Upload button and load your converted MP4. As the video is being processed, you can fill out the video information, including Title, Description, Thumbnail, Audience, etc.

Step 4. When the process is over, click Publish to share your video with the world.


That’s all for how to convert and upload MP4 to YouTube. Hope you’ll find this article useful. If you have any doubts about this post, let me know on Twitter. I’ll be glad to help. Thanks for reading.

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