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Hands Down! How to Convert Ogg Music Files to M4A Format?

Author by Kevincy

Jun 10, 2020

Although Ogg is a patent-free and royalty-free container format that can multiplex various streams for video, audio, subtitles and metadata, you may have trouble playing Ogg music on your portable devices due to incompatible file type, e.g. playing Ogg in iTunes or Apple devices. The following content will show you how to simply convert Ogg file to M4A format.

Well, Ogg is actually a stream oriented container that is originally designed for internet streaming. However, the Ogg file type is not natively supported on all platforms, programs and devices. Apple products are the typical examples, you have to install Xiph QuickTime Components XiphQT to make it possible to decode and play Ogg music in iTunes. Unfortunately, this project has been discontinued since 2016, so in the next part I'll elaborate on several methods to convert Ogg to M4A for universal playback and support.

As a container format, Ogg can encapsulate audio in either lossy (Vorbis, Opus and Speex) and lossless format (FLAC and PCM), while an M4A file can be also encoded with lossy AAC or Apple Lossless ALAC format. That is, if there are PCM or FLAC Ogg music files in your library, you're able to convert Ogg to ALAC M4A without quality loss.

Solution 1 - Convert Ogg to M4A Online

Instead of installing any program or plugin, most people tend to use some online audio conversion service to do this job. To take both lossy and lossless conversion into consideration, this website FreeConvert is recommended. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Visit to get ready for Ogg to AAC M4A conversion.

Step 2. Click on "Choose Files" button to import your Ogg songs, or just drag files to the dashed box area. Also, it allows you to add music files from Device, Dropbox, Google Drive and URL.

Add Ogg File Online

Step 3. After loading Ogg files, you're able to expand "Advanced Settings (Optional)" to customize audio parameters: audio bitrate, sample rate, channel, trimming, fade in/out, etc. Then hit "Convert to M4A" button.

Advanced Settings

Step 4. When the uploading and conversion process are finished, press each "Download M4A" button to save the converted AAC M4A file to local drive or hit "Download All" button to download them all in a .zip file when all conversions are done.

Download Converted M4A Files

To convert Ogg to Apple Lossless, just visit this page:, then go ahead with the same steps above to complete the conversion.

Solution 2 - Free Desktop Ogg to M4A Converter

Frankly, solution 1 requires a good network connection and is awfully suitable for several Ogg files conversion. If you have a load of Ogg music collection, it's much wiser to reckon on a stable offline conversion. There are a few free audio converters which are well qualified for the job, I'll take Free HD Video Converter Factory to illustrate the steps just because of its intuitive GUI and ready-made profiles. Let's get started.

Step 1. DownloadDownload and install this freeware. Launch it and open Converter option. Click on "Add Files" to import Ogg files or just take a simple drag-and-drop.

Import Ogg Files

Step 2. Expand the output format list on the right side. Navigate to "Audio" category, select "M4A" profile to convert Ogg to AAC M4A or choose "ALAC" to convert Ogg to Apple Lossless.


Step 3. Press the "inverted triangle" icon on the bottom to specify a destination directory to save the converted M4A files. Lastly, hit "Run" button to start the conversion.

Start Ogg File Conversion

Solution 3 - Convert Ogg Music to M4A in Foobar2000

To your surprise, many guys don't know Foobar2000 - the free audio player can also be used for audio conversion. With an additional component, Foobar2000 is capable of playing Ogg files and converting Ogg to either AAC or ALAC, as shown in the following steps.

Step 1. Download and install Foobar2000 and Free Encoder Pack in sequence.

Step 2. Run Foobar2000 and drag your Ogg files here. Select all of them and right-click the mouse. In the context menu, select "Convert" > "Quick convert".

Import and Convert Ogg Files

Step 3. On the new window, choose AAC (Apple) or "Apple Lossless" as you wish. Optionally, press "Edit" button to make a further parameter setup. Click OK to save the settings.

AAC and Apple Lossless Options

Step 4. Press "Convert" button to specify a destination folder. Finally, hit "Select Folder" to start the conversion process.

Ogg to M4A Conversion

Wrap up...

Well, that's it! With the three methods mentioned above, you can not only convert Ogg to M4A with no strings attached, but also learn a skill for other audio format conversion. Whether you have any problem in the procedure or a pretty simpler solution, don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'd like to help or make a timely update. Thanks for your reading!

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