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Audio Splitter Software – How to Split an Audio File into Separate Tracks
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Audio Splitter Software – How to Split an Audio File into Separate Tracks at One Go

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Apr 20, 2020

Would you like to split a large audio file into several independent parts or you need only one segment of the track? Audio splitter software works fine when we want to split audio files. But how do you choose the right audio splitter for users who are not familiar with this field? Don't worry, this article will bring you detailed explanations. You can free download recommended Audio Splitter here:

I Need an Audio File Splitter!

My friend's sister needs to make background music for the dance competition. She wants to split the favorite audio clips and merge audio files. I'm sure there's plenty of demand for dividing a big music file and a few recordings into smaller clips. To this end, I recommend a very friendly audio splitter software and a simple yet intuitive way to operate it, especially for novices who have no experience in audio editing. Now, just keep reading!

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Novice-friendly yet Full-featured Audio Splitter Software

Many audio editing programs are powerful, but for people like me, it's probably only used once a year. Non-professionals are frustrated by the complexity of the GUI and it is really overkilled to occasionally split audio files. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is designed to provide a one-stop audio & video conversion and editing function for beginners, with common utility features that greatly simplify the complex operation steps. It has the characteristics of a good audio file splitter, and it can easily split audio file into parts such as cut WAV files easily. In addition, it can extract audio from video with high quality. All in all, now, let’s free downloadfree download this software and move on to the tutorial of how to split an audio file into separate tracks.

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How to Split Audio with WonderFox Audio Track Splitter

Load Source Files into Audio Track Splitter

Step 1: Load Source Files into Audio Splitter Software

Firstly, free downloadfree download and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC. Click Converter on the main interface, then import audio files by clicking Add Files or Add Video Folder, of course, it is also feasible to drag a file directly into a program. After that, click the scissors icon to enter the interface of audio splitting.

Start to Split Audio File

Step 2: Start to Split Audio File

Drag the slider to select the audio part you want, click on the green Trim icon to get the audio clips. For precision, you can enter the start and end time directly.

In this way, you have successfully cut an audio track. Then repeat the above steps and click on the green Trim icon again to split other parts. You will see the cut tracks in the gray box named after Clip1, 2, 3 and display the specific length of time, then click OK to return to the main interface, it will display Output: Total X Clips.

Output Audio Clips

Step 3: Output Audio Clips

Finally, expand the list of Output Format on the right, select the desired audio format under the Audio tab. After that, customize the output directory, and finally, click Run to start to split audio file into parts.

That’s the way of how to split a recording into separate tracks.

More Features on WonderFox Audio Splitter Software

1. For you who want to fix audio sync problems, this software can help a lot.

2. This software can normalize audio to avoid adjusting your computer’s volume when you play music.

3. If you are obsessed with audio or BGM in YouTube videos, this software can save audio from YouTube easily.

Moreover, this software also has a lot of audio and video related functions including converting audio and video formats, recording video with sound, making GIF and so on. Download it to enrich your audio and video files!

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How to Split Audio Files from DVD Movies

How to Split Audio Files from DVD Movies

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Are you attracted to the songs and lines when playing a DVD movie? Do you want to extract the desired audio from DVD in MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, etc.? Try WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, a professional DVD ripping tool that easily cracks DVDs and converts DVD videos to the audio you want. Download it to have a try!

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