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With or without OGG Player – Play OGG Files on Windows 10/8/7…in Three Effective Ways

Author by Oswald

Updated on April 9, 2020

Having trouble playing OGG files on Windows computer? I’ll give you three solutions to solve that issue: 1. Turn WMP to the best OGG player; 2. Convert OGG to popular audio format; 3. Draw support from third-party OGG players; Free download the OGG converter in advance to get started.

Get Trouble in Playing OGG Files on Windows 10?

How to Open .ogg Files?How to Open .ogg Files?

When you play OGG files on Windows 10, WMP (Windows Media Player) will pop up an error message saying Windows Media Player cannot play the file. WHY?

OGG is a free and open source encapsulation format for Vorbis, Speex, Opus and other audio coding, with .ogg file extension. Unfortunately, OGG files are NOT natively supported by Windows Media Player.

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How to Solve Windows Media Player OGG Playback Issue? How to Open .ogg Files?

In order to play OGG files on Windows 10/8/7… and solve OGG unsupported issues, here are three solutions on how to play OGG files on Windows 10. I’ll elaborate on each solution step-by-step.

Solution 1. How to Turn WMP as an OGG Player by Adding OGG Codec Pack

Download and install OGG codec for WMP, and you can play OGG files with WMP at will from now on. Here are two codec sources, in case one fails.

1. Xiph

Before installation, uninstall any previous OGG codecs (Go to "Add/Remove Programs"), shut down media player or any directshow apps. Navigate to > Binaries > Windows 32/64-bit Installer > Install

2. K-Lite Codec Pack

Navigate to > Basic > Download Basic > Install

Solution 2. Convert OGG to WMP Supported Formats

To manage a perfect audio conversion, a proper audio converter is a must. Unlike online converters, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro runs much faster and is more stable in conversion, it runs offline, and even enhance your audio quality for a satisfactory result.

Convert OGG to MP3 with the Best OGG Converter

Convert OGG Files with the Best OGG Converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Select Converter, import the Source File and Choose Output File Format

Hold on a sec, no rush on WMP spec. Not only can we convert OGG to WMP supported formats, but also convert OGG to any-device supported formats. And there is an appropriate one: MP3

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select "Converter", click the blue “Add Files” bar

to import multiple OGG files into the program. Then click the format section at right side of the main interface > select MP3 icon at “Audio” section from the category box above.

Enhance OGG File Quality

Step 2 (Optional): Enhance OGG File Quality

Let’s crank it up a notch, we can enhance OGG file (current MP3 file) quality with the program, by raising bitrate –  enhance MP3 to 320kpbs.

Click the small “ Parameter Settings” button at the main interface to go to setting window, adjust “Bitrate” to 320kbps, while you’re at it, you can also increase MP3 volume,  convert stereo to mono and even adjust sample rate. Click “OK” button to confirm the settings when you’re done.

Finally, click the “Run” button to start the conversion. You’ll be noticed whether to open the destination folder while it’s done.

TIPS: Lossy audio format to lossless audio conversion doesn’t make much sense, like convert OGG to WAV or OGG to FLAC, file size doesn’t get smaller and audio quality stays the same – But it’s not fully futile, some lossless audio editors can only recognize lossless audio files, and you want to edit some hi-bitrate MP3 files, you know.

Solution 3: Third Party OGG Player to Open OGG Files

There are some desktop/online/app OGG file players worth recommending, they are apparently so convenient and easy-to-use. But sometimes, according to the feedbacks, some of these players can’t recognize/play OGG files properly, even if they claim that they do and our test results say that they are just fine. Here are some OGG audio players with rich decoders, no guarantee on the result, just for you to have a try ;-)

1. VLC – Desktop OGG File Player

VLC is the best free & open source media player, no plugin, no ads, no user tracking, just a seem-confusing interface and inexhaustible additional functions including audio conversion, audio edition and etc.

2. Enjoy Music Player – Chrome Browser Extension to Play OGG Files Online

Among all web-based OGG file players, this one is one of the most stable one as tested (compared with webpage audio players). It takes Chrome browser to work, you can add that extension from the URL above, and then a pretty OGG music player pops out. By the way, you can have a direct access to your Google Drive with it.

3. Foobar2000 – Mobile App OGG File Player


Needless to say how important is a good audio player to your mobile. Foobar2000 supports gapless playback, full ReplayGain, downloads from UPnP media servers, you should totally have a try.

At last...

Despite the good compatibility, you can even play FLAC on Windows Media Player, there are still many media formats that WMP doesn’t support, and you definitely don’t want to add codec packs to it every time you come across that issue. And WMP is quite a distinguished media player.

What I’m trying to say is, instead of finding a good OGG player Windows 10, why not convert the OGG files for any-device playback?

Thank you for your reading.

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