How to Compress OGG Files with the Best OGG Compressor?

Updated on Oct 09, 2022
  • Free download Free download the most fabulous OGG compressor and resize OGG files as follows:
  • Step 1: Import OGG Files into the Converter;
  • Step 2: Choose the Output Format;
  • Step 3: Modify the Parameters of OGG Audio;
  • Step 4: Press Run to Start Compressing.
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Most Recommended Desktop OGG Compressor
Top Four Online OGG File Compressors

OGG is one of the best audio file formats with high sound quality. It also provides a relatively smaller file size than other formats. However, if your device is running out of storage space, you may want an free OGG compressor to resize the OGG files to a smaller file size. Therefore, this article lists five reliable and free OGG file compressors that can help you compress OGG files efficiently. Continue reading to find the most suitable OGG compression app for you!

Most Recommended Desktop OGG Compressor

Among the listed OGG resizers, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is undoubtedly the best OGG compression program. It allows you to shrink OGG file size by reducing the bitrate in a few simple clicks. The lower the bit rate is, the less space the OGG file occupies. In addition to compressing audio files, you can also use it to extract audio from videos to OGG,edit OGG files, merge multiple OGG files into a single one, etc. Moreover, it can also convert OGG to MP3 and other mainstream audio formats without effort to meet your different needs.

Free downloadFree download this OGG file Compressor and see how it works efficiently!

The Best OGG Size Reducer

Armed with multiple functions, Free HD Video Converter Factory can not only compress OGG files but also convert OGG files to other formats and edit OGG files easily. 100% clean, free, and easy to use. Download this audio compressor and get ready to start the compression process.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1: Import OGG Files into the Converter

InstallInstall the converter and launch it on your PC, open the Converter module on the start-up interface. Click +Add Files to import the OGG files, or you can drag and drop the files into the conversion interface.

Step 2: Choose the Output Format;

Click the big format icon on the right of the interface to open the output format list. Go to the Audio section and choose OGG format. Here you can also choose other formats for your different needs.

Step 3: Modify the Parameters of OGG Audio

Open the Parameter settings window to change the parameters. Go to the Audio settings and head to Bit Rate. Adjust the bit rate according to your actual demand. Meanwhile, you can also alternate other settings like sample rate and audio volume.

Step 4: Press Run to Start Compressing.

After all the settings are OK, you can also choose to trim the audio by clicking the scissor icon. Then, press the triangle button to set the output path. Finally, hit the Run button to start the process.

Top Four Online OGG File Compressors

Apart from the desktop OGG file compressor, there are also many online OGG compressors. The online compressor may be more convenient than the desktop one, but they also have many downsides. You must keep the internet connection stable and the interface of most online tools is loaded with ads. So you may feel annoyed when compressing files online. is a dedicated online compressor that supports many audio file formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, Opus, etc. you can modify the parameters by changing the Compression Options. There is a simple tutorial below.

Step 1: Visit the website and Choose Files.

Step 2: Modify the Compression Settings or keep the default setting;

Step 3: Slide down to the Output Files to save the compressed OGG file.

Then come to the Aconvert. It is also an easy-to-use OGG file compressor. You can choose files from Local Drive, Online URL, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Moreover, it allows you to convert OGG to other formats. You can customize the output audio bitrate and sample rate.

Step 1: Open the Aconvert website and tap the Choose Files.

Step 2: Choose the Target format and modify the Audio Bitrate and Sample rate.

Step 3: Click Convert Now to start compressing.

Step 4: Download the compressed OGG file.

Besides the Aconvert, there is a similar one named Xconvert. It can also let you compress many audio formats, like MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc. You can also use it to trim audio files and change the bitrate, channels, and sample rate.

Step 1: Visit the online website and click Add Files to upload the OGG file.

Step 2: Choose the file extension, bitrate, audio channel, and sample rate.

Step 3: Click Compress to start compressing OGG files and download it.

Here comes the last online OGG compressor I recommend. is a simple-to-use OGG file compressor with an intuitive interface. You can also use it to compress OGG and other audio formats. The size of the whole file is up to 500 MB.

Step 1: Open the with your browser and click Choose Files.

Step 2: Choose the output quality and format.

Step 3: Start compressing and then download it.

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Bottom line:

Above is all the OGG compressors I recommend to use to shrink media size of OGG files. Compared with many online tools, I still suggest you use the desktop OGG file compressor which is more safe and reliable. Of course, you can choose any method you like to start compressing. Hope this post can be helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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