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2023 The 5 Best Free Music Mergers to Merge Music Files into One

Author by Vita

Updated on Jan 16, 2023

Can you merge music files into a single one easily? Well, in this article, you can find the top 5 best free music mergers for this task both online and offline. To make your merging process simpler, you can use this easy yet efficient music joiner:

Sometimes, we need to make a special mix or medley with different musical materials, like tunes, DJs, songs, and instrumentals. There are plenty of music mergers available, but many of them are sophisticated with complicated and dazzling operations. If you only need to join music files, rather than dwell too much on that complex music editing software, you’re supposed to find a simple and useful music combiner. And this article introduces such 5 free simple music joiners to you. All the programs are easy-operating, reliable and effective.

The Best Music Merger for You
WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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Download Free Download
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How to Merge/Join/Combine Multiple Music Files into One

Solution 1 - Free Desktop Music Merger

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a well-respected music joiner app that is popular for its straight-forward operation, compact interface, high-efficiency and functional features. With it, you can handily merge your music into one audio file with little quality loss. Meanwhile, you can convert your music to other audio formats, such as AAC to MP3, WAV to OGG, and the like.
The following is the instruction below to merge audio files with this software. You can download and install it on your PC for preparation.

Free Download Free Download

Easy Steps to Merge Your Music with Free HD Video Converter Factoy

Merge any music with Free HD

Now, please free downloadfree download this music merging software and follow the easy steps.

Step 1. Add target music to the Music merger

To join music, please launch the song merger and enter "Converter". Click on “Add Files” to select and import the music files you want to merge or directly drag the music files into the main window.

Step 2. Open the Merge window and join music

Hit “Merge” icon on the top menu bar and you will see the Merge window. Click “Merge” button as shown in the image to add pack and drag the target audio files from the “Original” box to the pack. You can add multi-packs at the same time. After that, click on the other “Merge” button.

Step 3. Choose an output format

Click “Output Format” and choose MP3 under Audio tab. You can also convert audio to WAV, AC3, AAC, etc.

Step 4. Start the process of merging music

Click on “Run” on the right corner after you specify the output folder, and you will get the merged music file soon.

Audacity – free music merging tool Audacity – free music merging tool

Solution 2 - Free Music Joiner App – Audacity

Step 1. Download and install Audacity on your computer:

Step 2. Launch the music combiner and drag the music you want to combine into the window of Audacity. You’ll find the multiple music tracks are listed in the interface.

Step 3. Click on the Time Shift Tool icon on the toolbar or press the shortcut key, F5.

Step 4. Choose the second track and drag it to the end of the first track to merge music.

Step 5. Repeat the previous step to drag other tracks to the end of the former.

Step 6. Click on File > Export on the toolbar to start the process of merging music.

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Foobar2000 music file mergerFoobar2000 music file merger

Solution 3 - Free Music Merger - Foobar2000

Step 1. Download and install Foorbar2000:

Step 2. Launch the music combiner and drag the target music files into the window of Foobar2000 to join music.

Step 3. Press the shortcut key, Ctrl+A to select all the files. Then right-click and choose Convert >....

Step 4. Choose the output format and next click on “Destination” to specify output folder. After that, check "Merge all tracks into one output file" box and then click on Back.

Step 5.  Click “Convert” to combine music files.

5 steps to merge your music with WinRAR5 steps to merge your music with WinRAR

Solution 4 - Join MP3 Music Files with WinRAR

Step 1. Select all the MP3 music files and you can adjust the order of music by putting the words 1, 2, 3 … in front of the name of each file.

Step 2. To join music, you need to right click on the files and select “Add to archive”.

Step 3. Choose RAR from “Archive format” and then rename the Archive as .mp3. After that, choose “Store” under “Compression method”.

Step 4. Click on “Browser” on the top right to specify an output directory. Then hit “Save”.

Step 5. Finally, click on “Ok” and combine music files at one go.

Note: This music joiner is only available for merging MP3 music and you need install WinRAR on your computer.

Audio-joiner Audio-joiner

Solution 5 - Free Music Merger Online

If you don’t want to install any pug-ins on computer, online tools are also suitable options. Here I want to introduce two useful online tools for you:

The procedures on how to merge music online are simple and similar. Batch upload your music files > Adjust the sequences > Start merging the music files > Download the processed music.

You need to notice that if you upload too many files at the same time or meet the slow network, the process may be extremely slow and even lead to page crash.

With the 5 options above, you’re able to merge any music files at ease. Which music merger app is your favorite?  For my part, Free HD Video Converter Factory are the best audio video joiner. It enables to merge audio files with different format into one single files, provides the flexible and intelligent options for merging, editing and converting media files and there have no any limits on size and import formats.

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