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How to Play AVI on Windows Media Player?

Author by Sue

Updated on May 27, 2021

Can Windows Media Player play AVI format files? The answer is yes. But, you may have encountered the problem that the Windows Media Player won’t play AVI files. There are many reasons causing the problem. Here, this tutorial will guide you to solve this problem step by step. And then you can play AVI on Windows Media Player successfully. Moreover, the recommended converter that enables to convert AVI to the formats supported by Windows Media Player, can be installed here:

Maybe you have encountered AVI Windows Media Player playback problems like this in your daily life:

Q: Suddenly, I am not able to play AVI videos on Windows Media Player on my laptop. Windows did some automatic updating yesterday and needed to restart. Perhaps the update messed up WMP's ability to play AVI files since I can play AVI files without problems before the update.

A: It is known that AVI is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft and in most cases, Windows Media Player should offer the native support for AVI. However, sometimes you may find that Windows Media Player just won’t play AVI files. On this situation, you may wonder if there is anything wrong with AVI file or Windows Media Player. This tutorial aims to provide solutions to play AVI on Windows Media Player normally.

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How to Fix Windows Media Player Won’t Play AVI Issue?

We know that Windows Media Player has built-in support for AVI file playback, but sometimes when we play AVI on Windows Media Player, we may run into problem of playback failure. Generally speaking, there are two causes leading to this problem.

One of the cause is that if the AVI files are encrypted, corrupted or damaged, they can not be played on Windows Media Player.  In such cases, the feasible solution is using a third-party tool to decrypt or repair the files.

The most common cause of Windows Media Player won't play AVI is that the codecs of AVI are not supported. AVI is only a container format and the decisive factor of the video playback depends on the various video and audio codecs. If an AVI video contains a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player, then Windows Media Player just won't play this AVI video. And there are three solutions offered in this tutorial to solve this incompatibility issue.

Solution 1: Transcode or Convert AVI to Other Formats

Transcoding or converting AVI to other formats like WMV which are playable on Windows Media Player is a permanent solution. To solve this problem, you need an effective video converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This software can help you to convert AVI to WMV and other Windows Media Player supported formats easily and quickly, since it supports hardware acceleration to speed up the conversion, and its interface is concise and self-explanatory. Even if you’re newbie, you can handle this tool with ease. With only several clicks, you’re able to play AVI files on Windows Media Player without hassles.

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Steps to Transcode or Convert AVI Files

Before start, please free download and install the software on PC.

Add files to the converter

Step 1: Add Files to the AVI to Windows Media Player Converter

To solve the AVI Windows Media Player playback failure issue, you need to launch the video conversion software on your computer, open Converter, then click “Add Files” button to add files or you can just drag the AVI files you want to add to the interface.  Click the “Output Format” section on the right side to prepare for step 2.

convert AVI to WMV

Step 2: Choose the Output Format for Windows Media Player

To play AVI on Windows Media Player, we need to convert the AVI files to the formats that are compatible with Windows Media Player. Here, let me take WMV as an example to show you how to operate this conversion process. Click “Video” tab and then select “WMV”. Finally, click “Run” to begin conversion process. After that, you can enjoy the videos on you PC. Besides the AVI to WMV conversion, you can use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to covert AVI to other 500+ formats and devices as you need. With this software, you can convert MP4 to MOV, AVI to MKV, MP4 to M4V at ease.

If you don’t want to change the format of the original files, an optional approach is available to you: transcoding AVI.

transcoding AVI files

Optional Method: Transcode and Output the Files

In this way, we only need to change the video encoder of the AVI file into the one supported by Windows Media Player. Click “Output Format” and chose AVI format under the “Video” drop-down box. Then press the “Parameters Settings” button and choose an available encoder under “Encoder” box. Generally speaking, encoders XviD, DivX, H264 are supported by Windows Media Player. After outputting the files, you can enjoy the AVI files and will never meet AVI Windows Media Player playback problems.

This video converter also has advanced settings functions which  help you to change video resolution, change video frame rate, and  change bit rate of both video and audio files. Just click “Setting” button on the interface to adjust these related parameters.

Solution 2: Download and Install K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of various audio and video codecs, which includes 4 different editions. It offers user-friendly solution to play all your video files. And all the editions are free of charge. In most cases, the basic edition can meet most basic requirements. After you download and installed the software, the Windows Media Player can play AVI files normally. You can download K-Lite Codec Pack directly:

Solution 3: Use Windows Media Player Alternatives

VLC: Windows Media Player alternativeVLC: Windows Media Player alternative

If you just want to play the AVI files on your PC (in another words, you are not trying to play it on your portable devices), there is another method available besides the two solutions above. Download some Windows Media Player alternatives. Some AVI Windows Media Players alternatives like VLC can work as substitutes of Windows Media Player to play AVI.

Here, taking VLC as an example. First of all, download VLC via this link.

After downloading the alternative to Windows Media Player, just add files to the player by pressing “Open File” and then VLC can play AVI. You can enjoy the video on PC. Addition to VLC, some others AVI Windows Media Player alternatives like MPC-HC and PotPlayer are also recommended.

In conclusion, there are three different methods to play AVI on Windows Media Player. Based on your actual situation, you can choose the one that is suitable for you. With the three easy methods, Can Windows Media Player play AVI? I bet the answer is “Yes”. Now, you can enjoy your videos without restriction of formats.

More Features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Besides converting AVI to WMV, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can convert most videos to 300+ video and audio formats as well as popular devices without quality loss. The fast video compression and conversion speed will enable you to save more time while free up more storage space of your devices. The software is totally safe and clean, no adware popping up when you are operating.

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