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The Best MTS Merger to Merge MTS Files Easily and Quickly

Author by Vita

July 17, 2018

Now We can easily capture the precious and interesting moments in life with a camcorder. Typically, the videos captured with camcorder are in. mts file format. To upload the recorded clips to Facebook or YouTube and watch the clips continuously, it’s a good way to join MTS files into one with a MTS merger first. Hence here introduce two easy methods for you. It’s highly recommended that you use the reputable and powerful MTS joiner:

Q: I have video clips recorded by the Canon HD camcorder, which are in .mts file format. The Western Digital Media Player plays. mts files. But for continuous playback for all the clips, I would like to merge/join/combine the multiple. mts files into ONE single. mts file. Any advice?

You will find that the video captured using the AVCHD camera is stored in several 00001.MTS, 00002.MTS, 00003.MTS or something like that files. For continuous playing and post-editing, the common question is how to merge multiple MTS files into one. It can be tackled easily by people who are familiar with non-linear video editors. But for those who are not computer-savvy, it may be troubling. Don’t worry! This article will provide you with two practical ways to merge MTS files effortlessly.

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Solution 1: How to Merge MTS Video Files into One with Desktop MTS Merger

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best desktop MTS joiners. It enables you to merge MTS clips into one in the easiest and quickest way and can keep the original quality. Besides merging videos, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also has other basic editing features such as cropping & cutting videos, adding subtitles and special effects to videos. Mover, it supports 300+ formats conversions and online video downloading. Let’s have a look at how to use this software to join MTS files and also use its other features.

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Merge MTS Videos into One

Add MTS files and open the Merge window

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on PC.

Step 1. Import MTS files into the MTS merger

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Click on the “Add Files” button and add the MTS files in batches. Or directly drag and drop the target files into the window.

Step 2. Open the Merge window

Hit the Merge button on the lower right and you will see the Merge window.

Merge MTS clips

Step 3. Merge MTS files as you wish

Press the Merge button and create Pack 1. Drag the MTS videos on the section above to the pack so that you can join MTS files into one. Moreover, you can re-arrange video order using drag-and-drop. In the same way, you can create Pack 2, Pack 3 and more, and add the needed MTS files into them respectively. After that, hit the OK button.

Choose the output format

Step 4. Convert MTS to the needed format

You will find that there is only one video file since you add all the MTS files into pack 1. Certainly, if you create more than one pack and add MTS files into them, there should be corresponding number of video files. Now click on the Output Format button on the right and choose MTS under Video tab. You can also choose to convert MTS to MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.

Finish the whole conversion

Step 5. Complete the process

Specify the output folder via the folder icon on the bottom. Finally, press the Run button to finish the process.

Tips. You can also change video resolution and bit rate, resize videos by modifying the aspect ratio, etc. Go to the Settings window to modify the related parameters. Moreover, As MTS files are too large to store on mobile devices, you can also reduce video file size by using the Compression Setting.

Solution 2: How to Merge MTS Files Online

Some online services also allow you to upload MTS files and combine them into one. Here I want to recommend, a specialized online MTS merger. Follow the steps below to join MTS files with it.

Merge MTS onlineMerge MTS online

Step 1. Visit the site:

Step 2. Press the Choose Files button to upload videos from your computer. You can also choose to add files from Dropbox, Google Drive or URL.

Step 3. Be patient with the processing. If you need to combine large MTS files, it may take long time to add all the files. Once all the videos are added successfully, drag and drop the videos to re-arrange their order as you like. Next choose the needed output format and enter the file name. Then press the Merge and Convert button.

Step 4. Again you need to waiting for the processing. Once it finishes, click on the Download button to save the merged file.

Start to Merge MTS Videos

You can choose the suitable method to merge MTS files. For instance, if you only merge small video files and don’t want to install any plug-ins, the online MTS merger should be a good option. But MTS files are always large in size. It will take much time to upload and download the files. In this case, solution one is the best choice since HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports the advanced hardware acceleration to process files at extremely fast speed. It offers the quick and easy solution to merge any audio and video files.

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