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How to Send Large Video on Messenger with 3 Easy Ways

Author by Jane

Updated on July 9 , 2020

Facebook Messenger has the size restriction for video-sending. Therefore, what can you do when you want to send a video that is beyond the max video size limitation on Facebook Messenger? This article will introduce 3 easy and practical ways to successfully settle the issue of how to send large video on Messenger.

The Facebook Messager Video Size Limit

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows users to send multimedia messages such as text, pictures, animations, voices, voice calls, and videos to other users via websites or mobile devices.

However, there exists some limitations for the video-sending. Although Facebook allows users to upload videos up to 4GB large yet the size of the video file in attachment on Messenger should not be beyond 25 MB. If you send a video which is bigger than 25MB on Messenger, it will prompt an error message right there for you.

Hence, it comes to be the critical problem: how to solve this problem so that you can send large video without restriction and hassle. The following post will demonstrate 3 easy-to-use methods to help you out.

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How to Send Large Video on Messenger with the Help of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will provide 2 approaches to send the large video on Messenger smoothly with its multifunctional features.

Considering that the video attachment sent on Facebook Messenger is no more than 25MB, therefore, you can use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to trim the large video into several small fractions less than 25MB so that you can send them one by one on Messenger. Besides, you can choose to compress the video under the max size limitation of the Messenger to accomplish the goal intuitively. What’s more, you can convert video to supported format for Facebook video upload, then send the video URL on the Messenger.

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How to Send Files Bigger Than 25MB on Facebook Messenger

Import the Large Video to the Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Import the Large Video to the Program

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, then go to the “Converter” module, drag and drop the video directly to current window or add the video file via clicking the “Add Files” tab.

Trim the Large Video to Small Segments

Step 2. Solve Messenger File Size Limit with 2 Solutions

Solution 1 - Trim the Large Video to Small Segments

There will appear a scissor icon below the video. Click the scissor tab to head to the trimming window.
According to the video duration under the video, you can consider averagely dividing the video into several parts by moving the sliders or filling the exact time in the start and end time box. After you’ve assured the length, press “Trim” button on the right side to finish it. Subsequently, continue to trim the rest several fragments with the same method. Finally, click “OK” to back to the “Converter” window.

Compress Video Directly for Facebook Messenger

Solution 2 - Compress Video for Facebook Messenger

This might be the most intuitive and straightforward way to cope with the Facebook Messenger video size limit. After you’ve added the large video to the program, at the bottom of the window, there is a batch compression icon which means you can batch compress the large videos at the same time. Just import the large-size video files to the software as shown as step 1. Then, click the batch compression icon and move the slider to right to compress. The compressed video size will be displayed in the output module at the top of the interface simultaneously.

Customize the Directory and Begin Slim the Video

Step 3. Customize the Directory and Begin Slim the Video

Whether you trim the video into sections like solution-1 or compress it less than 25MB directly as solution-2, after you’ve completed such operation steps, you need to choose the output folder for the exported video by clicking the inverted triangle icon at the bottom. Lastly, press the “Run” button to start the slimming process.

Solution 3 - How to Send Large Video on Messenger via Facebook Video Upload

There is another roundabout method of sending large video files on Messenger that you can upload the video to Facebook first, then send the video URL to others on Messenger so that people can click the URL to directly visit Facebook video page for watching. However, you also have to notice that there are still limitations for video-uploading on Facebook:

Upload on Facebook and Send the URL to MessengerUpload on Facebook and Send the URL to Messenger

Video size: Up to 4 GB

Video length: Up to 240 minutes

Maximum frame rate: 30fps

Suggested video codec: H.264

Suggested aspect ratios: 16:9 (horizontal), 9:16 (full portrait)

Facebook supports several formats for video-uploading including AVI, MOV… But for better result, Facebook suggests MP4, MOV as preferred choice for uploading. After you have successfully uploaded the video on Facebook, then just send the video URL on Messenger.

At last...

You can choose one of these methods to have a try according to your demands. Any one of them, I believe, will be great helpful to the Facebook Messenger video size limit. Thank you for your reading and hope you can share this article to more people.

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