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How to Compress MKV Files While Maintaining Good Quality

Author by Vita

Updated on Jul 12, 2022

Recently many people have asked me how to compress MKV files since they have some TV shows and movies that are taking up too much space. So this article aims to introduce an effective MKV compressor and shows you how to reduce MKV file size while keeping good quality. Here you can directly download this easy application for MKV compression and follow the guide to make MKV files smaller:

MKV is a common file format and it’s often used to store high-definition movies and TV shows. This type of container can hold multiple videos, audio, as well as subtitle tracks, so MKV files are usually large in size. If you store a lot of HD MKV movies or TV shows on your computer, it would be a burden to the hard drive. Not to mention portable devices. In addition, when sending MKV video files via email, or uploading them to video-sharing sites, people always encounter maximum file size limit. So sometimes we also need to compress MKV videos for emailing and uploading. Thus, follow this article to learn how to compress MKV files into smaller step by step.

The Best MKV Compression Software Enables You to Get Twice the Result with Half the Effort

Many people want to know how to compress MKV files without losing quality yet I have to tell you that if you compress a video, it will more or less affect the video quality. But a good MKV compressor can manage to minimize the damage and make a perfect balance between video file size and quality. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is such a highly recommended software, which offers easy and effective tools for you to compress any videos. Its advanced Compression Setting enables you to reduce MKV file size in the most straightforward way. Besides, the software allows you to change video encoder, change resolution and bit rate, as well as cut unwanted portions to reduce video file size. The following part tells you how to compress MKV files and keep good quality in different ways.

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How to Compress/Shrink MKV Files

Add MKV Files from PC

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Import MKV Files into the MKV Compressor

Run WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open Converter. Click on Add Files and select MKV files from your computer. Or you can directly drag video files from a folder into this software. Batch conversion mode is supported. 

Choose H.265 as Output Format

Step 2. Compress MKV Files

As mentioned above, there are several ways for MKV compression as follows.

Option 1. Choose an advanced video encoder: Just click on the Output Format button on the right side of the interface, then select H.265 as the output format.

Tips. H.265 can offer the same image quality yet with better compression when compared with H.264 and other video compression standards, which can keep the original quality to the extreme extent.

More Other Ways to Compress Videos

If you want to compress a MKV file without changing the video format, you can try the following options.

Option 2. Use the Compression Setting: Click on the compression icon at the bottom of the interface. Then drag the slider to the right to compress video. Please note that you need to balance the output file size and quality by yourself. 

Option 3. Adjust video parameters - bitrate and resolution: Click on Parameter Settings button, and then the Settings window will pop up. Open the Resolution and bitrate drop-down list respectively and choose a lower value to downscale the resolution and bit rate. Then click on Ok to save the changes.

Tips. Once the MKV files are imported into the software, the software will display the current resolution of each video. Right click on a video, and select Source File information so you can find the original bitrate of the video, which can help you to adjust the video parameters more appropriately.

Start the Conversion

Option 4: Cut the unwanted parts: Another way for MKV compression is cutting/cropping the unwanted parts. Just click on the Crop and Clip icon as the image shows, then you can cut and crop the videos to remove the unnecessary parts, such as titles, credits, ads, black bars, etc. After that, the MKV file size will be shrunk with original quality preserved.

Step 3. Start the Process for MKV Compression

Click on the inverted triangle icon at the bottom to select an output folder. Finally, click on Run to compress MKV videos.

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Now Free Download the Software and Compress MKV Files

That’s all I want to share with you about how to make MKV file smaller easily. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is surely a good MKV compressor to compress video files. Moreover, it can convert videos to 500+ digital formats and devices, download online videos and also offers basic video editing options. Download it to have a try now!

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