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How to Combine Videos on iPhone and Computer

Author by Annie

Updated on Feb 14, 2023

iPhone is not just a communication tool, but a simple camera with wide-angle lens, 2x faster sensor and optical image stabilization, and can shoot 4K videos with up to 60 fps. I’m sure you have shot many fascinating and memorable videos with your iPhone. What if you want to make a long video with some of your short video clips? In this article, I will share with you a simple way on how to combine videos on iPhone and also introduce to you a wonderful desktop tool to help you combine iPhone videos on computer.

Q: I shot quite a few short videos on my mom’s birthday the other day and now I want to turn these very short videos (no longer than 3 minutes) into a single movie but can't seem to figure out how to do it. I did it once before successfully but it was so long ago and I no longer remember what I did. Can anybody tell me how to combine videos on iPhone?

A: Not just a few people have the needs to merge iPhone video clips. Since iPhone is light and handy, and can shoot high-definition videos, many people love to use iPhone to record the beautiful things in life. But too many video clips will take up your iPhone’s storage space and make the Photos look messy. So the best way to organize your Photos is to merge some of the short video clips into one. Or as the above iPhone user says, you just want to join some video clips into a long and meaning movie. Therefore, this guide is aimed at helping you figure out how to merge videos on iPhone or use a desktop tool to combine iPhone videos.


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Method 1. How to Combine Videos on iPhone

Since iPhone has a self-developed video editor, iMovie, the simplest way to directly join videos on iPhone is with this basic video editor. Now, let’s follow the steps and take a look at how to combine two videos on iPhone with iMovie. Also, iMovie is available for rotating videos, cropping videos and adding special effects to videos.

How to Merge Two Videos on iPhoneHow to Merge Two Videos on iPhone

Step 1. The first step on how to join videos on iPhone is to launch iMovie on your iPhone, tap Projects option on the top of the screen, and tap the “+” icon. Then on the pop-up window, click Movie option to create or import the videos you want to combine.

How to Put Two Videos Together on iPhoneHow to Put Two Videos Together on iPhone

Step 2. iMovie now will open up your camera roll. The next step on how to combine videos in iPhone is to click Create Movie on the bottom of the screen, and in the My Movie window, click “+” to add video clips you want to merge. Then, all the video clips will be shown in the viewer. If you have no need to edit the video clips, just click Done at the top left corner to combine iPhone videos. Or if you want to make a simple edit to these clips, just tap on the clip and you can see the frame of the clip turns yellow, and then you will see some basic editing features at the bottom of the screen.

How to Merge Videos Together on iPhoneHow to Merge Videos Together on iPhone

Step 3. After tapping on the Done option on the top left corner of the screen, the merged video will be shown in the middle of screen. Then click the share icon and choose Save Video to save the joined video in your photo library. This is all the steps on how to put videos together on iPhone.

Method 2. How to Combine iPhone Videos on Computer

If you want to combine the iPhone videos on computer, the best way is with a third-party desktop video editor. And here, I would like to recommend a simple and multifunctional video editor: HD Video Converter Factory Pro, for it can not only merge iPhone videos in a few clicks, but also split videos, rotate videos, crop videos, and even compress iPhone videos while keeping the original quality. With so many practical video editing features, why not give HD Video Converter Factory Pro a try?

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3 Simple Steps to Combine iPhone Videos on Computer

Before we start the process, just free downloadfree download HD Video Converter Factory Pro and install it on our PC.

Import iPhone Video Clips to the Software

Step 1. Import iPhone Video Clips to the Software

First, launch the easy-to-use video joiner on your computer, go to "Converter", then click “Add Files” to add your desired iPhone video clips to the program, or you can just drag and drop them to the main interface. Next, click Merge button in the middle of the Video Converter window.

Select All the iPhone Video Clips on the Merge Window

Step 2. Add the Video Clips to the Created Pack

Press the marked Merge button to create pack before selecting video clips, and you can create pack 1, pack 2, pack 3 and more as you wish. Then drag and drop the video clips from the Original column to the new pack. Also, you can rearrange the video clips orders by dragging. At last, click the other Merge button to continue. This is the best way to merge videos without quality loss. Obviously, compared with how to combine videos on iPhone, HD Video Converter Factory Pro allows you to create multiple merged video packs at the same time.

Begin to Combine iPhone Videos

Step 3. Begin to Combine iPhone Videos

After the 2 steps above, you will see the merged video packs in the main interface. Now you can click the triangle icon to choose the output path and click RUN to begin to combine iPhone videos. What’s more, HD Video Converter Factory Pro has a big highlight, which is the video conversion function. That is to say, you can convert the merged videos to other video formats. For example, you can convert MOV to MKV, convert MP4 to AVI, or convert MP4 to WAV, etc.

Want to Make Your iPhone Videos to Audio File? Still Use HD Pro!

Sometimes we have recorded a video but only need the audio part, so how to extract the audio file from the video? HD Video Converter Factory Pro is born to help you solve all videos and audio problem. It can successfully extract audio from videos, and can convert videos/audio to more than 500 formats and devices with up to 50X speedup. Moreover, it is a good video/audio downloader, capable of downloading videos/audio from 1000+ websites, like downloading videos from YouTube, download videos from Facebook, and so forth.

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The Most Outstanding DVD Ripping Software on the Market

The Most Outstanding DVD Ripping Software on the Market

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro gives us a professional and simple way to rip our DVD collections to digital video formats, and copy DVD to ISO image/DVD folder with flawless 1:1 quality for a better backup. Just free download it and have a try now!

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