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How to Download 1080P YouTube Videos with A Few Simple Clicks?

Obsessed with YouTube 1080P videos but bothered by frequent ads, slow network, video buffering delays? Why not download 1080P video for smoother playback and collection? Use the recommended software to quickly download and save 1080P YouTube videos in batches while maintaining original quality so as to enjoy any Full HD YouTube videos smoothly:

Updated on Feb 3, 2023



Download YouTube 1080P Video

Leading 1080P YouTube Video Downloader

Download any 1080P videos from YouTube with the simplest and fastest way while keeping good quality; besides, the software supports downloading SD/HD/4K/8K videos from other 1000+ sites.

Note: only the software can download 4k video and 2k video from YouTube with 100% quality.

With the rapid development of various Full HD devices around the world, our requirements for HD videos are growing increasingly. That's right, blurry videos are always annoying, let alone we have strode to the era of high definition. For users worldwide to share and watch HD videos (720P, 1080P) online and now 4K and even 8K videos, YouTube should be the inevitable choice as the global largest video sharing platform.

Why Do We Download 1080P YouTube Videos?

Whenever watching a YouTube video, we can choose different qualities by the settings. However, due to various reasons (e.g. slow-speed Internet connection, instable WIFI signal), many people can't always watch 1080P videos smoothly. But we like 1080P videos for the video quality is completely satisfying enough. So sometimes, we download 1080P YouTube videos and store them on local disk for offline playback, in order to get rid of those annoying problems below or for our own purposes.

How to download video YouTube 1080p

How to download 1080p videos from youtube

1. Get frustrated with the ads and think of removing YouTube ads.

2. Annoying YouTube video buffering delays caused by a slow network.

3. Addicted to collect and store specific video series.

4. Interested in some parts of videos and want to cut them off or merge them.

How to Download 1080P YouTube Videos?

There are many different free online sites downloaders making you believe that they can download YouTube videos 1080p online. However, YouTube has separated video and audio track from a whole video clip in 1080P or higher resolution. So those who want to download YouTube 1080p online may download videos with no audio. To be honest, many YouTube downloaders hardly finish YouTube video 1080p download correctly. Luckily, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is such an ideal YouTube downloader for downloading 1080P/4K/8K videos, which enables you to download video with audio track synchronously. In addition, it will update the algorithm continually according to the latest YouTube changes. Follow the step-by-step guide below to download YouTube 1080P videos without any imperfections.

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Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Simple Step-by-step Guide on How to Download 1080P YouTube Videos with the 1080P Video Downloader

Click here to free download the 1080P YouTube downloader for preparation. The professional downloader enables you to perfectly avoid downloading stuttering, crash issues and so on you may meet with other downloaders. It's well compatible with Windows PC. Launch it to deal with how to download 1080p video from YouTube.

When you open the program, you will see there are five sections. Click on the Downloader icon to open the Video Downloader tool.

Step 1 - Copy Preferred 1080P Video URL

To fix how to download 1080p youtube videos, please Go to YouTube and find your preferred 1080P video by applying the special filter in YouTube search: Filter > Features > HD. After that, right-click a video and copy the preferred YouTube video URL from your browser.

YouTube 1080p video indir

Filter HD Videos in YouTube Search and Copy YouTube URL

Step 2 - Analyze and Download 1080P Videos from YouTube

Back to the YouTube 1080p downloader, and click the "+ New Download" button to open the downloading processing window.

Paste the 1080P video URL into the "Add URL" box and then click "Analyze", or directly press "Paste and Analyze". (It will analyze and list all resolutions the original video has. Try re-analyzing the URL if you don't see a certain resolution which ought to be there in the drop-down list). Select 1080P video quality in the format you need and press the "OK" button. You can choose to download 1080p videos in a playlist in batches.

1080P download YouTube

1080P download YouTube

Step 3 - View Completed Tasks

Click on "Download All" to start the download process. Once it's complete, click the Folder icon beside the "Download All" button on the main interface to find all the downloaded YouTube 1080P videos. Now you have fixed how to download YouTube videos 1080p with audio and can watch them offline.

Tips. The software can also download YouTube playlists and channels.

YouTube download 1080p online videos

YouTube download 1080p online videos

That's the whole process of how to download YouTube video 1080P videos. Besides, you are capable of handling more tasks such as improving local video quality, compressing video size in one click, editing videos by cutting, cropping, etc. with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Just enjoy the high definition videos handily.

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More Features of the YouTube 1080P Video Downloader

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only a YouTube video downloader. Apart from helping you download YouTube 1080p online videos quickly, another highlight of this powerful software is that it’s capable of converting videos to 500+ formats and hot devices to solve any compatibility issues. In addition, other functions will also surprise you. It empowers you to combine downloaded videos into one by clicking the "Merge" button at the bottom, customize video parameters like changing resolution, adjusting aspect ratio, etc in the "Parameter settings" window, compress large video file, cut video to remove unwanted parts. You can also add subtitles or remove subtitles from videos and more. Want to know how to take advantage of those functions? Just keep reading.

Convert YouTube video download 1080P to Other Formats or Devices

Convert YouTube video download 1080P to Other Formats or Devices

Convert Downloaded Video Files

After you figure out how to download YouTube videos in 1080P by following the guide above, you can open the Video Converter >> Import the downloaded videos >> click the "Click to change output format" section on the right >> open the output format list >> choose the desired format >> Click "Run"

Upload Video to YouTube

You have some 1080P videos and need to upload them to YouTube but failed. Chances are that the encoders of the videos don't meet YouTube uploading requirement. But don't you worry about it. After opening the output format list, you are free to choose a presett YouTube format. Similarly, you are offered with Facebook, Yahoo, Vimeo, Myspace optimal media profiles.

Merge Downloaded 1080P Videos

Merge Downloaded 1080P Videos

Merge Downloaded YouTube Files

If you want to merge some 1080P video clips into one, click "Merge" on the menu bar on the top of the screen and follow the picture to finish the work. As shown in the image, multiple merging tasks can be carried out at the same time using a drag and drop.

Want to try the features at once? Click the "Download now" icon below to get the software:

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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More Special Features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Download video of different resolutions from YouTube(480P, 720P, 1080P, 4K, 8K)
  • Batch convert video files to any video and audio formats save a lot of time
  • Support 500+ formats and devices, including H265, 4K, WEBM, MP4, AVI, ALAC, OGV, DTS and more
  • Convert between standard video and high-definition video(8K/4K/1080P/720P/480P)
  • Batch compress video files with smaller output size to free up storage space on device
  • A built-in video editor to crop, split, merge and retouch video and boost volume
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How to Download YouTube 1080P Videos with A Few Simple Clicks?

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