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Can HandBrake Merge Videos? The Best HandBrake Alternative to Merge Videos

Author by Annie

Oct 19, 2018

Many people like to use HandBrake to convert and edit their videos. Indeed, it is a very useful tool, with the simple editing functions, like cropping and resizing videos. But can HandBrake merge videos? Here in this guide, we will tell you whether it feasible to achieve the purpose of HandBrake combine files and also recommend an outstanding HandBrake alternative to merge videos with ease:

Can Handbrake Combine Videos?

Q: I wonder if it is possible to merge two MP4 video files together with Handbrake or if I need to use a second piece of software. I have read on a few sites that it can be done... but not sure if it is possible with mp4.

When it comes to video conversion, the first conversion tool that comes into people’s minds is HandBrake, for it is a free, open-source and cross-platform video transcoding tool. Also, HandBrake offers some simple video editing features, like cropping, resizing, deinterlacing video, adjusting audio volume levels, etc. Therefore, many people take it for granted that HandBrake merge video is also feasible. But unfortunately, HandBrake has some shortcomings, one of which is unable to merge videos. Official HandBrake Documentation has also explicitly mentioned that HandBrake merge videos is unrealizable. You can go to the official website to verify it:

So, to fix the Handbrake combine files is out of reach problem, here, we will list 3 direct and effective ways to merge videos.

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Method 1. Cannot Use HandBrake Merge Videos? The Best Free Alternative is Here to Help You.

Cannot use HandBrake combine files? Don’t worry. We will introduce to you a wonderful HandBrake alternative being quite qualified for merging videos: Free HD Video Converter Factory. It is a free audio/video conversion tool, supporting merging videos and flipping videos. Compared with HandBrake, its GUI is more user-friendly. The self-explanatory functions make itself much easier for users to use, even for the newbies with no experience of operating these kinds of tools. No complicated operation steps or jargon, all you have to do is just a few clicks. With such simple operations, why not give it a free try!

Free Download Free Download

How to Use HandBrake Alternative to Make up for the Deficiency of HandBrake Merge Videos

Before we start the process, just free downloadfree download Free HD Video Converter Factory and install it on our PC.

Fix HandBrake Merge Files Deficiency

Step 1. Import the Videos to the HandBrake Alternative to Merge Videos

First, launch the easy-to-use video joiner on your computer, then click “Add Files” to add your desired video clips to the program, or you can just drag and drop them to the main interface. Next, click Merge button in the bottom right corner. Compared with the way of HandBrake merge videos, Free HD Video Converter Factory is so much easier to operate.

Solve the HandBrake Join Files is Unfeasible Problem

Step 2. Select All the Video Clips on the Merge Window and Go on the Merge Videos Process

Press the [+] Merge on the merge window to create pack before selecting video clips, (you’re allowed to create pack 1, pack 2, pack 3……). Then drag and drop the video clips from the Original column to the new pack. Also, you can rearrange the video clips orders by dragging. At last, click OK button to continue. This is the best way to merge videos without quality loss. Obviously, it is simpler than the way of HandBrake combine files.

Combine MP4 Files HandBrake Alternative

Step 3. Start to Merge Video Clips

Now, you can see the merged video packs in the main interface. Although you can input video clips with different formats, you need to choose an output format for the merged videos. Hereto, you can click the Output Format window on the right of the main interface and select your wanted video format under the Video tab. Then, just click RUN button, your merged video will be automatically converted to the proper format.

Besides merging videos, Free HD Video Converter Factory is capable of merging audio files, splitting videos, trimming videos, etc.

Method 2. Fix HandBrake Merge Videos Issue Online

If you don’t want to install any application, there is another way you can choose to fix the HandBrake combine files is impracticable issue. You can select some online tools to help you. But usually, this kind of online video joiners have a size requirement. If the size of uploaded videos is too large, it will take you quite a few time to upload and download the videos. Here, we will take one of the online tools as an example and show you how to merge videos.

The Online Alternative of HandBrake Merge FilesThe Online Alternative of HandBrake Merge Files

Step 1. First, click the link to go to the website and begin to merge videos in order to fix the HandBrake merge videos is not workable issue:

Step 2. Click Choose Files button and upload the videos you want to merge.

The Online Alternative for HandBrake Join FilesThe Online Alternative for HandBrake Join Files

Step 3. After uploading all the video clips, you can rearrange them until they are in the desired order. Then, you can choose the output format and click Merge button to begin the process. Next, click Download button to save your files.

Do not trust any persuasive advertising or annoying pop-up windows, for your computer will have the risks of being infected by viruses.

Method 3. Free Video Editor to Merge Videos

Free Video Editor to Merge VideosFree Video Editor to Merge Videos

For the people who have some editing experience but prefer not to spend too much money and time on professional video editors, the entry-level free video editors can meet all the editing needs. And here, we will introduce to you one of the free video editors: OpenShot. It is an open-source video editor with so many features. If you want to merge videos with OpenShot, just drag the video clips to the video track and rearrange the order, then export the merged one directly if you have no other editing needs

Want to Convert Merged Videos to Other Formats? Try This Wonderful Free Video Converter

In addition to merging videos and audio, Free HD Video Converter Factory is well-known for its powerful converting function. It can convert videos and audio to over 300 formats and devices with the highest quality. Moreover, it provides a downloading function for us. We can easily free download lots of great videos and audio from 300+ main video websites. Just free download it and give it a trial.

Free Download Free Download

The Fastest Video Converter – Convert 4K & HD Videos with 50X Speed up

The Fastest Video  Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Are you worried about the low quality of the merged videos? Don’t worry. With HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can convert videos with no quality loss. Moreover, it’s not just a simple video/audio converter. It can help you to compress videos with original quality preserved, and also a good ringtone studio, converting any kind of audio format to the most compatible one.

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