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The Most Complete Tutorial about HandBrake VOB to MP4 Conversion

Author by Simon

June 19, 2018

Get Trouble in HandBrake VOB to MP4 Conversion? This article will give a complete guide for new users of HandBrake on how to use this software to do this job. Click here to learn more and have a try!

Get Trouble in HandBrake VOB to MP4 Conversion?

If you’ve downloaded some videos, movies, TV dramas, etc in .vob format from the Internet, in order to facilitate the convenient playback, you may want to convert VOB files to MP4, MKV and other common mainstream video formats. HandBrake should be a better choice as it is highly recommended as a free, open-source, cross-platform video transcoder. However, although HandBrake is very powerful, it is not friendly to newcomers because there are quite a bit of people not tech savvy enough for HandBrake VOB to MP4 processing. Therefore, I will show you--how to convert VOB to MP4, possible problems and the corresponding solutions when you convert VOB files by HandBrake.

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Using HandBrake to Convert VOB Files to MP4 in Two Cases

Generally speaking, there are two cases that people convert the VOB file. One is an individual VOB file, and the other is multiple .vob files along with .ifo and .bup files stored in the VIDEO_TS folder. The following tutorials demonstrate two solutions to the cases separately. But first, please make sure you have the latest version of HandBrake installed on your computer before HandBrake VOB to MP4 conversion, if not, please download it from official site:

Case 1 - Single VOB to MP4 HandBrake

HandBrake VOB filesHandBrake VOB files

Step1: Before VOB to MP4 HandBrake converting, please launch your HandBrake on computer. Click Open Source > File (Open a single video file) to import the VOB file you want to convert.

Step2: Click “Browse” at the bottom to set an output destination folder for your video file.

Step3: The acquiescent output format is MP4, you can also select MKV in the drop-down menu of “Format”.

Step4: Select any output preset in the drop-down list of “Presets” on the right, and press the blue icon “Start Encode” to start your HandBrake VOB to MP4 conversion.

Case 2 - Merge and Convert Multiple .vob Files in VIDEO_TS Folder

Convert Multiple .vob FilesConvert Multiple .vob Files

Step1: Launch HandBrake. Click Open Source > Folder (Batch Scan) to import VIDEO_TS folder.

Step2: HandBrake will scan all titles and you can also select the desired title in the drop-down list of “Title”.

Step3: Click “Browse” to set an output destination folder, choose MP4 or MKV format in the dop-list of “Format”.

Step4: Select any output preset on the right, and click “Start Encode” to combine VOB files HandBrake into one.

Recommended HandBrake Alternative to Fix Possible Problems Occurred During Conversion

Sometimes, you may inexplicably encounter some issues when you merge VOB files HandBrake like no valid source or titles found, HandBrake audio sync issue, HandBrake not working and more. To circumvent all HandBrake convert VOB to MP4 problems and help you complete the conversion task, here I highly recommend WonderFox DVD Video Converter which enables you to avoid all HandBrake VOB to MP4 problems. If you are interested in this VOB merger, you can download and have a try.

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