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Is Handbrake Safe or Not – How to Download and Use Handbrake in Safe Methods

Handbrake is a famous popular video conversion and DVD ripping freeware known for its high efficiency (fast speed and batch conversion) and open source. However, some people may be concerned whether it is safe or not to download Handbrake and whether a malware or virus exists within a downloading link while others may worry they will break laws when ripping a DVD. So this article is written to eliminate all of your concerns on handbrake safety issues which tells you how to download and how to use handbrake in a secure way.


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Updated on Feb 17, 2023

DVD Converter
A Safer and Better Alternative for Handbrake
This is a much more powerful DVD Ripper than Handbrake which has the ability to decode and decrypt any kinds of DVDs even they are heavily encrypted and no more "valid title" or similar stuffs come to bother you.
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Is Handbrake Safe as a Video Conversion and DVD Ripping Tool

About the Virus and Malware Issue

How to download Handbrake without virus

How to download Handbrake without virus

"If you downloaded the Handbrake between May 2 and May 6, you may have downloaded a version of the OSX.PROTON Trojan malware onto your system." This is what I see from a tech news website. It seems to scare quite a lot people when the message is released.

People have been always wondering whether the link is safe or if it contains any malware before they are going to download an application or Apps. Is Handbrake safe? Handbrake also suffers from such an awkward situation.

However, the truth is that Handbrake itself is absolutely safe with no harmful bundled programs as long as you download this software from HandBrake official link and if you cannot enter the official website for any reasons, remember to launch an anti-virus scan before your free download Handbrake in a reputable website.

Is Handbrake Legal or Not When Ripping DVDs

Is it legal to rip DVDs with a DVD ripper like Handbrake? The answer is, in fact, in most regions it is okay for you to copy DVDs for personal use. It literally depends on the way you use it. Transferring your favorite movies from a disk to your own portable devices like iPad and iPhone is reasonable. However, if you use it for commercial use such as piracy, I think you will fall into great trouble.

Easy to Learn How to Use Handbrake Software in 3 Steps

Use Handbrake to copy DVDs

Use Handbrake to copy DVDs

1. Download and launch Handbrake first. Click on "Tools" and preset the "preferences" where you will chose an output folder for the converted DVD files.

2. Click on "Open Source" and select the DVD disk to start analysis.

3. After it’s over, choose the main movie and start conversion.

However, Handbrake can only rip DVDs that are not encrypted and if you are copying a DVD with copyright protection like DRM and you may face such problem as "No valid source or titles found". In this circumstance, you must download a plugin named Libdvdcss. Here is a Libdbdcss guide you may need.

Best Handbrake Alternative

Handbrake is renowned conversion software worldwide but it only supports MKV, WEBM and MP4 as output options. So it is needed to find an alternative to Handbrake to convert your files to other formats.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter has a more powerful conversion ability than Handbrake while the most highlighted is that it offers more than 500 multiple formats, codecs and devices for you to choose from according to your own demands. Without downloading a third-party plugin, you can directly decode and copy any kinds of DVDs no matter they are Disney, Warner or Paramount. What’s more, WonderFox DVD Video Converter performs well as a DVD ripper to decrypt those that cannot be decoded by VLC.

Free download HandBrake alternative to copy your DVDs more safely.

3 Steps to Rip DVDs with WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Step 1

Download and launch WonderFox DVD Video Converter first and then preset an output folder at the bottom and click on "Load DVD" in the main interface to select the DVD you want to rip. Click on "Okay" to start analysis.

Load a DVD

Load a DVD

Step 2

In the course of the analysis the CSS and DRM will be removed. After that, you will see the main movie is automatically selected from a dozens of videos in the video_ts folder. The 99 titles of DVDs by Disney and Paramount can also be recognized by this program. Moreover you can remove subtitles if you just want to watch a movie with your native language.

Preset video parameters

Preset video parameters

Step 3

Press "Run" to start the ripping progress and after a short time you will find the output video file in the folder you preset before.

Start ripping process

Start ripping process

Now, please download the DVD Video Converter to complete your jobs.

Some More Distinctive Features

  • Downloading hot movies from main stream websites like YouTube and Facebook.
  • Editing your video files by trimming and adding various post effects.
  • Converting your videos to more than 500 formats and codecs.
  • Changing video formats to the ones compatible with popular devices like PS4 and Apple.
  • High video and audio compression ratio dramatically save devices' storage space.
  • Adding or removing subtitles in videos.
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Is Handbrake Safe or Not – How to Download and Use Handbrake in Safe Methods

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