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Troubleshooting on the Problem That HandBrake Not Working

Have you ever come across some HandBrake can’t work errors, for example, HandBrake crash, HandBrake won't work, HandBrake can’t rip DVD and so on. You are puzzled and want to figure out a solution to fix all these errors. This article will offer some pertinent suggestions for you.


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Some HandBrake Problems Always Show up When Using It

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

HandBrake, as a freeware, which has endeared itself to many users, converts videos and DVDs to other formats or devices. You would like to take it to transcode DVDs. However, sometimes things won’t go so smoothly as wish and you may meet the HandBrake won’t work problems, such as “a few titles that HandBrake won’t rip”, or “it starts, then stops after a second or two and says done”, or “HandBrake will rip the shorter titles, just not the main one” and other similar situations.

In consideration of that some of you do not intend to share but to view on other devices freely, ripping the DVDs will be the most convenient method. Henceforth, solving these nettlesome situations is highly necessary for you HandBrake users. So this article will provide some useful solutions to deal with these problems.

Solutions to Resolve HandBrake Not Working Issues

1. Please check the version of your HandBrake. If there’s an outdated HandBrake on your computer, you’ll get a great chance to meet the issues like HandBrake can’t rip DVD, HandBrake no valid source found. So just upgrade your HandBrake to the latest version. The current version of HandBrake is 1.0.7 and you can click the link here to download it.

Download the Latest HandBrake

Download the Latest HandBrake

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

2. If HandBrake crashed or stuck during the scan and although you select the longest title to rip, still get the wrong movie. This may result from that some DVDs use lots of bogus titles. To solve this, don’t take HandBrake to scan all the titles. You can optionally choose one specific title or more in the “source section”. Or you can take the “Preview” function to see if you have chosen the right one to rip.

3. Please be clear that HandBrake does not support to rip commercial DVDs and its developers have removed the libdvdcss (a necessity to rip protected DVDs) from the software in version 0.9.2. So you need to install handbrake libdvdcss to rip copy protected DVDs. Or you can download a DVD copier to save DVDs to computer.

4. Take HandBrake Alternative
If the above HandBrake troubleshooting still can’t resolve the HandBrake stopped working problem, you can try the best HandBrake alternative to ripping DVDs. Here I recommend you the totally free software – WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy to fix the HandBrake won’t rip DVD issue and it can perfectly rip any DVDs, no matter what kinds of encryption technology they have. With this freeware, you can easily copy the DVDs to your computer or directly convert them to your portable devices.

The Best HandBrake Alternative

The Best HandBrake Alternative

Preparation: Free Download this free ripper and take the following process to avoid the HandBrake problems you met before.

The Simplest DVD Ripping/Downloading Process via This Ripper

The Ripping Process

Add the target DVD disc/ ISO Image/ DVD Folder into the user interface to scan the content > When the scanning finishes, this ripper will automatically check the main movie among titles, you can choose the main movie (or other videos as you like) to rip > Then click the “Run” button to remove DVD copy protection, remove DVDs region code, or rip Disney movies. You can get your final digital videos in the output folder.

The Whole Ripping Process

The Whole Ripping Process

What’s more, you can also select your preferred audio track, add subtitle or remove subtitle, crop or cut DVD files, add special effect and so forth. Moreover, you can set the parameters freely if you like by clicking the “Settings” button, such as change resolution, change aspect ratio, change the frame rate and more.

Tips: Please be clear if it's legal to rip a DVD in your country. And you should take the ripped digital files only for personal use, not for commercial use!

Now, please download the Free DVD Ripper to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on WonderFox Free DVD Ripper (Speedy)

  • Remove otiose ads and intelligently grab main title or full titles
  • Rip different types of your purchased DVDs (Movie, TV show, Fitness DVD and more)
  • Fix your scratched DVDs
  • Reduce the output video size with no quality loss to free up your storage space
  • Provide smart fit for your output video
  • Backup a DVD to MPG video within 10 minutes
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