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Troubleshooting on the Problem That HandBrake Not Working

Have you ever come across some HandBrake problems, like HandBrake won’t open, HandBrake crash, HandBrake won't work, HandBrake can’t rip DVD, etc.? Well, you are not the only one facing such problems. But don’t worry. Here we provide some practical solutions to help you fix these ‘HandBrake not working’ errors. Read on!

Tips. When your HandBrake won't open or won't work, you can try the best HandBrake Alternative: It is easy to use and performs the video conversion as well as DVD ripping process efficiently. Just get it here and read on to see the tutorial.



Some HandBrake Problems Always Show up When Using It

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

HandBrake has endeared itself to many users for its powerful video conversion function. People are used to taking it to convert videos and rip DVDs. However, sometimes things won’t go so smoothly as wish and you may meet the HandBrake won’t work problems, such as ‘HandBrake won’t open’ or ‘HandBrake not responding.’ When you use it to rip DVDs, it might go ‘a few titles that HandBrake won’t rip,’ ‘it starts, then stops after a second or two and says done’ or ‘HandBrake will rip the shorter titles, just not the main one’ …

I bet you are here for the remedies, right? Well, take a look at the five solutions we offered in the next part. But note that the causes of these errors could be very complex, and the fixes below won’t guarantee 100% success. If all you want is a simple and fast video conversion and/or DVD ripping, using a HandBrake alternative like WonderFox DVD Video Converter might be the easier solution.

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Solutions to Resolve HandBrake Not Working Issues

1. Update HandBrake

For all HandBrake problems, one effective way to fix them is to update HandBrake to the latest version as each update is to fix some bugs. You can open your HandBrake and go to Help > Check for Updates > Download Update. Or you can go to the official site and download the latest HandBrake from there.

Download the Latest HandBrake

Download the Latest HandBrake

HandBrake Won’t Open

HandBrake Won’t Open

2. HandBrake won’t open? This might occur if you didn’t install the .NET framework. You can get the latest .NET from

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

Sometimes HandBrake Won’t Work

3. If HandBrake crashed or stuck during the scan, or you select the longest title to rip but get the wrong movie, it might be that the DVD uses lots of bogus titles. To solve this, don’t take HandBrake to scan all the titles. You can optionally choose one specific title or more in the “source section”. Or you can take the “Preview” function to see if you have chosen the right one to rip.

4. Install HandBrake Libdvdcss/Try a professional DVD copier

HandBrake no valid source found or HandBrake DVD rip scrambled? This kind of error happens often due to that HandBrake does not support to rip commercial DVDs. Its developers have removed the libdvdcss (a necessity to rip protected DVDs) from the software since version 0.9.2. One way to fix it is to install handbrake libdvdcss to rip copy protected DVDs. But the better way is to use a professional DVD copier to copy DVDs.

5. Refresh HandBrake

Some HandBrake Configuration data files and preset files are automatically saved while running the application. They could be corrupted or broken, leading the HandBrake to fail. To resolve the issue, you must erase them and start using HandBrake from fresh. You will lose any presets you previously stored using this way. Navigate to the following locations on your computer and delete the contents of the folders. Replace your username with your PC's username.

6. Try HandBrake alternative

HandBrake Won’t Rip DVD? Take HandBrake Alternative
If the above HandBrake troubleshooting still can’t resolve the HandBrake stopped working problem, you can try the best HandBrake alternative to rip DVDs. Here I recommend you the professional video conversion software – WonderFox DVD Video Converter. It is very much like HandBrake that it takes DVD and other digital video formats as input and then output them to popular formats. But it offers more advanced functions than HandBrake, allowing users to rip protected DVDs, convert video/audio to a wide range of formats and devices, download online movies and music, edit and compress large files, and more. It is compatible with all Windows systems. And it is very easy to use as well. The next part gives you a brief tutorial on how to use the software.

The Best HandBrake Alternative

The Best HandBrake Alternative

Free download WonderFox DVD Video Converter and follow the instructions to know more about this software.

One-stop Solution to All Video and DVD Conversion Problems

Step 1. Add the Source

Open the software and choose "Add Files" or "Load DVD" to add source file into the program interface. If you added a DVD source, you can see that the main title is automatically marked by the program after loading.

Step 2. Choose Format

Click the right-side format image and select your preferred format from the profile library. For example, you can choose MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. under the Video tab.

Step 3. Start Processing

Click the bottom three-dot to set an output folder. Finally, hit Run to start the conversion process.

The Whole Ripping Process

The Whole Ripping Process

Tips. WonderFox DVD Video Converter will intelligently remove DVD copy protection like DVD region code. Before ripping, you are allowed to select preferred audio or subtitle tracks as well. Moreover, you can set the parameters freely if you like by clicking the “Settings” button, such as change resolution, change aspect ratio, change the frame rate and more.

Note: Please be clear if it's legal to rip a DVD in your country. And you should take the ripped digital files only for personal use, not for commercial use!

Now, please download the DVD Video Converter to complete your jobs.

More Special Features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

  • 1. Bypass all encryptions to convert DVD to MP4, MKV and more;
  • 2. Convert videos to 500+ formats and hot devices;
  • 3. Compress video to smaller size with high quality kept;
  • 4. Advanced video enhancement tech - SD to HD, 4K, etc.;
  • 5. Download YouTube videos and music to MP4, MP3…
The best HandBrake alternative to backup commercial DVDs.

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