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How to Resolve HandBrake Video to AVI and DVD to AVI Problem Effortlessly

Author by Helen

Updated on Jan 28, 2021

Find HandBrake no AVI output option when you have to convert videos to AVI? Take it easy, this tutorial will give you the detailed guide on HandBrake AVI issue and show you how to make HandBrake convert MP4 to AVI and transcode DVD to AVI.

Unable to Take HandBrake Convert to AVI Directly Now? Fixed!

As a free and open-source converter, HandBrake can transcode videos and DVDs to digital files handily. Recently you may find that you can’t convert MP4 to AVI HandBrake and there are only two output options left: MP4 and MKV, not like before. That comes naturally since this freeware keeps updating all the time and the developer has removed AVI format from its output options since 0.9.3 version of HandBrake. Well, can we convert videos using HandBrake to AVI? Is there a way to enable HandBrake AVI output for your version?

The answers are negative, to convert video to AVI HandBrake straightforwardly, download and reinstall the Handbrake 0.9.3 version (or some previous versions) is the only solution.

Tips: If you insist on using the latest HandBrake yet still want to transcode video to AVI, here’s a good helper - A highly rated and well-received HandBrake alternative, HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This program supports the main video encoders of AVI format: H264, XviD, and DivX. If you have the special AVI encoder need like your device only supports XviD, you can change the encoder via HD Pro. (Pay attention that with the same video file size, the video quality of H264 > XviD > DivX and you can change the AVI encoder according to this order.) Free downloadFree download it here to help you fix HandBrake AVI output problem. And in the following part, I will tell you how to use HandBrake to convert DVD/video to AVI using the version of HandBrake 0.9.3.

Attention: To get AVI files on HandBrake, some tutorials recommend you to change the video extension from .mp4 to .avi directly. It’s not a right move since every video format has its own particular attributes and parameters. Although it’s possible that you can play the changed videos on Windows, it’s because the media player “smartly” read the file as MP4 video, not AVI file.

Part 1: How to Convert HandBrake MP4 to AVI on Windows PC without Hassle

Import Video and Set Output Destination

Step 1: Import Video to HandBrake

To deal with HandBrake MP4 to AVI conversion, launch the HandBrake 0.9.3 version. Click “Source” icon in the upper-left part of the interface, then choose “Video File” to load your MP4 videos. And if you want to deal with HandBrake MKV to AVI conversion, you just need to load MKV files here.

Step 2: Set Output Destination

Press the “Browse” button to set your AVI video output destination.

Choose AVI as Output Format and Convert HandBrake MP4 to AVI

Steps 3: Choose AVI as the Output Format

On the “Output Settings”, choose AVI File as the output format.

Optional: You can change the “Preset” on the right part of the program interface. By default, handbrake choose [Normal] as the preset, you can change it to Classic, High Profile, Game Console and more according to your needs.

Step 4: Start to Convert MP4 to AVI HandBrake Now

Click the green button on the menu bar to get HandBrake AVI file. Tips: To convert MKV to AVI HandBrake, just follow the above whole process likewise.

Part 2: How to Resolve HandBrake DVD to AVI Issue Effortlessly

Load DVD to HandBrake

Step 1: Load Your DVD Content to HandBrake

Insert the target DVD disc to your DVD-ROM. Operate HandBrake 0.9.3 and press the [Source] button to choose your DVD source. HandBrake will take up some time to read the source, you need to be patient. By the way, you can load Video_TS Folder here.

Attention: Sometimes you may meet Handbrake no valid source found, or HandBrake not working problem. Since HandBrake will not rip protected DVDs by default, you can try to install libdvdcss to fix the problems.

Select DVD Title and Output Folder

Step 2: Choose DVD Title and Set Output Folder

Head to the Title drop-down menu to select the source you want to convert to AVI. Generally speaking, the longest one is the main movie. But if this is a TV show, choose the 22 or 44 minute one. Still, you need to rip the title separately.

After that, click the [Browse] button to customize the output destination of the final videos.

Take HandBrake Convert DVD to AVI Problem Now

Step 3: Select AVI as the Output Format

Move up to the [Output Settings] section and set AVI as the output format.

Step 4: Now Convert DVD to AVI HandBrake

Press the green button that tagged with “Start” to deal with HandBrake DVD to AVI transcoding now.

Extended Knowledge of AVI, MP4, MKV, and DVD

Category Video File Video File

Video File

Digital Optical Disc Storage Format

Proprietor/developer Microsoft Moving Picture Experts Group CoreCodec, Inc. Philips, Sony
Video encoder H264, XviD, and DivX H264, MPEG4 H264, AVC1 H.262, MPEG-2, MPEG-1
Audio encoder MP3 MP3, AAC,AC3,DTS Almost all the portable devices Almost all the portable devices
Can Be Played on Usually playable on Windows-based media players Almost all the media players Playable on almost all the major media players DVD-ROM Drive or DVD player is necessary

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