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How to Get a FLAC Converter to Enjoy Better Music?
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How to Convert Video & Audio to FLAC with Free FLAC Converter

Author by Hales

Updated on July 7, 2020

FLAC is a well-known lossless compressed audio encoding format, but because the FLAC sound quality is higher than MP3, more people who want to convert audio files to FLAC to enjoy better listening results. Fortunately, if you like to pursue better music enjoyment, we recommend that you free download the better free FLAC converter.

FLAC, free lossless audio codec, is a free and open source standard for storing audio files. It is very popular because of a lossless file encoding format within it. If users store audio as FLAC files, they can preserve the sound quality better than more "lossy" music standards formats including MP3, AAC, AC3, etc. However, FLAC, which also has a feature that the file is a bit large, sometimes may occupy some device space. For this reason, some users are accustomed to converting FLAC into MP3 or other audio formats. But the sound quality of FLAC is quite good, which can satisfy the user's quality of music requirements. Therefore, I will recommend to convert audio files into high quality with the largest FLAC files to enjoy better music quality.

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How to Make Nice Audio from FLAC Audio Converter?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a multifunctional audio and video converter that allows you to convert YouTube to FLAC and convert FLAC to WAV or to other formats. There are a lot of tutorials on FLAC on the web, but most of them are converting FLAC to other formats such as convert music to MP3, so this article will deliver you two super useful FLAC format conversion tutorials. Let's learn the tutorial of how to use FLAC converter to convert audio to FLAC files.

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Method 1: Get Better Quality Audio by FLAC File Converter

Add File to Convert

Before start, please free download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import Video or Audio Files

At first, you need to launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your computer, enter "Converter", click the "Add Files" button on the top to add the files or drag the video and audio files directly. Here you need to note that you can add video or audio files directly when adding files, this tutorial will take a video and an audio files as an example. If you input a video file, the output format is directly converted to FLAC audio, and the input audio file is directly converted to the FLAC audio file you need.

Get Free FLAC Converter

Step 2. Change the Output Format

After the file is added successfully, you need to turn to the "Output Format" on the right, then find "Audio" in the Format option in the new box, and finally select the FLAC file format you need according to the provided audio format. We also provide many other formats here, such as converting FLAC to MP3 / WAV, etc. You can choose as your own wishes and preferences. For example, users may gain more amazing .mp3 files using the best FLAC to MP3 converter free.

Get FLAC Converter to Convert Audio

Step 3. Choose the Output Folder and Save Audio Files

In this step, click the small triangle button on the bottom to set the storage location of the audio. It should be noted that in order to make it easier for you to find the new file after conversion, please rename a new file before conversion. Then you can click the “Run” button at the bottom right to finish the conversion process and you will get the perfect FLAC audio you need.

Method 2: The FLAC Audio Converter Online for a Great Audio File

FLAC Converter OnlineFLAC Converter Online

Before start, please visit the website:

Step 1. Add the audio file to the interface and choose the output format (FLAC).

Select "Convert Audio Files" to add the files you need to convert. Here you need to prepare the audio files that need to be converted to FLAC format in advance.

Step 2. Select the Output File Format

Go to the "Convert to" on the right, select FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) directly. In the last step, just click Convert below to start the conversion process. The formats supported by this online FLAC format converter is also below, which, generally speaking, is less and the conversion speed will be a bit long, you need to wait patiently.

At last

The two FLAC format converters described above can better help you solve FLAC file playback problems, and can help you enjoy the lossless quality music experience, and we hope that you will benefit a lot.

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