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Recommended ALAC Converter | How to Convert Lossless Audio to ALAC & ALAC to MP3, etc.

Author by Charlotte

Update on March 20, 2020

ALAC is known as AppleLossless Audio Codec, which is usually stored within an MP4 container with an extension of .m4a. However, ALAC is equipped with relatively poor compatibility and may take up more storage space than lossy formats. Therefore, an efficient ALAC converter is indispensable to achieve the conversion of lossless audio format to ALAC or ALAC to MP3 or other lossy formats. The recommended Apple lossless converter can be download here:

Part 1. What is ALAC Format

ALAC, known as Apple Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio lossless compression format developed by Apple Inc. and always stored in the audio-only container M4A. Apple Lossless M4A always keeps the original quality of audio source but with huger size than common lossy audio formats like MP3. Due to its characteristics, ALAC M4A files may be less compatible with hardware and software on other platforms and devices. And it will occupy more storage space than other lossy formats. That’s why we always need a powerful ALAC converter in our daily life so that we can convert other lossless audio to ALAC, such as, convert FLAC to ALAC, or convert ALAC to WMA, MP3 for reducing audio file size.

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Part 2. Convert ALAC Files with the Recommended Apple Lossless Converter

Whether you want to convert ALAC to some other lossy audio formats for compressing audio size or convert similar lossless formats such as FLAC, WAV, APE, etc. to ALAC, both requirements can be solved efficiently with the recommended Apple Lossless Converter – HD Video Converter Factory Pro, powerful software which supports to convert audio to over 300 + formats. Most importantly, you will be amazed at the fast conversion speed. Download it to start your work!

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Part 3. How to Convert Other Lossless Audio File to ALAC M4A

The phenomenon of quality loss doesn’t occur during the conversion between lossless audio formats. Therefore, you can bravely convert your lossless formats (WAV, FLAC, APE, etc.) to Apple Lossless M4A files.

Tips: Based on its name, we know that the quality of lossy audio formats has already lost. Therefore, it is totally meaningless to convert lossy audio formats such as WMA to lossless audio formats.

best apple lossless converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step1: Import Your Lossless Audio Files (APE, FLAC, etc.)

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, enter the Converter section. You can directly select and drag your various lossless audio files into the software window or click “Add Files” > “Add Audios” on the top side of the software to import your files.

Step2: Select “ALAC” Profile Under “Audio” Tab

After having imported your lossless audios, next comes the format-selection step. Pressing “Output format” on the right side of the software, choose “ALAC” profile under “Audio” tab.

Step3: Start Your Conversion Work

You can see a “File” icon at the bottom of the software, click it to choose the output destination of the converted ALAC. And finally click “Run” to start the conversion work.

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You are able to cut and trim your audios by clicking “Scissor” icon on the imported audio file. Then, drag the sliders on both right and left sides to keep your desired audio part.

Part 4. How to Convert ALAC to Lossy Audio Format for Smaller Size and Free Usage

If you desired to convert your ALAC to WMA, MP3 or other lossy audio formats to save storage space, burn MP3 CD, or any other purpose, here will show you how to convert ALAC to MP3…

recommended apple lossless audio

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step1: Load Your ALAC File

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, find your ALAC files on your hard drive, then drag and drop your ALAC files to the program in batches.

Step2: Select the Output Format

Open the output format list by clicking “Output Format” on the right side, choose MP3, WMA, or other lossy audio formats as the target output format.

Step3: Choose the Output Directory and Click “Run”

Choose the output directory of the converted file and click “Run” button to start converting ALAC to lossy audio formats.

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Tips: You can increase volumes, change Sample Rate by clicking “Settings” button on the lower right side of the software. You are also able to merge audios, make a ringtone, normalize audio level, etc.

More Key Features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Supports to batch convert videos/audios to 300+ formats and devices

Enables to extract audio from video, such as WAV to ALAC

Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion…

Compress, trim, cut and edit audio & video

Easy to operate with clear operating interface

Whether to convert lossless audio format to ALAC or convert ALAC files to lossy audio formats for reducing audio size or seeking better compatibility, I believe that this efficient ALAC converter can help you easily deal with such demands. Download the recommended ALAC M4A converter for firsthand experience.

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