How to Convert FLAC to AAC Easily on PC?

“Can I convert my audio from .flac to .aac? If can, what is the best program and how to convert FLAC to AAC on Windows?” Many people have the same conversion demand for different reasons. Fortunately, the answer to this question is positive. We can convert FLAC files to AAC format with the right audio converter – HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s able to convert FLAC to AAC and other audio files while keeping good quality. Install it here and follow the guide below:

Vita Vita | Updated on Aug 30, 2023

Part 1. What's the Best FLAC to ACC Audio Converter?

Part 2. How to Convert FLAC File to AAC Online?

Part 3. Can iTunes Convert FLAC to AAC?

Extended Reading: What’s the Difference between FLAC and AAC

Part 1. Best FLAC to AAC Audio Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best FLAC to AAC converters for Windows PCs. It can help you convert the lossless FLAC to lossy AAC with minimum quality loss and reduce the file size for more storage space on your device. Besides, this converter provides flexible options for advanced parameter settings so you can easily change the audio bitrate, channels, sample rate, and adjust volume based on your needs. It also features a fast downloader, enabling you to download music, songs, albums, etc. from websites directly by copying and pasting the URL.

Next, I’ll show you how to change FLAC to AAC with HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Please free downloadfree download and install it on your PC to get ready.

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Step 1. Import FLAC Files

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and select Converter on the startup page. Then click Add Files, choose the FLAC files you want to convert and click Open. Or you can drag and drop multiple files into the software for batch conversion.

Add FLAC Files

Step 2. Choose AAC as Output Format

Open the output profile list by clicking the format image on the right side. Go ahead to the Audio tab and select AAC.

As shown in the image, you can also convert FLAC to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, and other audio formats. And if you want to change the output audio settings, click the “Parameter settings” button under the format image.

Pick AAC as Target Format

Step 3. Start the Conversion

Click the inverted triangle button at the bottom to set an output folder or leave it as default. Then press Run to export the final files. It will take a few seconds to complete the process. When you’re done, you can check the converted files in the new pop-up window.

Export AAC Files

FLAC to AAC in High Quality

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful audio converter that can help you convert FLAC files to AAC format quickly while keeping good quality. It offers a brief interface and hassle-free buttons to convert files in the handiest way.

Part 2. Convert FLAC File to AAC Online

Online converters work well when dealing with small files. Here are several reliable online FLAC to AAC converters for you:

Online converting services always have similar features. They allow you to import source files from your local folder, Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox, or by URLs. A wide range of output formats are supported. There are also straightforward options for audio cutting and parameter settings. What you need to notice are the source file size and Internet condition. You’re unable to convert large files online. Anyway, you don’t need to install any software using online converters. And the process is simple and fast.

FLAC to AAC Converter Online

Part 3. Can iTunes Convert FLAC to AAC?

According to iTunes official, iTunes 10.7 and 11.0 has the feature to convert some audio formats. But it doesn’t support FLAC, because Apple has its own lossless audio format – ALAC. So iTunes can’t convert FLAC into AAC directly. If you have the need to convert M4A, ALAC, or other formats developed by Apple, iTunes is a workable way.

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iTunes Conversion

Extended: FLAC vs AAC. What’s the Difference?

FLAC, short for the Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an uncompressed audio format. It compresses audio files without losing the original data or quality, so files of this type always take up a lot of storage space in large sizes. But FLAC is believed to be the preferred format when downloading and storing hi-res albums.

AAC, also known as Advanced Audio Coding, is a lossy audio compression standard. It’s usually used to download music in iTunes and other Apple applications. However, some audio information will be sacrificed during the transferring process. Therefore, compared with the lossy AAC, FLAC has better quality but AAC requires less storage space on devices.

At Last...

That’s all I want to share with you about how to convert FLAC files to AAC easily on PC. Hopefully, this article could be helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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