How to Install and Setup Aeon MQ 9 Skin on Kodi

Aeon MQ 9 is a fast and smooth Kodi skin that every Kodi users, especially beginners should give a try. On this page, you'll learn from the step-by-step guide on how to install Aeon MQ 9 addon on Kodi.

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Oswald Oswald | Updated on June 30, 2023

1. What is Aeon MQ 9 Kodi Skin

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2. How to Install Aeon MQ 9 Skin on Kodi

3. How to Setup Aeon MQ 9 Kodi Skin

1. What is Aeon MQ 9 Kodi Skin

Aeon MQ 9 Kodi Skin

Aeon MQ 9 is a simple structured Kodi skin that provides simplicity and better interaction between horizontal and vertical modes. It doesn't have too many widgets, but they sure are practical and navigable. Aeon MQ 9 presents dark color scheme, fluid transition, horizontal home items and dynamic and lustrous spotlight screens for browsing enjoyment. And many appearance adjustments are provided in the skin settings for you to fine-tune the skin to your preference.

Moreover, Aeon MQ 9 comes with ready-made artworks and can come right into use upon installation, without the need of configuration, making it extremely friendly to new Kodi users.

Aeon MQ 9 is a lightweight Kodi skins that run smooth on low-powered devices, so if your Kodi is powered by a Mi box, Fire Stick or Windows PC, you can definitely give it a go.

It's worth mentioning that Aeon MQ 9 is developed to serve for legal content, like your own movies and TV shows library. If you haven't import your movie and TV shows collection to Kodi or don't know how to do so, you can learn from our guide on how to add local library to Kodi.

• With its ease of use and refined interface and artwork, Aeon MQ 9 won a place on WonderFox Best Kodi Skins. That's the list where you can find more best Kodi skin choices.

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    2. Step-by-step Guide on How to Install Aeon MQ 9 Skin on Kodi

    • For new users, install Kodi on your device to get started. Installation guide: Windows | Fire TV Stick | Android Phone | Android Box

    • Aeon MQ 9 is a Kodi Leia skin. Please make sure you've updated Kodi to the latest stable release version to avoid potential skin issues like 'The dependency on version could not be satisfied'. Learn how to update Kodi on: Windows | Fire Stick

    • Aeon MQ 9 is available and recommended to install from the official Kodi addon repository.

    Hit the cog icon

    Step 1. Launch Kodi, click the cog icon from the upper-left quadrant of home screen.

    Click Interface

    Step 2. Click Interface section.

    Click Skin

    Step 3. Highlight the Skin tab, and click Skin on the right side.

    Click Get more

    Step 4. From the pop-up dialog, click Get more button.

    Select Aeon MQ 9

    Step 5. Scroll down and select Aeon MQ 9. Then wait for the addon to be downloaded and installed.

    Aeon MQ 9 skin installed

    Step 6. Once the skin is installed, your Kodi will switch to Aeon MQ 9 skin, with a message pops up from the screen top asking whether you like to keep the change, select Yes.

    Kodi on Aeon MQ 9 skin

    Step 7. Wait for Aeon MQ 9 to load up. That's it! Now you're in Aeon MQ 9 Kodi skin, later you can always switch back to default Estuary skin from Settings > Appearance > Skin tab > Skin > Estuary.

    We suggest that users disable auto-update feature of the skin. To update skin in the future, switch your Kodi to default Estuary skin, update Aeon MQ 9, and then restart Kodi and switch it to Aeon MQ 9 skin. That helps to avoid Aeon MQ 9 black screen and freezing/stuck loading screen issue.

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    3. How to Setup Aeon MQ 9 Kodi Skin

    As mentioned, Aeon MQ 9 is a simple Kodi skin that doesn't include many complicated widgets customization. However, Aeon MQ 9 does offer some configurations for users to modify how the content displays on Aeon MQ 9.

    To do so, additional addons will be required to install, please heed the notification messages pop up from the top of the screen.

    Go to Settings > Skin Settings. As you can see, options are provided for you to set main menu items/widgets display mode, media case style, collection view type, stars, colours, theme, icons and images, addons, disc and more to your preference.

    While you're modifying, preview will be shown from the lower-right quadrant to help you tell whether you've reached the satisfying result.


    Aeon MQ 9 helps to change the your Kodi's look and feel and experience of navigating through it in an easy way. If you're not too familiar with Kodi skins widgets configuration but looking for a plan to change your Kodi appearance, Aeon MQ 9 is one of your top picks. Follow the tutorial now to have a try on your own!

    Once you're on a preferred skin, now it's time for media! And you probably need some decent addons for this. Please take a look at our lists for the best installations choices:

    Best Kodi Addons | Best Kodi Repositories

    Additionally, if you have questions or better ideas on installing or using Aeon MQ 9, feel free to reach me from the top of the page.

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