[WebM to FLAC] How to Batch Convert WebM Files to FLAC Easily?

Updated on Jul 5, 2022
  • Free downloadFree download the efficient WebM to FLAC converter on PC.
  • Step 1. Import all WebM video files.
  • Step 2. Select "FLAC" profile as output format.
  • Step 3. Press "Run" button to convert WebM to FLAC in batches.
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Simply Convert WebM Files to FLAC in 3 Steps
Step 1 - Import Multiple WebM Files
Step 2 - Select FLAC as Output Format
Optional - Personalize Parameters & Editing
Step 3 - Convert WebM to FLAC in Batches

I bet many people have already known that WebM is an open and royalty-free video wrapper born for the web, and it has been widely adopted and deployed by the Big Brother YouTube and other video sharing websites. That's the reason why most downloaded videos and audio-only files from web are always saved in .webm format.

As a WebM file typically stores the Vorbis or Opus audio stream, quite a few people wonder whether it's possible to convert either audio-only WebM files to FLAC or extract FLAC audio from WebM videos. To this end, I'll share with you a multi-functional yet easy-to-use WebM to FLAC converter to satisfy both of the cases and complete the job with high efficiency.

Simply Convert WebM Files to FLAC in 3 Steps

HD Video Converter Factory Pro may seem strange to you, but it's virtually a versatile video/audio processing toolkit that is fully adequate for batch WebM to FLAC conversion. Better yet, you don't have to get entangled in those indigestible WebM to FLAC FFmpeg codes, without using your keyboard, the entire workflow will be finished in a few mouse-clicks, which is particularly well-suited to those people who are horrible with tech.

Free downloadFree download this smart utility and I'll guide you through the WebM FLAC conversion in 3 steps.

Convert WebM to FLAC Readily

HD Video Converter Factory Pro ships with the batch processing mode that makes the conversion from WebM to FLAC more efficient. It's really a great time-saver to simultaneously convert multiple WebM video files to FLAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, etc. Download this hassle-free tool and try it out yourself.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Step 1 - Import Multiple WebM Files

Install and launchInstall and launch HD Video Converter Factory, first of all, open "Converter" module. Press "Add Files" or "Add Video Folder" button to locate the folder where your WebM files are saved, and load all of them. Alternatively, just drag and drop all WebM files into the blank space. Depending on the file size and amount, all files will be listed in the workplace successively after a few seconds.

Tips: In addition to "Converter", 4 additional modules are also available and offer you other practical features: "Downloader", "Recorder", "GIF Maker" and "Toolbox". Dig deep into more surprises.

Step 2 - Select FLAC as Output Format

Navigate to the right side of the program, simply press the Format Profile to open the whole list of 500+ predefined presets, which are well-arranged in two major groups: Formats and Devices. To convert WebM to FLAC, head over to "Audio" category and therein lies a "FLAC" profile. Simply click it without extra settings. Similarly, you're also able to convert WebM to M4A, MP3, WAV, Ogg, etc, and even video and device-compatible formats.

Optional - Personalize Parameters & Editing

As a novice user, just jump straight to Step 3. For seasoned users, you're allowed to open "Parameter settings" window and modify detailed parameters. Here you can change audio bitrate, sample rate, encoder, channel mode, decrease/increase audio volume. Click OK to save the changes. Incidentally, this program also features some basic editing tools that enable you to cut, trim, split audio and merge audio files with great ease.

Step 3 - Convert WebM to FLAC in Batches

All set? Designate an output folder on the bottom to save converted FLAC files. At last, hit the big blue "Run" button to convert WebM files to FLAC in batch mode.

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Apart from WebM to FLAC Conversion, It Can...
  • Convert WebM files to FLAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, M4A, etc. in bulk.
  • Download music/song/album/mixtape/audiobook from 1000+ sites.
  • Record live music streams, concerts, opera, ASMR, gameplay, etc.
  • Compress large-sized audio files with minimal quality loss.
  • Trim, split, merge audio files without difficulty.
  • Modify audio parameters in an intuitive and handy way.
  • Make unique ringtones, extract audio tracks from video.
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Download for Free
Download for Free

Final Words...

That's all about how to convert WebM files to FLAC in batches. As you can see, WebM to FLAC conversion is not a hot potato as you might expect. The desktop application definitely makes the conversion more reliable, robust and efficient, right?

Free downloadFree download this amazing application and explore more practical features.

Hopefully, this post would shed some light and is of great help to you. Thanks for reading!

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