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[SUB to SRT] – Free Convert .sub Files to .srt with Two Simple Methods
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[SUB to SRT] – Free Convert .sub Files to .srt with Two Simple Methods

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 3, 2023

SUB subtitle files, with .sub as the file extension, are image-based subtitles ripped from DVD/Blu-ray discs and are not perfectly supported on certain devices, which might bring about display issues during playback. For proper viewing, it wouldn't be necessary to ditch the current useless SUB files you're holding and look for SRT subtitles online, we can manage to convert SUB to SRT so that the new output subtitles will be perfectly recognized. The only problem ahead is how. There're two methods provided below, and they are all free and quite simple, keep reading to learn more.

Part 1. How to Convert SUB Files to SRT with Subtitle Edit

Yes, I figure you've already tried some subtitle makers/converters but some of them just can't process SUB subtitles nicely whatsoever like how they deal with other subtitles. According to my test result, for image-to-txt subtitle conversion, OCR is the most reliable process (Optical Character Recognition, the process of capturing characters from bitmap and export it as plain text).

Let's skip the jargon… The recommended tool here is Subtitle Edit. This SUB to SRT converter is clean, small, easy-to-use, open-source and practical. Now I'd like to show you how to use it.

Convert .sub to .srt in Subtitle EditConvert .sub to .srt in Subtitle Edit

Step 1. Download the latest version of Subtitle Edit from Then install it on your PC and Launch it.

Step 2. Locate the "File" tab at the upper-left side of the interface and select "Open VobSub(sub/idx)" to import SUB subtitles.

Convert SUB File to SRT Using OCRConvert SUB File to SRT Using OCR

Step 3. Click the "Start OCR" button to begin the OCR process, the program will automatically transcribe the image subtitles to text. If there's an incorrect transcription, you can manually modify it at the blank box on the left side anytime. When it's all set, hit "OK".

Export when SUB SRT Conversion is DoneExport when SUB SRT Conversion is Done

Step 4. Now you are back to the main workplace. Locate the "Format" option from the upper-right side, set it as "SubRip(.srt)", then customize the subtitle encoding if needed. At last, go to the "File" tab again and select "Save as", define the output file name and save the file.

Now you have the pure text subtitle SRT files at hand, they have good compatibility and are well-supported by most devices. Adopt it to your movie and see if it works, I believe there won't be further playback issue this time.

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Part 2. How to Convert SUB to SRT Online Free

Perhaps some of you guys prefer online methods, well, there is one. Note that online subtitle converters may not perform the job as well as you expect, but they are a good support to turn to if you are trying to convert some small subtitle files in good network condition. The recommended online SUB SRT converter is SubtitleTools, an online service that helps you transcribe captions of many kinds. It's probably the most stable one among all, with acceptable conversion speed.

Convert SUB Subtitle to SRT Online Convert SUB Subtitle to SRT Online

Step 1. Navigate to Subtitle Tools:

Step 2. Import .sub file, .srt file, .ifo file (optional) as instructed. Hit "Convert to SRT" after uploading to convert SUBs to SRT, and that's all. The process could take quite some time, and if the website is busy, your file will be queued.

Part 3. Additional Reading: How to Add Subtitles to Video (Free)

How to Add Subtitles to Videos with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Add Videos to the Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Import Videos You Intend to Add Subtitles

Install and launch WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. Then open the Converter module and click the "Add Files" button on the upper-left and choose the video(s) you want to add subtitles to. Define the output path at the "Output Folder" box below. Notice the program add subtitles by hardcoding, thus it's irreversible that the hardcoded subtitles can't be removed. So, backup the movie if needed.

Add SRT to Videos

Step 2. Add Subtitles to Videos

Click on the "T" icon and select the needed subtitle track. Or click "Add subtitle" to load external subtitle files(SRT or ASS). If needed, go to the right side of the interface to convert video format. For instance, your video is MKV format, you can convert it to MP4 for better compatibility as MP4 is the indurstry standard. When ready, hit "Run" to start the process.

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At last...

It would be great if you find these free gifts handy and helpful as I do. Hope you can enjoy your movies with brand new perfect subtitles after reading. Further questions? Feel free to reach me by clicking my avatar.

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