How to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay on PC?

This article aims to teach how to record World of Warcraft gameplay without lagging. Quickly install the best game recording software on your PC and jump into the simple steps below:

Vita Vita | Feb 23, 2023

Can You Record World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-play game released by Blizzard. Many players record the game clips when exploring the landscape, fighting monsters, or interacting with NPCs or other players. Do you want to record yourself playing WoW and share your gaming experience on social media? The following article introduces excellent game recording software and shows how to record World of Warcraft gameplay on a PC. Just keep reading.

WoW Screen Recorder (HD)

HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers an easy way to record WoW, LoL, GTA, PUBG, and any other gameplay on a PC. It records videos in high quality, with small file size, and without lag, watermark, or time limit. Try it now!

How to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay on PC?

There are a lot of gameplay recorders on the market. Instead of free online recording tools or Windows built-in Xbox Game Bar, I recommend you use the simple HD screen recorder – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Besides being a powerful video converter, this software allows you to capture everything on the screen, such as gameplay, live stream, video chat, video conference, etc. It can also record audio from your computer and microphone at the same time. Various output video formats and frame rates are available, so you can easily record WoW gameplay at 60 FPS and export the recordings as high-quality MP4 files.

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How to Record World of Warcraft [No Lag/Time Limit]

Step 1. Select Recording Area

Enter the World of Warcraft gameplay for preparation. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro after you install it on your PC. Click Recorder and choose the game recording mode by hitting the gamepad icon. Then click the second option and press OK to record full screen.

If you want to record only part of the screen, click the first option and adjust the recording area by dragging the cursors.

Choose Recording Area

Step 2. Customize Recording Settings

In the game recording mode, videos will be recorded at 60 FPS by default. And you can choose an output format and quality based on your preference. In most cases, MP4/High Quality is recommended.

To record the background sound in the game or your voice from your mic, check the audio source from the Desktop, Microphone, or both simultaneously. If you don’t want to capture any sound, uncheck the two audio options.

Then, click the bottom triangle button to specify an output folder for your recording.

Adjust Recording Settings

Step 3. Record World of Warcraft Gameplay

Press the red REC icon to record WoW gameplay after a five-second countdown (during which you should be ready to start playing World of Warcraft gameplay). Once the recording begins, the software will minimize at the edge of your screen. When you’re done, click the stop button or press Ctrl + F1 on your board to end the recording. It will export and save the recorded video file to your PC.

Start Recording WoW Gameplay

Optional Method: Record World of Warcraft Gameplay with OBS

Another solution to record wow gameplay on PC is OBS Studio. It’s an expert video recording and streaming app which enables you to record gameplay, browser tab, specific device, image slide show, application sound, etc., mix video/audio capturing in real-time, and stream recordings to directly YouTube or other destinations. Let’s see how to record World of Warcraft with OBS:

1. Download and run OBS on your desktop.

2. Click the “+” button under “Sources” and select “Game Capture”. Adjust the properties or leave it as default.

3. Drag the borders to resize the recording screen.

4. Click “Start Recording” to record the gameplay. Once done, click “Stop Recording” to end it.

OBS WoW Screen Recorder

Final Words

That’s all I want to share about how to record WoW gameplay on PC. I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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