Can you record your PS4 gameplay for YouTube? If you have the demand for capturing game clips from PS4 to PC and sharing online, follow this article to learn how to record PS4 gameplay on PC. The following will guide you through recording PS4 gameplay with or without a capture card step by step. For those who don’t use the capture card, this HD screen recorder is highly recommended. Quickly install it on your PC, and let’s jump into the how-tos:

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#1. How to Record PS4 Gameplay on PC without a Capture Card?

A good screen recorder is essential to capture PS4 gameplay on PC without capture cards. You can utilize WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete this game recording task. It’s a simple and functional screen recorder for PCs, which lets you capture all on-screen actions more than gameplay. It enables you to record in a customized mode, such as a specific part, the entire screen, and audio only. There’s also a game recording option, making your recordings up to 60 frames per second in high quality.

This software supports multiple output formats, including the most used MP4. Meanwhile, it can record the computer sound and your voice via the microphone simultaneously.It also provides some editing features that you can use to edit your screen capture after recording. And the self-explanatory interface makes it easy to operate for everyone! Now, free downloadfree download the software and see how to record gameplay from PS4 to PC below.

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How to Capture PS4 Gameplay on PC Easily?

Step 1. Launch the Screen Recorder

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro after you install it on your computer. Then, click the Recorder option to enter the Screen Recorder interface.

Launch the Recorder

Step 2. Connect PS4 to PC

Download the PS Remote Play app from Launch the software and connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your PC, then click Start. A tab will appear asking for your PlayStation account. Log into your Primary account to start mirroring your PS4 to your computer. Make sure that your PlayStation account has been activated as your Primary PS4. (To do that, go to the PlayStation Network/Account Management and Activate it as your Primary account.)

Connect your PS4 to your computer via HDMI cable. Then, go to the PS4 console settings, click “Remote Play Connection Settings”, and check the “Enable Remote Playbox” option.

How to Record PS4 Gameplay with PC

Step 3. Adjust Recording Settings

After casting the PS4 gameplay to your computer, you need to customize the related settings in the screen recorder. Firstly, click on the game recording mode (optionally) and select a recording area. You can record only part of your screen or the entire screen of your computer. Once done, click OK to confirm the recording region.

Then, choose the video format, quality, and frame rate you prefer. Check the audio device you want to record along with the game video. Set an output folder by clicking the inverted triangle button at the bottom.

Customize Recording Settings

Step 4. Start Recording PS4 Game

When all is prepared, click the REC button to record PS4 gameplay on PC after the five-second countdown. It has no time limit on screen recordings so you can record your game video for as long as possible. When you finish, click the square stop button or press hotkeys Ctrl + F1 to stop recording. The recorded video will be saved on your computer automatically.

How to Capture PS4 Gameplay on PC

That’s the whole process of how to capture PS4 gameplay on PC without a capture card. In addition to recording screens on a computer, HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides an easy and fast way to convert and edit videos after recording. Move to the next step if needed.

Step 5. (Optional) Edit Screen Recording

Back to the home interface of the software and select the Converter option. Import the recorded video from your folder. Then, you can convert it to YouTube format and optimize the video for smooth upload by resizing, compressing, changing resolution and aspect ratio, and others. You can also import multiple recordings to merge them into a single file for handy playback.

Convert/Edit Screen Recordings

HD Screen Recorder & Video Converter

Apart from recording gameplay, meetings, classes, and streaming TV programmes (with audio) on PC, HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers a powerful converter, downloader, and other tools to process your video/audio files. You can convert videos to 500+ presets in bulk, download movies and songs from 1000+ websites, and trim, crop, rotate, and merge videos with high quality kept. You can also make animated GIFs and ringtones, extract subtitles from YouTube videos, etc. Get this versatile video software!

#2. How to Capture PS4 Gameplay with the Built-in DVR?

Another way to record PS4 gameplay without a capture card is by using the default gameplay recording tool. PlayStation 4 comes with a built-in DVR (digital video recorder) that lets you record and share your game videos directly from the console to various social media sites. The default recording time of this DVR is 15 minutes, but you can lengthen or shorten the duration in the settings. It provides several recording duration options, but the upper limit is 60 minutes. If you need to record longer, other recording software may help, for instance, OBS.
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Here is how to record gameplay on PS4 with the default tool, rather than a capture card or HDMI cable.

Step 1. To start, press the “Share” button and select the “Sharing and Broadcast” option. Go to the “Length of Video Clip” and choose a recording time as 30 Seconds or 1/3/5/10/15/30/60 Minutes. The settings will save automatically.

Select Recording Length

Step 2. If you want to capture the gameplay with your voice simultaneously, go to “Audio Sharing Settings” and select “Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips” from the options.

Play the game and press the “Share” button twice to start recording. The recording will end automatically when reaching the time limit. Or you can press the “Share” button to stop recording earlier.

Step 3. After recording, you can find the captured video in the “Capture Gallery”. If you want to trim the video, press “Options” and go to the “Trim” menu list. Then you can share the recorded gameplay to YouTube or save it to your PC.

End Gameplay Recording

Tips. How to record gameplay from PS4 to PC?

How to save the gameplay recording to your PC: plug your USB into your device and go to the Capture Gallery > Option > Copy to USB Storage Device > select the video you want to save > hit the Copy button and press OK to start transferring the video to your flash drive.

#3. How to Record PS4 Gameplay with PC Capture Card?

If you have a strict requirement for the video quality of clips captured from PS4, the best way to record PS4 gameplay on PC is using a capture card. It’s also a good solution to stream PS4 games on Twitch or other platforms. So how to capture PS4 gameplay on PC with a capture card? Firstly, you need to connect the PS4 console, the capture card, and your computer, as shown in the below image.

Connect Devices

After the necessary devices are connected correctly, you also need to install the associated software of the capture card on your computer. Once done, you can use it to record PS4 games without hassles.

Bottom Line

That’s all about the solutions to record PS4 gameplay on PC without or with a capture card. By contrast, it’s more complicated to make a PS4 game recording with a capture card, so this method is not recommended. Without the capture card, you can record PS4 games directly in the device or use external game recording software like HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Just select your preferred way and follow the guide given above to get your job done!

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