Looking for the guide of OpenShot crop video? You are on the right page now. OpenShot is a free and open-source video editing program that can be used to crop, cut, merge videos, and more. This post intends to show a detailed guide on how to crop video in OpenShot. Read on if interested.
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Carina Carina | March 15, 2023

How to Crop Video in OpenShot Video Editor?

To crop video in OpenShot, you should first install the right version of OpenShot on your Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

Open your web browser and visit the official website of OpenShot Video Editor (https://www.openshot.org/) and choose the platform you’re running on to download the matched installer file. Follow the setup workflow to install OpenShot on your computer.
But to successfully install and launch OpenShot Video Editor, you need to have:
A 64-bit operating system;
4GB of RAM (16GB of Memory is more recommended);
500MB of hard-disk space.

Then follow the steps below to crop video in OpenShot.

Step 1. Launch OpenShot Video Editor and tap on “View” at the top of the interface, then choose “View” > “Simple View”.
There are three ways for you to import video:
1> Under the “Project Files” tab, you can right-click the blank space to bring up the “+ Import Files” command and click it to add the video you want to crop.
2> Or go to the “File” > “+ Import Files” tab to choose the video you want to crop.
3> You can also directly press the green “+” button to import a video file.

Crop Video OpenShot

Step 2. Drag the video file to the timeline. You can select the video on the timeline and press the playback button under the “Video Preview” window to preview the video you want to crop.

Step 3. Switch to the “Effects” tab. From the list of options, find “Crop” and drag it to the video clip on the timeline.

Step 4. After dragging it, you will see the letter “C” on the clip. Right-click on it and select “Properties”.

OpenShot Crop Video

Step 5. Now you will see some options on the left side of the interface. Under “Properties”, you should choose “Crop” from the “Selection” drop-down menu.

Step 6. Now you can type in the exact number to set the “Value” of the Bottom, Left, Right, and Top sizes to crop your video.

Crop Video OpenShot

Step 7. Once you have cropped your video, you can then go to “File” > “Save Project” to save the cropped video in .ops format for continued editing later. But you need to convert OPS to MP4 if you want to play it.

So if you will no longer have edits on this cropped video, you can go to “File” > “Export Project” > “Export Video” and then set the output settings.
1> Change the File Name
2> Click “Browse” to set an output path.
3> Modify the output presets.

For beginners, choose the “Simple” mode and select a profile from the “Profile” drop-down list to get various presets for Blue-Ray/AVCHD, DVD NTSC/PAL, Devices like Apple TV, Chromebook, etc., Online-sharing sites like YouTube, Instagram, etc.
For pros, you can go to the “Advanced” mode to customize the video codec, bitrate, pixel ratio, audio channel layout, and other parameters.

Finally, hit “Export Video” to start rendering the cropped video.

OBS Export Video

Above is the detailed guide about the OpenShot crop video. Feel complicated? May wish to try a simpler and easier-to-use free video cropper recommended below.

Free & Easy Video Cropper for Windows

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a powerful yet easy-to-use video cropper that also incorporates other handy video editing features that enable users, especially beginners, to start cropping and do other edits. Without a complicated interface and cumbersome operating process, users can easily crop videos with a few simple clicks. Full-featured, easy to use, totally free, and no restriction on video size/length/format. Download and give it a try now!

Best Alternative to OpenShot Video Editor Crop Video

Since you may want a more convenient and fast video cropper, here WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is recommended for you. It is a handy free video editor that can crop your video in a hassle-free way. With it, you can even crop videos without losing quality. Moreover, it supports nearly all video formats, so you can crop some rare video files without converting them previously. Other video editing features like cutting, rotating, merging, flipping videos, etc. are also supported. You can even use it to compress large videos with minimal quality loss.

Free downloadFree download this free and handy video cropper here and move down to see how to crop a video in OpenShot alternative effortlessly.

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Compatible with Windows

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Free Download

Step 1. Import Video into the Free Video Cropper

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory on your Windows PC after the installation, and then press to enter the “Converter” module. Click the “+ Add Files” button or the center “+” button to add the videos you want to crop into the workspace. You can also directly drag the source files and then drop them into the converter.

Import Video Files

Step 2. Crop the Video Files

After importing the videos, you will see a video editing toolbar below each video. Click the square-shaped icon to open the video cropping window. There are two ways for you to operate: Free Aspect Ratio and Fixed Aspect Ratio.

You can freely drag the dotted box or manually input the resolution value to crop a section as you wish. If you don’t want to change the aspect ratio or want to keep a common fixed aspect ratio, you can choose a ratio from the “Fixed Aspect Ratio” drop-down list and drag the box to change the size and place of the cropping area.

To make the video cropping area more accurate, you can use the “Fine Tuning” feature on the right of the interface. Finally, press “OK” to save the change and go back.

Crop Video

Step 3. Export the Cropped Videos

Once you have completed the video cropping process, you can press the format image on the right side to select an output format under the “Video” category. You can open the “Parameter settings” window to adjust the video resolution, codec, bitrate, etc.

When everything is set OK, press the inverted triangle button at the bottom of the interface to specify an output path. Finally, press “Run” to start exporting the cropped videos.

Export Cropped Video

Tips: The Free HD Video Converter Factory can help you crop videos efficiently. But if you have multiple files to crop and want to crop them quickly, you can give the pro version of Free HD (WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro) a try. It is built-in with batch process mode and hardware acceleration that can help you export the video at 50X faster speed. Video conversion, downloading, editing, compressing, recording, etc. are supported as well. Click to download it nowClick to download it now!

FAQs about OpenShot Video Editor Crop Video

Q1: Will my video contain a watermark after cropping using OpenShot Video Editor?

No. OpenShot Video Editor will not put a watermark on the edited video. If you want to add a watermark to protect your video, you can click “Title” to add a text watermark to the video. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory also enables you to add text and image watermarks to video.

Q2: Why doesn’t my OpenShot Video Editor have the crop option?

The OpenShot crop video feature may sometimes be lacking in some versions or perhaps from bugs or errors. If you cannot crop video in your OpenShot Video Editor, try to update to the latest version or use Free HD Video Converter Factory to crop video without hassle.

Bottom Line:

Now that you have known how to crop videos on OpenShot, you can take it to crop your videos smoothly. However, OpenShot may run extremely slow and jerky if you use it on a low-end PC. Moreover, it crashes frequently, regardless of how great your hardware is. So the OpenShot crop video alternative-Free HD Video Converter Factory is recommended for your video cropping and editing processes.

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