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Why Is MP4 No Sound? How Can I Fix the Issue with Ease?

Easy Methods for Fixing the MP4 No Sound Issue
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Updated on Aug 9, 2022

Are you wondering why MP4 has no sound and looking for a credible solution? Then this post has you covered, which will tell you the root cause of MP4 no sound and how to fix it in minutes using the methods listed herein.

As MP4 no sound issue is typically caused by incompatible audio codec, download this handy video trancoder to fix it at once:

Why is MP4 No Sound?

MP4 No Sound

"Is the MP4 movie I watch a mime? Why I can’t hear anything from my speaker?" When you think like this, you may have encountered an MP4 no audio issue. Why and how does it happen suddenly? Don't be anxious, I will show you a clear troubleshooting list to point out what may have happened to your MP4 movies and how to solve the issue that MP4 has no sound.

Causes of MP4 No Sound

Cause 1. The Broken MP4 File

If you find that a particular MP4 file can't be played, for example, the MP4 movie you watched before, you can attribute the MP4 video no sound to the MP4 file itself. In this condition, you can try to repair the broken MP4 file online or download the same one from the websites. But on the another hand, if all MP4s have no sound, case 2 is the most likely cause.

Enable Speaker

Cause 2. The Disabled Speaker and Invalid Realtek Driver

If all your MP4 files are not playable on your device, please make sure your speaker is not disabled by accident and check whether if the Realtek driver supports the sound playback or not.

Try to enable the speaker by the steps in the right image or download the latest driver from the official website or update the driver via a piece of professional software.

You can further find some similar methods for fixing sound issue like Facebook Audio Not Working, YouTube No Sound Problem, and Roku MKV No Sound Problem.

Cause 3. An Unsupported Audio Codec

There is another possibility for the problem that only a specific MP4 cannot be played. That is, the audio codec of the MP4 file is not supported. Because the MP4 is a format container, which can store not only video codecs, but also many audio codecs, such as MP3, WMA, Opus, AAC, AC-3, DTS, LPCM, ALAC, DTS-HD. If the media player does not support the audio codec in the movie you just watched, you may encounter the MP4 file no sound issues. In this condition, you can try another powerful media player. Here are some reliable MP4 players.

Mp4 Player Alternatives

VLC Media Player: It is a highly-acclaimed free and open-source media player, which is designed to play a diverse range of video and audio files.

KMPlayer: The internal codecs of MP4 (MPEG-4 / H.264) and other formats included in KMPlayer provide a fast and efficient way to play videos.

BS.Player: It specializes in playing video and audio in MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, VOB, MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, etc.

Or if you don’t want to use other media players or the alternatives do not solve your problem, you can also choose the following method – replacing the codec of the MP4 video via an MP4 video converter.

Replace the Codec to Fix the MP4 No Sound Issue via HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a reliable video and audio processor and does well in revising the media parameters. This application will usually set up the most suitable assemblage of parameters in default, including resolution, bitrate, frame rate, of course, and codec. You can also change the parameters according to your needs, like changing the audio codec in a video..

Free downloadFree download this application and follow these steps below to replace the codec of the no sound MP4.

Fix MP4 No Sound Issue without a Hitch
HD Video Converter Factory Pro
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An Easy Guide on How to Fix MP4 Video No Sound Issues

Add the MP4 Video into the Converter

Before altering the codec of the video, please free downloadfree download the MP4 converter first.

Step 1: Add the MP4 Video into the Converter

In order to import files into the converter, you should first click Converter to enter the video converter window, and then click Add Files or drag and drop your files therein.

Choose the Audio Codec

Step 2: Select MP4 as the Output Format

Click the format column on the right side of the converter window and choose MP4 under the Video tab. After that, click Parameter settings and click Encoder in Audio setting tab to choose AAC, which is most widely used, as the audio codec.

Hot search: VLC Audio Sync | MKV File No Sound on PC

Replacing the MP4 Audio Codec

Step 3: Start Replacing the MP4 Audio Codec

Choose an output path to save the converted files by pressing the upturned triangle, and the last step is clicking the Run button to change audio codec in the MP4 video.

After all these steps, the MP4 audio not playing issues should go away. Test the file in your media player now.

More about the MP4 Video Converter

Besides solving the MP4 no sound issue, this converter can also be used to deal with other tasks, such as changing video formats, making videos louder and so forth. Seriously, it is the most user-friendly but powerful converter which you should not miss.

Free Download Free Download

Fix the DVD Disc Sound Issue

DVD Disc Sound repair

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

When your DVD disc has no sound, you should check the DVD player, the device connection and the DVD disc itself. If the issue dues to the Norm and format of the disc, you can ask WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro for help, which is a professional DVD disc ripper and converter and can help you convert DVD to videos so that you can watch movies without any restriction.

Free Download DVD Ripper Pro Free Download DVD Ripper Pro

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