How to Fix AVI File No Sound Problem Easily?

Have you ever encountered an AVI file that plays video, but no sound? This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you have important work or personal videos saved in this format. Don't worry, though! We will go over the most common causes of no sound on AVI files and how to fix them.

As the AVI file no sound issue is generally caused by unsupported audio codec, simply fix it using this handy tool:

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Have You Run into AVI File No Sound Issue?

Q: "I recently got a new computer that is running Windows 10. I tried to play some .avi files and I only got video but no sound. I can play the files on another computer without issues. Can someone figure out why I get no sound when I play these files?"

A: Well, AVI is a popular video format that is widely used for playing movies and videos. However, sometimes AVI files may have no sound. This can be a frustrating experience for the users as it affects the overall video viewing experience. As this problem can be caused by various factors, in this article, we will discuss some simple steps to help you fix AVI files that have no sound.

Fix AVI File No Sound Issue

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video processor that offers a simple process to solve AVI has no audio issue on Windows. Don't hesitate to download it and start your work now!

Solution 1: Change Unsupported Audio Format of AVI Files

AVI is a container format that can store video and audio data encoded with various codecs, there will be no sound on AVI files due to lack of the appropriate audio codec installed in your device or media player. The solution to this problem lies in simply converting the audio of your AVI files into a format that is supported by your device. I highly recommend using WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro for this task.

This powerful application is specifically designed to tackle any video and audio format incompatibility issues with ease. It boasts a vast array of codecs and optimized presets, eliminating the need to search for any additional codec packs. The WYSIWYG interface makes it user-friendly for anyone to use, regardless of their technical know-how.

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4 Simple Steps to Fix AVI File not Playing Sound Issue

Step 1 - Add AVI Files

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the "Converter" module. Then click on "Add Files" button or perform a drag-n-drop to import your AVI files that have no sound. You're allowed to batch convert video files at one go.

Add AVI Files that Have No Sound

Step 2 - Select an Export Format

Expand the output format library on the right side. 500+ configured presets are available for different conversion purposes. Go to "Video" category and choose "AVI" profile if you prefer the original format. By the way, you can also select any other option to transcode the videos.

Choose an Output Format

Step 3 - Change Audio Format inside AVI Files

To change audio format of a video, open "Parameter settings" window and navigate to "Audio settings" section, then choose "MP3" in the "Encoder" drop-down list. Undoubtedly, MP3 is widely supported by most devices, hardware, and software. Press OK to save the change.

No Audio on AVI File

Step 4 - Start Conversion Process

Choose a location path on the bottom. Finally, hit the "Run" button to start the conversion process. When it's complete, the AVI file no sound problem should be fixed.

Fix AVI File No Sound Issue

Optional - Modify Settings & Editing

Before the process, you can open "Parameter settings" window to change video bit rate, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, deinterlacing, etc., and even modify audio settings like changing audio bit rate, increasing video volume, and all that jazz. More surprisingly, this software even allows you to edit AVI files, such as trimming, splitting, cropping, rotating, flipping, watermarking, and combining AVI videos with ease.

One-Click to Fix AVI No Sound Problem
One-Click to Fix AVI No Sound Problem
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Download Free Download
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Solution 2: Install the Missing Audio Codec

In addition to the video conversion, you can also install the appropriate audio codec to fix the frustrating issue of no sound on your AVI files. But checking the missing audio codec and searching for a trustworthy one can be a hassle. That's where K-Lite Codec Pack comes in - a top-notch A/V codec pack that covers nearly all required codecs and guarantees smooth playback of all your videos and audio files on Windows. With four different variants to choose from, ranging from basic to advanced, you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right codec and start enjoying your videos without any interruptions. Download it at:

Solution 3: Inspect Sound Settings & Update Sound Card Drivers

The root cause of AVI file not playing sound could be a simple mistake, such as accidentally setting your media player or system volume to mute. If so, the solution is just as straightforward - simply turn off the mute mode and crank up the volume.

For those utilizing a discrete sound card, it's crucial to ensure your sound card driver is up-to-date and that the sound settings are properly configured. By taking these extra steps, you can ensure a seamless, high-quality audio experience with all your AVI files. Don't let sound issues get in the way of enjoying your media - take control and get the audio you deserve.

Solution 4: Try Some Third-Party Media Players

If you're still experiencing no audio in AVI files, some AVI players may be helpful. Consider using one of the powerful, free, and highly-regarded third-party media players like VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, or GOM Player, which are equipped with a robust decoding capacity. Thanks to their native support for multiple commonly-used video and audio codecs, you're likely to solve AVI no audio problem.

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AIO Video/Audio Processor

HD Video Converter Factory Pro, a great Swiss army knife of A/V processing, works as a novice-oriented video editor, converter, downloader, recorder, compressor, GIF maker. Get the all-in-one app here!

Final Words...

In conclusion, no sound in AVI files can be caused by a variety of factors, but it is a problem that can be easily fixed by following the steps outlined in this blog post.

However, all of these are based on the fact that AVI file can play with sound normally. If it's a corrupted or damaged file, you may need to repair the file to restore the sound or download a new copy of the video. None of this work? Consider reaching out to a professional for assistance.

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