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How to Make Video Louder with a Desktop or Online Enhancer?

Author by Blues

Sep 10, 2019

Are you still troubled by the problem that the video volume is too low and cannot be increased? I have chosen two different adjustment methods for you, which will quickly solve the problem of video volume. You can choose according to your own preferences to make video louder.

The Downloaded Video Volume is Too Low?

Q: Why is the volume very low when I play a video downloaded from YouTube on my PC? And I cannot increase the volume. Who can tell me how to make a video louder?

A: Audio plays an important role in the video file. The volume of the video greatly affects the audiences' feeling. There are some people are facing the issue that the volume is very low when they play videos. At this time, they have to turn up the volume. But they found that even if the volume is turned up to the maximum, it is useless. Now, there are two ways to teach you how to make a video louder. One is a comprehensive, easy-to-operate video volume editor, and another one is online volume editor.

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Method 1 - (The Recommended Way) How to Make Video Louder by Using the Desktop Booster?

For different users, if you are looking for a piece of software to help you make video louder, I will highly recommend a tool to you- WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which is an easy-to-operate program for all levels. Furthermore, it supports converting and downloading videos or audio, such as MKV to WMV, MP4 to AVI, WMA to FLAC and so forth, downloading movie and music from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. Now, I will take MP4 as an example to show you how to make a video louder. The following are steps and tips to make MP4 louder. You can refer to this example to adjust the volume of video files in other formats.

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Three Easy Steps to Make Video Louder with Desktop Video Volume Editor

Launch Editor and Import Video

Before you start making video louder, you should first free downloadfree download this editor on your PC.

Step 1. Launch and Import the Video File into the Editor

After the installation is completed, double click the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to open it. Then you should hit the Converter option, and import the video file into the software by clicking the Add Files button or drag and drop into the conversion window.

Adjust the Video Volume

Step 2. Set the Volume Parameter

Now, you can set volume for your video file. Please hit the Parameter settings icon on the right of the conversion window. Next, there will be a setting window. On the bottom, there are some parameters of audio, including volume. You can adjust the slider to turn on the video volume up to 200%.

Start Converting

Step 3.Save the Setting and Start Converting

After setting the volume, click the OK button. Then select the output path to save the converted file by hitting the inverted triangle icon. Finally, click the RUN button to start converting. Don't forget to check the volume of the file by playing the video on your computer.

Method 2 - (The Optional Way) How to Make a Video Louder with an Online Video Volume Booster?

For other people who don't want to install any apps into their PC, here is an online booster - VideoLouder ( This online enhancer can help you make video louder online cushily.

Online Video BoosterOnline Video Booster

Step 1. Click the Browse button to input the video file from your PC. The maximum size of the video file is 500MB.

Step 2. You can select action of increasing/decreasing the volume of the video, and choose the decibels. You can set up to 50 decibels.

Step 3. Please hit the upload button below the decibels box, and start converting.

Step 4. After finishing the above steps, click the Download File button on the top of Browse box to save the video. Last, you can watch the video on your PC.


The steps about how to make a video louder have listed above. Compared with the online video volume booster, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is totally clean and safe. You won't be worry that there are ads in the interface. Well, you can select a method according to your preference.

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