As you know, animated GIFs are far more attractive than still images. Therefore, in recent years, more and more email marketers have begun to use animated GIFs in their newsletters instead of a bunch of text. Beyond that, everyone virtually can insert a GIF into an email to have fun and increase engagement with others. Next, I'll explain how to insert a GIF in an email.
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Animated GIFs Support in Mainstream Email Service Providers

Animated GIFs can not only be used in hangouts, forums, social media applications, you're also able to insert GIF into an email. Instead of the dull and emotionless text, it's a fairly novel way to add reaction GIFs and memes in your business and casual emails to respond to a question with a "yes or no", "thank you" or "happy holidays" GIF image. Fortunately, nearly all major email platforms support animated GIFs. Now I'll respectively illustrate how to insert a GIF into an email for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail.

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Part 1 - How to Insert a GIF into Gmail?

Actually, Gmail offers several methods to embed a GIF in an email, which make it pretty easy to insert a GIF image directly into email body from your computer or web address.

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Method 1 - Drag and Drop the Downloaded GIF from Your Desktop

Open your Gmail and click on "Compose" button at the top-left corner. On the "Compose" window, find your downloaded GIF on your hard drive, drag and drop it into the email body section. Gmail will automatically upload and display the GIF in a short while depending on the file size.

Insert GIF into Gmail

Method 2 - Insert GIF into Gmail via Web Address

The common method to add GIF to Gmail is using "Insert photo" feature. Open the "Compose" window, click on the "Insert photo" icon on the bottom, then a new window will pop up that offers you 4 methods to insert your GIF. Select "Photos" or "Albums" if you have GIFs already uploaded to Google Photos, select "Upload" to add GIFs from your desktop. And you can also choose "Web Address (URL)" and paste a GIF URL to preview and fetch the GIF.

How to Put a GIF in an Email

Method 3 - Embed GIF with Chrome Extension and Gmail Add-on

You're also allowed to embed GIF into Gmail with some third-party extensions and add-ons. Here are two samples below.

Chrome Extension, GIPHY for Gmail:

Gmail Add-on, Gfycat: GIFs for Gmail: (SHUT DOWN)

You can install either one via the corresponding link. Then you'll find two GIF icons at the bottom of the "Compose" window. Click on the icons to search and insert your preferred GIFs into Gmail.

How to Email GIF

Part 2 - How to Insert GIF into Outlook Email?

For Outlook desktop email client, you know what, Outlook Express and Outlook 2000 - 2003 can display GIFs in animated form. However, since Outlook 2007, Outlook began to use Microsoft Word as the text editor so that it only displayed a still image of the first frame of an animated GIF when you navigate to "Insert" tab > "Pictures" or "Online Pictures" to insert your GIF.

Insert GIF into Outlook

But no worries, when the recipients open the email in browsers, the GIF image is animated as usual. And if recipients view the email in Outlook email client, they can view the animated GIF by opening the email in a new window > go to "Actions" section under the "Message" ribbon tab > then select "View in Browser" option.

View GIF in Outlook

For Outlook webmail, there are no such problems. When you start a new message, simply click on the "Picture" icon at the bottom to add your downloaded GIF file, or press the smiley icon to insert emojis and GIFs on the right side. It allows you to search GIFs with Bing.

How to Insert GIF into Outlook Email

Part 3 - How to Embed a GIF in Yahoo Mail?

Compared with Gmail and Outlook, Yahoo Mail comes with a feature that allows you to search and insert GIFs with ease. When you compose an email, there is a "GIF" icon next to "Send" button and the attachment paper clip icon. Click it to explore and search your desired GIFs and insert them into Yahoo email.

Insert GIF into Yahoo Mail

Final Words...

Now you've figured out how to insert a GIF into an email in different email platforms, try to jazz up your email content. But every coin has two sides, don't overdo it as it may trigger the spam filter to some degree. Since I can't cover all email services, if you fail to add GIF to email using other platforms, feel free to let me know. I'm glad to help find a better solution for you.

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