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4 Websites for GIF Download and How to Download GIFs

Author by Cooper

Updated on Mar 17, 2022

As GIFs are widely used now, many people seek for GIF download sites and the corresponding download methods. If you are one of them, read on, this article will show you 4 sites for downloading GIFs.

I love GIFs

Because of the GIF's advantages, i.e., stronger narrative than static images and lower conditions for rendering than video, GIFs are common used items in many places. In some technical applications, GIFs can be used for storing low-color sprite data for games or small animations and low-resolution video clips. You can also see it in our daily lives, such as the stickers, which are most commonly used in online chatting, GIFs posted on Twitter and Instagram, and so forth. If you are also a GIF frequent user, you should not miss the following great GIF download sites, from which you can easily find free GIFs to download.

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All Kinds of GIF Download Sites



When it comes to GIF download, I have to mention the GIPHY website, which is one of the outstanding GIF sites. This site not only provides a good platform to download animated GIFs, but also creates a sharing community for users. In this online community, you can share and discuss GIFs with friends, classmates, and other users in the community, or browse the latest GIFs uploaded by other users in the past days. Of course, you can also find GIFs you want by viewing the tags provided in the site or by inputting and searching keywords in the search bar.

Another important point is that this site also provides a lot of stickers, which makes your chat with others more interesting.

How to download GIFs from GIPHY?

Open the GIF you would like to download, right click it and click Save image as… and lastly, choose a save path for it.

2. Twitter


Although Twitter is not a GIF download site, the number of GIF images on Twitter is still large due to its copious amount of users and the GIF sharing trend here. Here you can find a variety of popular GIF animations. We cannot be able to search for a specific GIF we want here, but when we use Twitter in daily life, we will inevitably encounter some GIFs that we want to save. So how to download GIFs from Twitter? There is a simple tutorial to download GIF from URL in Twitter:

Step 1: Open the GIF page you want to download.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + Shift + C on the keyboard, and then you will see a new window on the right of the screen or the bottom of the screen (It will be different due to browsers. Google Chrome is taken as an example here). Click the GIF, right click the URL in the right window and next click Open in new tab.

Step 3: Now you can download the GIF directly by right clicking it and clicking Save image as...

If you have some trouble with the above method, you can further find an easy approach in the following article: download Twitter GIF. By the way this approach can also be used to download Twitter Videos.

3. Tenor:


As a hot GIF website, Tenor must be another good choice for downloading GIFs. You can see a Trending GIF list and a Trending Tenor Searches list on its home page, which show the most popular GIFs. You can scroll down to scan GIFs so as to download what you like. Additionally, thanks to the large GIF gallery the site offered, you can get various GIF download options. There must be some GIFs you want.

How can you download GIFs from Tenor?

The method for downloading GIF from GIPHY also works well therein.

4. Reaction GIFS:

Reaction GIFS

When I first saw this GIF site, I thought this site is plain. But when I found out that this site integrates some Feeling and Answer GIFs, I changed my mind. Because a GIF that matches your mood can better help you express your pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy, and passions to others when the language may be hard to express the emotions in your hearts. You can use "right click and click save to…" to download GIFs here.

Optional Choice: Make GIFs via HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Convert video to GIF

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you make GIFs from images and videos. The following tutorial will show you how to make GIFs with Video:

Step 1: Open the Video to GIF maker.

free downloadfree download and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and click Convert Video to GIF in the sub options of GIF maker.

Step 2: Add videos into the GIF maker

Click Add Video to import a video here. After that, move the sliders to set the start point and the end point to make GIF. Finally, click Create GIF.

At last…

My First Gif

Now, you can download lots of GIFs from the above sites and make your unique GIFs with video and images.

Personally, I prefer to make some unique GIFs. They can help me express my own ideas better, and I also enjoy the fun of making GIFs. The I Love U on the right is my own first GIF. How about try to make yours now via the GIF maker – HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

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