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What's GIFV and How to Convert GIFV to GIF

Author by Oswald

Updated on Feb 13, 2023

When browsing Imgur and attempting to download a certain animated GIF, you might open a playback page. The address of the page ends with .gifv, suggesting it's a GIFV file presenting. You might've heard of GIF, but not GIFV. So, what exactly is GIFV? What is it to GIF(.gif)? How to convert GIFV to GIF? Let's talk about these in detail.

What is GIFV - A Brief Introduction to GIFV and Its Relationship with GIF

GIFV source pageGIFV source page

GIFV stands for GIF video, which has no sound and loops forever, just like GIF. All GIFs uploaded to Imgur over 2MB (up to 200MB) will be automatically converted to GIFV for online streaming (that's how to make a GIFV!). The converted video contains H.264 video in an .mp4 or .webm file container, which brings about quicker loading and smaller file size compared with the original GIF. Not just reduces bandwidth consumption, it also facilitates users' uploading and viewing on Imgur. However, you can't open a GIFV file anywhere else other than Imgur, thus if it's for saving and sharing, GIF is a more appropriate choice.

After knowing above, let's move on to how to convert GIFV to GIF.

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I've summarized four ways to convert Imgur GIFV to GIF, but they don't seem to apply to all GIFVs, have a try on your own and see if it works.

How to Convert GIFV to GIF - Four Practical Solutions to Convert Imgur GIFV to GIF

Enter the GIFV video source pageEnter the GIFV video source page

Preparation. Enter the video source page of GIFV files.

Right-click on the GIFV you intend to convert to GIF > Open video in new tab

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Save GIFV as GIFSave GIFV as GIF

Solution 1. Directly Download GIF on GIFV Page

Click on the "download" button at the lower-right side of the video source page, the downloads are GIFs.

However, the download button is not available for every GIFV page. Read on for other solutions.

Enter the GIF source page from GIFV source page Enter the GIF source page from GIFV source page

Solution 2. Change the Extension from GIFV to GIF

Remove the ending "v" from the URL of the GIFV file in the address bar.

E.g. >

Press Enter to navigate to the new address, and there"ll be a GIF presenting instead of a GIFV, right-click > "Save image as" to download the GIF.

GIFV to GIF converterGIFV to GIF converter

Solution 3. Convert GIFV to GIF with Imgur Video to GIF (Imgur Official GIFV to GIF Converter)

Navigate to > Copy the URL of a GIFV video page and paste it to the URL box in the middle > Drag the two handles/Type in start and end time to cut the desired clip > Add text if needed > Hit "Create GIF" > Select "Download image" from the drop-down arrow at the upper-right side of the generated GIF.

Convert GIFV to MP4 & Convert MP4 to GIFVConvert GIFV to MP4 & Convert MP4 to GIFV

Solution 4. Convert GIFV to MP4 and Then Convert MP4 to GIF

More often, when downloading a GIFV, it will be saved directly as an MP4 or WEBM video: Right-click on the GIFV video > "Save video as" and the download will be an MP4 or WEBM video. Then we can turn to a third-party video to GIF converter to complete the GIFV to GIF conversion.

1. (Recommended) Easy operations and good output quality converter: WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

2. Online MP4 to GIF converters.

At last...

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