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How to Play DVD on Laptop without A DVD Drive

On the market, most laptops nowadays are sold without a built-in DVD drive. This must be a disgusting thing for DVD owners. So how to watch DVD on laptop without a DVD drive becomes a critical issue. In this article, I will bring in a very advanced DVD ripping program to help you convert your DVD to USB for a further playback. Download the best ripping program to make it simple:

Updated on Mar 4, 2021



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How to Watch DVD on Laptop
Having a stack of DVDs but your laptop having no DVD drive is really an annoying thing. But to solve it is still easy, just use the best software to copy DVD to laptop to enjoy a smooth video playback.
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Why Do So Many Laptop No Longer Have A Built-in DVD Driver

"How do I watch a DVD on my dell laptop without an optical drive", "How to play DVD on ASUS laptop that is newly release", "How to play DVD on laptop Windows 10"? ¬†Many people are concerned with such questions since the DVD drive is gradually becoming insignificant. This is reasonable though.

Can't play DVD on laptop?

Can't play DVD on laptop?

1. People tend to watch online videos or download videos and movies directly from the Internet.

2. Leaving out optical DVD drive makes laptops easier to make and save quite a lot expense.

3. Digital files can be saved to USB drive which is a more portable way.

Here you can see having a laptop without a DVD drive is becoming a modern trend on market.

But what if you are a DVD lover or a collector who really needs something to play DVDs but can't get DVD to play on laptop? Here I will introduce three methods to solve the problem of "DVD won't play on laptop".

3 Practical Methods on "How to Play DVD in Laptop without A DVD Drive"

Method 1 - Buy An External Drive

If your laptop has no built-in optical drive which leads to the problem of "laptop not reading DVD", one of the alternative way is to buy an external drive and connect it to your laptop. While its disadvantage is still obvious - inconvenient to carry.

Method 2 - Turn to A DVD Ripper for Help

Another cheaper and more direct way to solve the problem is to copy your DVDs with a practical DVD ripping program. The first you think of might be HandBrake. Honestly, HandBrake can rip DVDs at a relatively fast speed. However, if the DVDs are copyright protected, HandBrake can do nothing. Moreover, HandBrake only supports AVI and MP4 output after the update of 0.9.3 and people always meet problems like "no valid source found" using HandBrake. So, what else to choose? WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro never suffers from the issues I mentioned above. It is not only a perfect HandBrake alternative, but also, it has surpassed other counterparts in many fields. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro supports to convert DVD to more than 300 formats and codec besides MP4 and AVI. It is also capable of removing region codes and CSS from any protected DVDs.DVDs of Disney can be easily copied along with those made by other movie publishers with the help of this amazing DVD ripper.

Laptop not playing DVD? Free download the best DVD ripper to extract DVD videos and save it into your hard drive for a successful playback!

Before using this software, please firstly learn whether it is legal or not to copy DVD in your country according to the local copyright protection items and laws and this software is not for commercial use. - Is it legal to rip DVD?

How Can I play a DVD on My Laptop - within 3 Steps to Understand

Step 1

Firstly, find a desktop with a DVD drive or a laptop with an external DVD drive, Insert the DVD you want to copy and then install and launch the program of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Lastly, click on "DVD Disc" after opening the interface. Select the DVD file you want to copy in the drop-down list and click on "Ok" to start analysis.

Begin to analyze a DVD

Begin to analyze a DVD

Step 2

In a short while, the DVD can be totally analyzed. The main title will be marked by blue you can clearly see. On the right side, you can go into the format option and choose the video format you want your DVD file to be converted to under a related tag. MP4 and AVI should be the commonest formats which are compatible with most players. If you are an experienced user you can click "Settings" to customize the parameters, such as boosting up video to 60fps or increasing resolution and bit rate. You can control the slide bar on the right side to use the optimal default settings to decide the graphic level as well.

Remember to preset an output folder for your DVD video at the bottom of the interface before the next step.

Customizing the video parameters

Customizing the video parameters

Step 3

After a few seconds a 10GB (which can be compressed 10 times smaller in the course of conversion) DVD can be completely copied to your PC and you can find the output video in the folder you preset before.

Now understand "how can I play a DVD on my laptop"?

Begin ripping

Begin ripping

Method 3 - Upload DVD to Cloud Servers or USB Drive

Based on Method 2, after you have ripped your DVD, you can stream the video to any cloud servers. In this way, you can view the video using whatever devices you want, for example, streaming DVD videos to OneDrive. Also, you can stream DVD videos to streaming video players like Roku with a single USB flash drive or save DVD videos in NAS, and Plex.

Now, please download the DVD Ripper Pro to complete your jobs.

Main Features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

  • It also works as an excellent digital player to play any kinds of DVDs on PS4
  • Rip encrypted DVDs for playback on devices such as PC, PS4, Android and iPad.
  • Reduce the size of DVD videos with more than 50% compression ratio.
  • Edit your video by clipping, cropping and adding special effect.
  • Preset video and audio parameter at your own will.
  • Convert your DVDs to hundreds of common formats and encoders
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