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[5 Zero-based Tutorials] How to Make a Looped Video on Different Platforms

Author by Kevincy Berel

Updated on Sep 23, 2020

A looped video means the video content will be played in an infinite loop, that is, to repeat the video playback. Yes, it behaves as an infinite GIF. Actually, there is no advanced operation required to implement it. It's pretty simple to pick up how to make a looped video even if you're not a tech-savvy guy. Now let's get started to learn more.

You may be impressed by the popular short looping video clips in Tik Tok, which look very cool and novel. Just like the never-ending animated GIF image, the video loop frees up our hands so we don't have to press the play button constantly. So here comes the question, how to make a looped video? Actually, it's so much easier than you think. I have prepared some low-tech approaches for different platforms, check them out!

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Method 1 - How to Make a Looping Video in HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

It's an efficient method to create a looped video by means of some video loops software. I won't recommend any complicated-looking video editing program, instead, it's a foolproof utility welcomed by all levels that is going to be introduced here. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is capable of merging several video copies into one to replay it in a continuous loop. Follow the specific steps below.

Simple Steps to Create a Looped Video

Make Video Copies

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 - Create Video Copies

Select a video clip you want to create video loop with, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the video to create a copy, which determines how many times you want to repeat the video clip. For instance, besides the original video, I create 4 copies to make a 5-time looped video.

Merge Video Copies

Step 2 - Merge Video Clips

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and go to the Converter module. Load these 5 videos via "Add Files" or "Add Video Folder". Alternatively, import them with a simple drag-and-drop. Whereafter, click on the Merge button on the top to access to the merging window. Select all videos and press the Merge button in the middle to create a video pack, all clips will be placed into it automatically. With the same steps, you're able to create several packs for multi-merging process. Then, click the Merge at the bottom to go back to the main interface.

Create Looped Video

Step 3 - Start Creating a Looping Video

Now, there is only 1 pack containing 5 clips right there. Open the output format list on the right side, choose any preset profile from 500+ video/audio formats or devices. Click on the inverted triangle to specify a destination folder. At last, hit the Run button to make a 5-time looped video. If you need more looping time, just go back to step 1 and create more copies.

Method 2 - How to Make a Looping Video Online?

Loop Video in KapwingLoop Video in Kapwing

If the video file is small and you're in a good network condition, it's more convenient to loop video online. There are plenty of online applications that offer this service without software installation and registration. I'll take Kapwing to illustrate how to make a looped video.

Step 1, visit, click on Upload to upload your video clip.

Step 2, select the loop time up to 10x on the left side while previewing the video on the right. Click CREATE! in the bottom left-hand corner.

Step 3, It may take a while to process the video based on the video file size , just be patient. After done, hit the Download button to save it to a local drive, or edit the video online or share it directly.

Method 3 - How to Make a Looping Video on iOS and Android

Loop Video on iOS & AndroidLoop Video on iOS & Android

If you want to make a video loop on your iPhone or Android smartphone, Coub is supposed to be a better choice. It allows you to create video loops from your library or using a link of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Apple Store:

Google Play:

Step 1, open Coub app, register and log in your account. Tap Create at the right bottom to upload the video clip you want to loop.

Step 2, after loading, you can trim this video to determine the looping part, add music to the video. Then tap the arrow to go ahead.

Step 3, finally, name the clip, customize the tag and privacy settings. Then, tap Next to process the video. After a while, it will play in a loop on your feed. Tap the arrow icon below the looped video, you can share link, video or download it.

Method 4 - How to Loop a Video in VLC Media Player

Loop Video in VLCLoop Video in VLC

Most media players come with a feature that allows you to loop a video with ease. Here I take VLC as an example.

Step 1, play a video with VLC media player. Directly click on the Loop button at the bottom to repeat the video over and over.

Step 2, if you just want to make a section loop, go to menu bar View > Advanced Controls, 4 extra buttons will display. Drag the playback slider to the start point and end point, respectively press the A/B button to loop the partial video over and over.

Method 5 - How to Make a Video Loop on YouTube

Loop Video on YouTubeLoop Video on YouTube

We're all familiar with this dude - YouTube. Actually, a lot of people don't notice that we can loop the YouTube video rather than jumping to the next video. The method is simple: when you play back a YouTube video, just right click on the player and select the Loop option, so that this video will play in a never-ending loop.

If it's a YouTube Playlist, there is also a loop icon below the playlist name, which allows you to repeat the whole playlist.

At last...

You see, each method won't take you such a long time to complete a looped video, right? I hope this zero-based tutorial will enlighten you how to make a looping video. If it's helpful to you, why not share it with others? Also, your practical solution or fresh idea is welcomed as well.

More than a Simple Video Loop Maker

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Have figured out how to make a looped video? Great, but wait a moment! HD Video Converter Factory Pro hasn't demonstrated its talents yet. This all-purpose program is integrated with 5 main modules – Converter, Downloader, Recorder, GIF Maker and Toolbox. As each name suggests, you may have a basic understanding of it. Download and start your first experience.

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