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Detailed Tutorial: How to Make a Music Video for Beginners

Author by Blues

Updated on Sep 22, 2023

Hey! Welcome to this post on how to make a music video ! This article is mainly created for beginners to make an amateur music video, and it was divided into three parts, which will tell you some footage you need to prepare for making music videos and list the corresponding operations step-by-step. This is the editor for your music video:

Music videos can be functional in social contact like promoting company/personal brand or conveying ideas through social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But making a professional music video may be more difficult for beginners. If you are an amateur music video maker and only want to create a music video for yourself to convey your ideas or share your life, read this easy guide. This guide has been divided into three parts including how to make a music video by yourself step-by-step and the useful footage you should prepare before making a music video. You only need to follow this guide and will get a unique music video. Come on!

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Part 1: Edit the Videos You Recorded with a Powerful Video Editor

For making a personal music video, what's the most important point is that you must have some video clips and an easy-to-use video editor to process the music video. Here, I highly recommend a friendly video editor to you - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This software covers some basic editing functions, for instance, cropping videos, rotating videos, adding watermark, adding video effects on videos and more. With the help of it, you can also mute the video. Now, let's start to create a music video.

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Edit the Videos According to Your Preferences

Add Video Effects

Before starting editing the video clips for the music video, you should free downloadfree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC.

1. Add Video Effects

This function can make your videos more fascinating. There are many video filters like Grayscale, Sharpen, Blur, Noise, Old Film and so forth. You only need to do a few simple operations: Run the video editor » Enter the Converter tab » Import the video » Hit the Effect icon below the imported video » Choose a video effect you like » Click the OK button » Press the Run button.

Trim the Videos into Clips

2. Trim a Video into Clips

This one aims to cut a video into clips or remove unwanted parts. If you want to split your video, you can try this way: Run the video editor » Enter the Converter tab » Import the video » Click on the scissors-shaped icon » Drag the sliders to determine the start and end time » Hit the Trim button » Click the OK button » Press the Run button.

Merge the Video Clips

3. Merge the Video Clips

Suppose that you have some video clips and want to combine them into one to create your own music video, you can use this function: Run the video editor » Enter the Converter tab » Import the video clips » Click the Merge button on the top of the interface » Click on Merge on the new window to merge them into one » Press the Run button.

Mute the Video

4. Adjust Volume

You can also use the tool to mute the videos or increase-decrease volume: Enter the Converter tab »Import the video » Hit the Parameter Settings button below the Output Format button » Head to the Audio tab and drag the volume slider » Hit the Ok button » Export the video.

With HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can do more:
Convert video/audio to 500+ formats
Trim/crop/rotate/merge/watermark videos and more
Batch compress video size with quality preserved
Download music and video from 1000+ sites
Record on-screen activities in high quality

Part 2: Prepare Music for Your Music Video by Downloading Music from Free Sites

Free Music ArchiveFree Music Archive

After processing the video, now you need to prepare some songs to make a music video. Here, I will offer a music free download website (Free Music Archive) to you, which contains all types of free music so you can download free music you like for creating a music video. Most songs on this site can be used for free, and you don't have to worry about infringing the authors' copyright. Ok, let's begin the second part on how to make a music video.

Step 1. Open the Free Music Archive ( FMA ). Site:

Step 2. Search for your favorite music category in the Genres tab such as Blues, Jazz, Classical, Folk, etc. Choose a song you want to download in the following results and hit the download icon on the right side of each music.

Step 3. Then, you will enter a playback window, in which you need to right-click the playback bar and choose the Save Audio As... button to save the music. On this site, you can download many kinds of songs for free such as downloading RnB music.

Part 3: How to Make a Music Video by Yourself - Combine Video with Music to Create a Music Video

Combine video with musicCombine video with music

Now, all video and music footage have been prepared completely, and the last thing is combining the music with video. Nevertheless, in order to do this job, you need a professional video editor. I have prepared a free program for producinga music video and you only need to do it in just a few clicks. It is called VSDC Free Video Editor (Download URL: Please download it and combine video with music according to the steps below.

Step 1. Run the VSDC Free Video Editor.

Step 2. Hit the Import Content button to add the video into this software. Then, drag the music into the Layer 2 below the video. You can set the music duration by dragging the music to accord with the video duration. Of course, you can import more music into the editor as well.

Step 3. Press the Export project button on the top of the interface, in which you can choose the output format you desire as well. Lastly, determine the destination folder and name your music video by hitting the Change name... button, then press the Export project button to start to create a music video.

All in All

For a music video making beginner, the method above on how to make a music video is enough to grasp. Why not download the recommended programs now to make a funny music video?

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